Are Viruses Real?

by Michael McKay | Dec 25, 2022


Even though I’m usually quite open to new ideas, when I first heard someone say that “viruses aren’t real” I just dismissed it as pure craziness. In fact it made me angry. I thought, don’t these people know we in the health freedom movement want to be taken seriously?

I was already clear that the early Covid panic narrative was BS from March 16, 2020 when I read the paper put out by physicist and computer modeler Neil Ferguson from UK’s Imperial College in London which predicted 2.2 million Americans would die, as would 510,000 people in Great Britain, with the peak daily death rate hitting somewhere around late May or June.[1]

I could see through his sloppy work and falsehoods which eventually were thoroughly debunked.[2]

And yet within days the entire medical regulatory structure from around the world – in unison – called for what proved to be, in my opinion, the greatest coordinated societal debacle in human history.

Immediately I got busy learning all I could about my immune system because I knew the only real protection I had from this “lethal virus” was to be as healthy as possible as it still was not clear how dangerous this “virus” was.

Of course we all know now that the official narrative kept changing as definitions of “cases” were changed and “flatten the curve” turned into “Get used to it; this is going to last until we’re all vaccinated and then we’ll be safe. Etc etc.

I kept a steady focus on learning as much as I could about what I could do for my family’s health. I have a serious background as a financial money manager, economist and risk analyst and over the past 10 years I’ve developed a very good knowledge of human physiology but I’m not a Phd so I kept an open mind and networked with others and quickly became a full-time health researcher.

My network learned and shared many things from many sources that helped all of us become healthier but we also shared a common belief that viruses – in general – were real.

None of us, as far as I know, ever questioned that belief.

So the idea that viruses weren’t real in the first place was just nuts to all of us.

And then one day in early August 2022 I was looking at and came across the link from Dr. Sam Bailey and her brief video asking the question, Are Viruses Even A Scientific Theory? [3]

Watching that video was pivotal for me and I highly recommend you watch it via the link below. Little did I know that watching that 15 minute video would help me see a whole new paradigm of Terrain Theory and how diseases actually form in the first place.

I had bumped into Terrain Theory before and was no stranger to the idea that for optimal health we needed to really get and keep our immune system in tip top shape.

But frankly I was struggling. As I went deeper in my studies I came across an amazing book, Bechamp or Pasteur?: A Lost Chapter in the History of Biology, by Ethel D. Hume. It’s actually two books in one volume. The other title is, Pasteur: Plagiarist, Imposter by R.B.Pearson. [4]

These books introduced to me the historical record documenting how sainted Louis Pasteur was a fraud – a liar, cheat and plagiarist – all of which was new to me. Those of you who, like myself, were raised on “Pasteurized Milk” and only thought well of him would do well to look over the links below. [5]

But the bigger thing it introduced me to was the 170-year-old debate between Terrain Theory versus Germ Theory, that Louis Pasteur actively promoted, something I’d never heard of before. [6]

This is Terrain Theory in a nutshell: We don’t catch diseases, we build them.

And as simple as that is on the surface, there are many more layers to learn and explore. Its opposite is called Germ Theory which is today’s dominant theory in medicine. It states there are predatory, pathogenic “germs”, the most scary of which are viruses, and if we’re not careful we can catch disease from them.

We all grew up with this Germ Theory understanding that we catch diseases.

We were never exposed to the deeper layers of Terrain Theory at all, which I’ve come to find out is a very well developed whole branch of biology that is unknown to the vast majority of the population of the planet, and even learning about it has been – and continues to be – actively suppressed.

I came to find out that the term Terrain Theory was promoted by Claude Bernard (1813-1878) [7] and Antoine Bechamp (1816-1908) back in the 1800s and its general tenets were well known, developed, followed – importantly, respected – into the early decades of the 1900s.

The Germ Theory promoters used political and financial (aka pharmaceutical industry) influence to keep a debate going in medical research for about 70 or 80 years until Germ Theory succeeded to dominate the medical profession. It also succeeded in substantially discrediting as “alternative” the otherwise respected medical theories of homeopathy, etc. [8]

But their biggest success was to actively suppress the whole notion of Terrain Theory and nearly erase it from the history books as best they could. [9]

In fact if you look up Terrain Theory on Wikipedia you’ll be sent to a page titled, Germ Theory Denialism. [10] It was not a fair fight. And the debate was never done following scientific principles.

