ALERT! California Bill AB 659: HPV vaccine mandate for school kids.

February 9, 2023, California AB 659- HPV vaccine mandate bill was introduced for school kids grade 8 and up by Assembly Member Aguiar-Curry, and co-authored Assembly Members Wendy Carrillo, Friedman, Kalra, Ortega, Papan, and Blanca Rubio and Senator Wiener.

AB 659 will require the Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine to attend 8-12 grade in public or private school, starting January 1 2024.

The bill would clarify the department’s authority to adopt HPV-related regulations for grades below the 8th grade level. By creating new duties for school districts, the bill would impose a state-mandated local program.

  • California would be the first state to have an HPV vaccine mandate without non-medical exemptions available.
  • Personal or religious belief exemptions would not be available.
  • The bill would allow for the California Department of Health’s authority to use HPV-related regulations for students.
  • This bill is another obstacle for equal access to education.

There is a long process before a bill can become a law. This bill has not been assigned to committees yet. But you can start taking action today to voice your opposition. See our webpage on bills.

Action steps:

1) Meet with your CA Assembly Member office to discuss your opposition to AB 659.

2) Meet with your Religious Leaders to ask them to oppose AB 659.

3) Meet with your School Board Members to discuss AB 659 and ask them to oppose the bill.

* As always, maintain a professional demeanor when communicating with legislators and leaders

We will be fighting this bill with you.

Stay alert for information soon to come!

Please follow us on Twitter @perk_group for latest updates.

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