The Follies of Peter McCullough

by Dr. Sam Bailey | Sep 16, 2023

Dr. Peter McCullough is a hero to many in the medical freedom community and has been one of the most prominent voices in the fight against the COVID vaccines. While we have supported him on this front, it has been increasingly difficult to condone his public statements about “viruses” and the alleged novel disease entity ‘COVID-19’. We have made some previous responses here, here and here but he continues to double down on his claims.

Recently, Dr McCullough appeared on the Man in America show and attempted to justify the “science” of the virologists. He also made some outrageous claims about those of us providing refutations to the virus model and even told outright lies about the history of our group.

In this video Dr Mark Bailey is joined by ‘no virus’ veteran Dr Kevin Corbett to provide a detailed commentary and rebuttal to Dr McCullough’s claims. This is a vital issue as such claims are keeping people trapped not only in the viral delusion but also within the wider allopathic paradigm.

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