As I dove even deeper, I realized there was a mosaic of information I was putting together from history and science. It was difficult facing my own cognitive dissonance [11] because this new path of learning challenged my own basic assumptions I’d had since early childhood.

But I persevered.

Dr Sam Bailey’s many videos glued the pieces of that mosaic of history and science together for me. As I watched more of her videos and then read her husband Dr Mark Bailey’s papers I found myself deeper and deeper into the real scientific process of critical evaluation which is to try to disprove the previous evidence and not, “redefine” basic definitions when it suits their narrative or skip important steps, which the Germ Theory camp did in the past and continues to do even today.

I loved how Drs Sam & Mark Bailey consistently focused – and painstakingly insisted – on Methodology, especially when they often found that Controls were not used or when Obvious Confounding Factors were ignored and therefore invalidates what is used to justify Germ Theory and, importantly, the virus disease creation premise. Through them I found many other serious scientists and researchers who’ve also been painstakingly working to bring this knowledge out – properly. [12]

What follows is what I’ve discovered, so far. I believe it’s solid but any errors are mine alone. I hope this will streamline your learning curve in this vitally important area and let your own research come to valuable conclusions that’ll help you live a healthier and less fearful life.

The Third Side to the Story

We all saw how the whole world was recently brought to its knees by a supposed virus that was going to kill millions of us. Indeed people did get sick. With real illnesses. And many people tragically died.

A new health freedom movement emerged and saw through the facade of misinformation, control and censorship and quickly recognized the main health regulators, WHO, CDC, FDA and their cohorts in other countries were all in cahoots to present their version of The Narrative and to silence anyone who had an alternative version of their narrative.

Worldwide doctors lost their licenses. Businesses were shut down as well as schools. Supply chains were wrecked. We’ve all been touched by this – many severely and tragically. The negative effects will be felt for decades, maybe generations.

At the foundation of this was the near-universal shared belief that there was a “virus” threat.

On one side, the story was the belief there was a deadly, infectious and contagious virus. Most people were on board with this belief, at least initially.

On the other side was the belief that the virus was not so deadly and if we merely improved the health of our immune systems we could survive it without a fuss. This was a minority response.

There’s a third side to this story that questions, actually denies, the very existence of pathogenic “viruses” in the first place.

Those that are open-minded enough will, when learning the logic and rigorous science behind this third perspective, realize that those in the health freedom movement who have, in good faith, been fighting the tyrannical regulators while, at the same time, allowing them to define and frame the narrative.

Both the tyrants and the health freedom fighters operated from the premise that there was some kind of a virus out there. Their debate has always presupposed the “virus”, whatever “it” was, deserved to be in the conversation – and this presupposition continues with some of the shining stars in the health freedom movement still adamantly asserting their belief that viruses do indeed exist.

Question: what if there is no single pathogenic virus or “it” out there in the first place? If there’s no virus the answer requires a legitimate second paradigm of biology of how diseases form in the human body that does not include the concept of a predatory virus. Is there this second paradigm that holds up to deep, thorough, scientific examination? Fortunately, yes, there is and the history of its study and development – and suppression – goes back to the 1800s.

Terrain Theory has a well developed explanation called Pleomorphism (form-changing) which as you will see presents a new, refined, paradigm in biology and how disease develops in the body. [13]

As previously presented, Terrain Theory, simply put, states it is the health condition, the terrain, of the human body that allows for diseases to develop or health to be maintained. [14] This theory recognizes there may not be a single “it” causing a disease but many contributing factors and stages ofdevelopment.

What you will find amazing is how well developed – and historically effective – Terrain Theory practitioners have been at curing all kinds of diseases – including cancer.
Pleomorphism is the concept that microforms and bacteria actually morph and change shape and function. We’ll discuss this more in a minute.

It’s been clear to all paying attention since March 2020 the great lengths the Germ Theory promoters have used to control The Narrative. As you learn more you’ll find it amazing that their efforts to control The Narrative is not new.

Going back over 100 years Germ Theory promoters have used money and power to suppress innovations and real cures coming from many Terrain Theory researchers and practitioners – many who created cures for cancer – for which they were persecuted and even prosecuted. [15]

But that is changing and you reading this is part of that change.

