How did needles become so normal?

by Dr Tess Lawrie, MBBCh, PhD​ | June 30, 2022

As a parent all one wants to do is keep one’s children safe. So when the mothers and fathers of the world realise that they have inadvertently but effectively led their children into harm’s way, the collective maternal and paternal grief is going to seem unbearable.

The last two years have taught me that presenting data is not always enough to prompt people to question. So forgive me if I try something different today. In the same way that one might throw a bucket of iced water over someone who urgently needs to wake up before it’s too late, I am going to attempt to do the equivalent in this post.

Picture this. You walk into a room and your child is sat at a table with a gun to their head. What do you do? There’s no question – you would rush to your child’s aid and save them from harm. But wait – there’s more going on in this scene. The room is in a clinic. The gun is being pointed by a nurse. She reassures you that though this looks like a gun, it’s actually a clever delivery system for some wonderful medicine that your already healthy child may need in the future.

Everything the nurse is saying is at odds with what you can see. What do you do? Most probably, you’d still intervene – it is a gun, after all. There is no mistaking a gun.

But what if we replace the gun with a needle in the arm? Most people would change their perspective immediately. Most would say, that’s a completely different situation, for we know that needles are fine – and injecting babies using needles is in fact indicative of an advanced society.

How did needles become so normal? I think this may be part of the reason why we parents do not balk at having our babies injected. We have been programmed to believe injections pose no threat.

This programming is preventing us from seeing the truth: that the needles currently aimed at our children are an extreme threat. As parents, we need to react to them with the same urgency and sense of danger as if they were guns. If we don’t, an entire generation of babies and children will be maimed.

I write this as a mother who was also conditioned to believe that needles were normal. I took each of my children, one by one, to receive their childhood immunisations. I trusted that these vaccines would keep my babies safe. As they cried, I told myself that even if they were distressed, it was for their own good. As I nursed them through the subsequent fever, I reassured myself that I had done the right thing.

Looking back, I acknowledge that even as my mind was telling me it was okay, my heart was in distress. I wished I’d listened to my intuition.

I wish every parent would listen to their intuition right now as the government advertises the Covid-19 vaccines to their boys and girls.


(If you wish to complain about this poster, this guide may help.)

Right now, individuals in white coats are – knowingly or unknowingly – harming our babies. The Covid-19 injections, lately approved for use on six-month olds and upwards in the US, are toxic. When government officials, big pharma CEOs and public health policymakers tell you these shots are safe, they are lying.


Please take a look at the pharmacovigilance databases to see what is happening to our children. As of 17 June 2022, the US’ reporting system (VAERS) states 116 children have died following injection with the Covid-19 vaccines. 1,335 have suffered from myocarditis, 461 are permanently disabled. It is estimated that only 1 to 10% of adverse events are reported, so the actual figures will be far higher.

Children are dying. They are in pain. Their beautiful immune systems are severely compromised. Some never even get the chance to take their first breath. As for the Pfizer trial on infants, their shoddy data reveals one in 73 infants aged 6 to 23 months old experienced an adverse event following injection. Please read Jessica Rose’s post that explores this in more detail.

On Tuesday I wrote about data indicating the Covid vaccines harm fertility. It is quite possible that in administering these vaccines to prepubescent children, we are rendering an entire generation infertile. By causing inflammatory reactions in ovaries and testes, this new type of vaccine could effectively be castrating them.

This may sound extreme, but can you prove me wrong? You’d need data to show that children who receive the Covid-19 vaccine before puberty go on to be fully fertile. But there are no such data. Our children are the data. They are the guinea pigs being experimented on by white coats from afar. They do not see our children – they only see a number in a database.

Mother’s and father’s intuition. Listen to what it is trying to tell you.

Big pharma, health services and the media will dismiss this as scare-mongering. They will continue to repeat their message that Covid-19 vaccines are safe and effective. As I said before, they are lying.

Now, if you are someone who agrees that the Covid-19 vaccines are risky, but that childhood immunisations are safe, I have news. Look at this, from the UK’s National Health Service webpage listing the childhood immunisation schedule:


The NHS has quietly included Covid-19 in its list of childhood vaccinations. It wants parents and children to accept this experimental injection as a normal part of growing up. Given the lack of safety testing for Covid-19 vaccines, what does this tell us about all the others on that list? How can anyone be confident that every vaccine on the childhood immunisation schedule is safe?

There’s more.

Yesterday, the FDA convened a Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee (VRBPAC) meeting on what they are calling the ‘Future Framework’. In it, they voted to recommend the inclusion of a SARS-CoV-2 Omicron component for Covid-19 booster vaccines. As Toby Rogers explains, defining them as boosters means that these reformulated injections will not go through new clinical trials. He also points out that this entire exercise is being driven by the World Health Organisation, so you can expect to see this being implemented worldwide.

This is something the pharmaceutical companies have been pushing for a while: the idea that since this new technology is so ‘safe’ and works so well, it can be repurposed for any vaccine with no need for further trials.

We are staring down the barrel of no more testing of novel and re-formulated vaccines at all. Ever.

It is no secret that this technology will eventually usurp traditional vaccines, including those on the childhood immunisation schedule. So, this technology which we now know is toxic to the body, causes immeasurable harm and even death, is destined to be rolled out to every vaccine given to babies and children from now on. It’s time to think in terms of guns, not needles.

Children will receive (gun)shot after (gun)shot of lipid nanoparticle, where – as studies evidence – it will accumulate over time in the vital organs. Lipid nanoparticle is toxic to the body. They will be harmed.

How do we stop this? By trusting ourselves as parents. For far too long, we have allowed big pharma and the state to come between us and our babies. We have been told that parents do not know best, science does, and therefore we should ‘follow the science’.

The thing is, if you do actually follow the science rather than the government, if you look at the pharmacovigilance data and many, many papers published on vaccine harms, you will find many safety signals that should have been enough to halt vaccine roll-out months ago. This open letter from the Covid Children’s Vaccine Advisory Council to the FDA offers a clear summary of concerns backed by evidence.

Regulatory systems have failed us. As parents we cannot rely on any external system to protect our children. That’s our job. We need to fully inhabit our role as parents and grandparents, to trust our own authority and take full responsibility for the health of our children. Please do not entrust your children’s health to the government or big pharma. They love power and money, they do not love your children. You love your children, and you know them better than anyone.

There are many doctors out there fighting for your children and their well-being – some of them you’ll find in this video from the Better Way Conference advising parents it’s Safer to Wait. They and many others are being silenced. It’s down to you. Step up, speak up and take action. It’s not too late to spare your child chronic illness and infertility. All you have to do is stop injecting them.

Let’s conclude with a thing of wisdom and beauty.

Last week at the live screening of his latest film, Dr Andrew Wakefield had a poignant message. He said:

The insight and intuition of mothers is one of the most powerful forces on the planet… It is that instinct that has evolved over millions of years that has shaped our well-being and destiny. The man in the white coat has tried to usurp that, to take it away. Mothers, hold onto it. Trust it, have faith in it. Fathers, we don’t have it to anything like the same extent, but we need to trust in that instinct in the mothers of our children. If we do that, then I believe the world would be a much safer place.”

I wholeheartedly agree.

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