An Ancient Attack on Our Dignity: It’s Spiritual Warfare


  • Google, a known tyrant, has announced the release of a “nightmare” AI toolkit
  • Meanwhile, another tyrant, German Federal Minister of Health, is pedaling back and saying that every 1 in 10,000 people getting COVID injections ends up with a serious side effect
  • The tyrants hate dignity because dignity is a life force, and they are anti-life
  • Tyrant’s vocabulary and their anti-dignity tricks are very creative — but once we remember our courage, we become more powerful than them in the long run

The tyrants hate dignity because dignity is a life force, and the tyrants are anti-life. This story is about dignity and the tyrants’ anti-dignity warfare. Why do the tyrants hate dignity? The tyrants hate dignity because dignity is a life force, and the tyrants are anti-life.

See, dignified people are inconvenient. They refuse to stay on their knees. Even if they are pushed to their knees by force, they don’t stay on their knees for long. They bounce back, and they just keep bouncing back again and again as long as they are alive. They insist on being up-straight.

To the life-hating tyrants, that is totally unacceptable. The tyrants don’t like it when people expect a free and independent existence, and so they work hard to disallow that. The amount of energy they spent on enslavement is no small feat. Their anti-dignity warfare is a full-time job for the tyrants! They probably worry about free people even in their sleep!

Lies About Being “Heartbroken” for the Vaccine Injured

For example, check out this tyrant lying about this previous position in vaccine side effects. This tyrant is the German Federal Minister of Health — shifty eyes and all — and he is shamelessly lying the camera and saying that he cares deeply about the vaccine injured (sounds plausible), and that he had never said that COVID injections were injury-free.

The video is in German but it has English subtitles, and worth a watch. Incidentally, the Minister also says — out of his own mouth — that the rate of serious adverse effects is 1 in 10,000. Many data points show that the rate is much higher (and the long-term effects are a scary thought) but even if he is correct, the population of Germany is 84,270,625 — and so it leaves the country with more than 8,000 people who are seriously injured — and for what?!!



Google’s New AI

And here is a notorious tyrant and tyrant collaborator, Google, pretending (again) that is it doing something good. Here is Google’s own presentation of how it plans to replace human beings a little more.

And here is a mainstream media article with an appropriate title: “The Nightmare of AI-Powered Gmail Has Arrived.”

“In Gmail, there are tools that will attempt to compose entire emails or edit them for tone as well as tools for ingesting and summarizing long threads. In Docs, there are tools for generating text from simple prompts or other content.


A lengthy email discussion is turned into a “brief” and then a slide deck, which is then illustrated with generated imagery … Google makes the decks now and writes all those client emails. I’m sure it’ll be able to write a solid layoff notice, too.”

There are so many things that are wrong with this direction.

  • One philosophical problem, described in detail in the pre-COVID book by Nicholas Carr, “The Glass Cage,” is that the people relying on AI services will inevitably forget how to use their natural skills. In this case, we are talking the ability to form complete sentences and think long thoughts.People will forget how to think long thoughts even more than they already have! And, once a lot of people start relying on tools like this (dear God!), Google will use the new dependency for social control.
  • Another, rather obvious, philosophical problem is that we will never know if that “heartfelt” note was an awkward but sincere attempt at affection by a human being or plain bot spit. We are in a bad collective place with sincerity already, and this AI business (I think I am going to use the term “bot spit,” or BS for short) takes small talk to a new abyss.
  • And of course, all this means that we will feeding the devils more of our personal data — which is what the devils want.

And of course, all this means that we will feeding the devils more of our personal data — which is what the devils want.

And there is also something else that bothers me here. The rates of chronic disease, cognitive and neurological troubles, and — yes — vaccine injuries — are going up at an alarming speed. And so, is this tool intended to mask and hide the existence of the victims whose heads hurt so much that they can’t put two coherent thoughts together — and yet they still need to “keep a job” in order to eat? This is a terrifying thought.

Sneaky Tyrants

Ignoring philosophical problems is not a winning strategy for good people because ignoring them leads to pain on a massive scale. So let’s talk about the tyrants and their warfare toolkit — so that we can start pushing back more effectively, more confidently, and without fear. (They don’t deserve our fear.) The tyrants are at war with everyone, and with each other, too. But because they cannot win on their own, they make alliances and blow smoke. They capitalize on “divide and conquer,” they always do. They select a target whom they want to straight out decimate right away, and a target whom they want to decimate maybe later on — but in the meanwhile, the tyrants charm ‘em, befriend ‘em, and throw some bones their way for their loyalty and support. They have done this for wars, for color revolutions, for colonial genocides, and they are doing this again today for the biosecurity state. All of this works according to the classic logic of bait and betrayal. And for some reason, we read about history, shake our heads, say wow, then turn on the television — and forget the wisdom we’ve just learned. Initially, in every new campaign, the tyrants often start with brutal force. They use brutal force against the “first generation” or “first wave” of straight-walking people — those they target for straight out destruction due to their experiential knowledge of freedom — and then they use tricks and metaphorical bad magic against their descendants whom they want to subjugate and keep as their half-asleep, obedient slaves. And to accomplish their trickery, the tyrants come up with all sorts of tricks to confuse the minds so that their victims forget that we are actually born with dignity and that we are not supposed to lose it in the course of our lives.