Terrain Theory & Ayurveda

Terrain Theory resonates with other different holistic health systems and has a great complementarity to Vedic India’s Six Stages Of Disease model in Ayurveda.

In my book, The Inversion Revolution, Beyond Back Pain to Wellness, I titled Chapter 5: The Big Secret How All Diseases Begin And Manifest. [16] It presents a brief introduction to the Ayurvedic model of how disease progresses in the human body.

Ayurveda’s Six Stages of Disease

  1. Accumulation of Imbalances, Impurities and Deficiencies
  2. Provocation (aka, Daily Living)
  3. Distribution to other areas of the body
  4. Relocation where these distributed insults find opportunity
  5. Manifestation (when most people start taking action) Complications, Chronic Problems & Crisis

We constantly accumulate impurities, imbalances and also create deficiencies that build diseases
through different categories of “insults.” There are many potential contributors but chiefly they are:

  • External environmental exposure to toxins, traumas, electromagnetic waves, radiation, badcircumstances, etc
  • Internally created toxic side effects from:
  • Poor Nutrition creating short and long term toxic effects
  • Our own toxic mental and emotional states as well as bad thinking habits and non-life supporting beliefs. These amplify the influences of other external and internal insults.
  • Deficiencies
  • Poor Hydration [17]
  • Lack of good sleep, exercise, etcetera; all of which make the Lymphatic System acidic, thick and stagnant and the harbinger of future diseases. [18]
  • Poor Nutrition and Nutrient Deficiencies

Both the Ayurvedic model and Terrain Theory belong to what’s commonly referred to as the “Holistic” approach which looks at the whole person and the many factors contributing to health and disease.

Terrain Theory focuses on the condition of the body that gives rise to the development of disease – and in particular whether the body is more polluted with toxins or not.
The other paradigm is called Germ Theory or Monomorphism.

Germ Theory promotes the idea that there is one cause for one disease and one cure. It caused the pursuit of “magic bullet drug cures” that gave birth to the pharmaceutical industry in the late 1800s.

As presented earlier:

In the Germ Theory paradigm diseases are caught.

In the Terrain Theory paradigm diseases are built.

In Germ Theory the effort is to look for a single, nameable “it” that is the cause and responsible for the disease.

Their advocates favorite “it” is a specific virus that’s supposed to cause a specific disease AND for which there can be, with enough political will and research money thrown at it, a vaccination formula that will protect us from this predatory virus.

In Terrain Theory there may be many “its” contributing to the creation of a particular set of symptoms.

The term “virus” is Latin for the word poison and our training, since birth, has been to look out forthese poisonous “its” and give it a name.

If someone comes along and says, for example, that the cause of, say Rabies, [19]  Measles, [20]  Herpes, [21] Chickenpox [22] or the scariest of them all, Ebola [23] is not a virus, we immediately want to know what, then, is the “it” that is causing that particular disease.

This is also rational thinking because the suffering is very real.But a question: Are there alternative causes not being examined, or intentionally ignored, as in the case of Polio? [24]

Pleomorphism and the Pleomorphic Cycle

Terrain Theory and its related branch, Pleomorphism, are a much more nuanced approach to health maintenance and disease formation than Germ Theory and its related branch, Monomorphism. [25]

Terrain Theory does not look for just one “it” but for the many contributing “its” of external and internal insults we’ve been exposed to and deficiencies we may have been accumulating, just like in Ayurveda.

In Germ Theory, it’s a war between our health and these microscopic “germs.”

Terrain Theory recognizes we’ve a conditionally harmonic and symbiotic relationship with bacteria in the world. For example, our digestive tract commonly holds about 1 kg of very friendly bacteria that we are dependent on for living. [26]

The Pleomorphism understanding is that these bacteria and their more fundamental microforms help to keep the body healthy and in balance AND restore balance and health when it has been compromised.

However, it’s a conditional relationship. When the internal environment of the physiology becomes too polluted due to external and/or internal insults and/or deficiencies then THESE SAME bacteria change their jobs and literally morph in form27 from being helpful in maintaining health to begin the process of decomposing the body to its basic elements.

