How abortion, and then birth control, have long been deployed by the elite to rid the planet of black people

by Mark Crispin Miller Dec 11, 2021

I thank Dr. Zelenko for recommending this powerful documentary on the eugenics movement’s heart of darkness—its aim, first, to rid America of its black population, once the end of slavery nullified their economic value, making them a fiscal burden on the nation; and then to rid the whole world of those peoples, many of them black, impeding the elite’s access to the wealth of natural resources buried and/or growing throughout (above all) Africa, and elsewhere the world over.

Maafa 21 came out in 2009—or 11 B.C. (Before Covid). Watching it amid the current global “vaccination” drive, which has been killing, maiming and/or sterilizing people of all colors (with screaming emphasis on the essential need to overcome the “vaccine hesitancy” of black people in particular), I saw the film as as a prophetic vision of the larger and more comprehensive horror unfolding now: the program, driven by that same elite, to wipe out most of humankind.

Just as the slow genocide of African-Americans has long been managed by inducing them to wipe out their own offspring voluntarily, so has this far larger mass extermination program worked, so far, by making millions want to be repeatedly injected, and forever masked and tracked, to keep them “safe.” This feat has been accomplished mainly by defining such dystopian abuses as “progressive,” just as abortion, and then birth control, were (and still are) sold not (of course) as genocidal instruments, but as empowering practices, honoring “a woman’s right to choose.”

While I don’t think that the state has any right to dictate what a woman does about her pregnancy—any more than I believe it has the right to have us forcibly injected (though all too many “feminists” apparently do think it has that right)—I also think it’s stupid to the point of suicide to close one’s eyes to the abundant evidence that the elite have zero interest in our liberation: on the contrary. They want us mostly dead, and the survivors kept forever in a state of slavery more perfect even than the hardest, coldest masters of the past could ever have imagined.

And so God bless the “vaccine-hesitant” majority of African-Americans, as well as those of every other color—since all lives now (except for the elite’s) are at grave risk, and they all matter.

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