The Role of Challenges and Encounters With Bullies

Now, it’s true that our life’s journey is not all honey and sweets. Life has ups and downs, and in the course of our lives, we do have to deal with some tough challenges and some hard times. We usually have to deal with some bullying and abuse. But the point of having to deal with abuse is not shirking ourselves in response to the abuse, it’s actually the opposite — it’s growing our power as a result of standing up to abuse. And raising from our knees. And bouncing back. And raising from our knees again. (The tyrants hate it when we figure that one out — and so they come up with yet another “divide and conquer” campaign to keep us weak.) The point of having to deal with abuse is remembering why we need to walk straight up, and how. The point is a renewal of our dignity, a renewal of our spiritual clarity, a renewal of our sincere self-love. And by the way, loving thy neighbor, too, come to us naturally when we remember self-love. Yes, we are born with dignity but it’s our job to protect it from any forces that try to sway us away from our dignity. It is our dignity. It is our sacred soul. If we don’t protect it, who will? By the way, dignity is not ego. Ego is, roughly, about defining ourselves in relation to the external world. Dignity comes from an internal memory of who we are, it is the sweet, sincere respect and love for our own soul.

Psychological Warfare

The tyrants have a special characteristic, and it’s that they don’t respect the soul. They are very interested in weaking the people’s connection to the spiritual power because disconnected people make good prey. And so, the tyrants come up with narratives that undermine self-worth and elevate desperation, anxiety, and guilt. How does it work? See, when one is anxious, or desperate, or guilty, one voluntarily passes on the support of the good forces of the universe. That feeling of being little and forsaken? Know that feeling? It is not yours. It’s a sure sign that you are under psychological attack, and it is in your best interests to shake it off and work on shaking it off until it’s gone — no matter the circumstance. No one is little. And no one is forsaken. This is not how the world works. We are warriors in the middle of the journey, not victims. But the tyrants keep “poisoning the well” and creating narratives that make us feel unsure of ourselves, alone, isolated, unconfident, and perpetually hurt. By the way, I am saying this from experience. Sometimes, in the middle of blinding pain, it is hard to see the light. And sometimes, people get attached to their pain, and even argue that all this talk about love is too and idealistic — and then I remind them (and myself) that in the course of my life I have been through such ridiculous abuse that I’ve earned my right to see the light in the middle of crap. I am speaking strictly from experience. This is not theory. This is my hard-earned truth.

Tyrant’s Vocabulary and Anti-Dignity Tricks

“You are being abused because there’s something wrong with you” — That’s straight out nonsense. Only a broken person or an enemy would say that to a fellow traveler in this world.

No, we are not perfect. And perhaps not everything went right. Some of us may have had a tough life. We may have been told lies and gobbled them up. We may have done dumb things (I have). But, if we have done dumb things, we can still pray for guidance to straighten out our ways, and there is beauty in finding our courage and righting the wrongs.

  • “You are being abused because you are dirty, and so you get what you deserve” — This, now, is more ridiculous nonsense. Making people feel dirty is perhaps one of the biggest psyops in human history, a psyop that has been lubricating the way for many tyrants of this world!Sadly, this is a psyop that has been thoroughly internalized in many cultures, and many of us have been fed this psyop by our own loving parents, out of misguided love. The way I look at it, it is our job to heal ourselves and to forgive our parents from our hearts. The dynamic of “human dirt” is playing out today again with COVID, and masks, and vaccines. And it’s tragic. And now is a perfect time to end this dynamic at its root and accept ourselves as beautiful spiritual beings with important jobs.
  • “You are being abused because, unlike those other people who are real, you don’t belong in this world. The abuse is the punishment for the fact that you don’t fit in” — Another outrageous lie! That feeling of not belonging, of being different from others in a humiliating way, is what most people feel on occasion (or often) in a world that does not respect our true selves.
    It is simply a natural reaction to spiritual starvation, a reaction that, by the way, comes with the task of figuring out the source of that feeling and rejecting the tyrant poison of the mind.It is spiritual warfare. It is the goal of the tyrants is to disorient us and to make us feel like the world is theirs — that they dictate the rules because it’s their job to dictate the rules, and that we are just some disposable renters of their property, under a perpetual sword of an eviction from their property. They are liars. And courage is the antidote.
  • “You are not abused. This is normal. This is what life is” — This flavor of tyrant propaganda is very close to home for me. I grew up in a culture where it was a big talking point, something that was passed from generation to generation, with a hammer of pain. In my adulthood, I spent many years unwrapping the ball of lies. And today, it seems like the history wants to repeat, and I object.

I would like to end the story with a beautiful interview I did with Brownstone Institute fellow Thomas Harrington. We talked about history, dignity, and hope.

A Conversation with Thomas Harrington


Time for crying is over,
It’s courage time.
Time for crawling is over,
It’s courage time.
Time for self-loathing is over,
It’s courage time.
Time for self-betrayal is over,
It’s courage time.
What time is it?
It’s courage o’clock.
It’s a time to stand up for dignity full force.
We are worth it.

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