This process is usually gradual with multiple stages – and fortunately is reversible [28]:

First, the body sends a warning that you need to rest and return to balance. During this stage you may have a head cold or a fever. The first warning is stop, rest and regain your health. Note that even in this first warning stage when we start getting sick we’re being helped by the bacteria within us.

The second and subsequent stages are more aggressive where the body starts to become more ill and perhaps in more places as distress in one organ’s function starts to impact the function of other organs.

It’s like the body goes from talking to us to yelling at us. This, in Ayurveda, is the 5th stage of disease when the imbalances, impurities and deficiencies manifest and start to become a much bigger problem as the 6th stage of disease develops and manifested problems become increasingly complicated and chronic.

As this process progresses these bacteria literally change form, morph, into yeasts and then change form again into funguses and, in the final stage, change form yet again into molds as part of the end-of-life process. [29]

This is, of course, a health crisis and “Crisis” is the worst part of Ayurveda’s 6th stage of disease.

The unique understanding of this Pleomorphic progression has been identified, developed and refined by many researchers over the past 150 years. Each of these researchers, many of which working alone and decades apart, had complimentary models. We can learn important insights that can take this well deserved research much further by studying each of them. [30]

Working independently each of these Pleomorphism oriented researchers shared some common valuable insights. Each recognized the existence of living subcellular microorganisms called different names by different researchers: Microzymas by Antoine Bechamp31 (1800s), Bions by Wilhelm Reich [32] (1930s) and Somatids by Gaston Naessens [33] (1970s).

We will primarily use Gaston Naesson’s term Somatids in our further discussion.

These subcellular Somatids exist everywhere in Nature; in the air, water, plants, billion years old rock, house dust and so on and have been found to be virtually indestructible. PLUS, in the right conditions they are ready to spring back to life. [34]

Somatids are literally what we are made from.

According to Naessens there are 16 form-stages of Somatids; starting with 3 mutually beneficial and symbiotic form stages,somatids, spores and double spores.

When the body is in a state of relative balance and good health these 3 are stable and helpful forms which can change – morph – into 13 progressively destructive forms; first as bacteria, then yeast, then fungus and finally mold, which rapidly can take the body to its demise.

Let me say this a different way: with sufficient deterioration of the body’s environment due to external and internal exposure to various toxic influences and/or deficiencies they change forms from friendly entities helping the body to live, grow and thrive to, instead, the gradual, steady destruction of the body and – eventually – the return of the body to its most basic elemental components.

Hence the true phrase, From Dust To Dust.

To the Somatids, it is just a matter of survival. They change along with the changed environment as they need to do.

Below is a graphic of the 16 form stages identified – and seen – by Gaston Naessens through his Somatoscope microscope that could see as small as 150 angstroms. [35]

Are Viruses Real?

Gaston Naessens also discovered that, in many cases, even an advanced stage of deterioration could be reversed! He did not “cure cancer” although he estimated that as many as 75% of the people he helped had their cancer stop, be reduced or disappear altogether. To borrow the words of two time Nobel Laureate Linus Pauling he “disarmed” the cancer cells rather than “kill” them. [36]

Instead of destroying the cancer cells, he helped the body return to balanced functioning by changing the condition of the body so the destructive forms gradually devolved to a harmless state. [37]
Below is an excellent explanation of the pleomorphic process by Dr Robert O Smith: (Emphases added)

There is a common biological basis for the pleomorphic cycle and its increasing complexity of organization: more complex forms evolve inherently upon the death of an organism for the purposes of recycling its anatomical and chemical structures in the carbon cycle.


The process of rapid evolution which is reversible is an essential life process which beyond the repair stage is necessary to return a dead organism to the earth.


The second and third stage microphones degenerate the body’s vital substances and tissues via putrefaction (bacteria) and fermentation (yeast and fungus).


As they develop, microforms (bacteria, yeast, fungus and mold) are actually scavenging forms of microzyma [somatids] developed when disease in the cell life
requires tissue to be broken up.


They disappear (devolve) when the recycling task is complete, once again becoming microzymes [somatids] of the earth and/or air. [38]

We have to thank the many suppressed, marginalized and persecuted researchers like Antoine Bechamp, Wilhelm Reich, Guenther Enderlein, [39] Gaston Naessens and many others who have labored and endured hardship so this knowledge has survived for us.

Today, there are many scientists, doctors, medical researchers, bloggers and others around the world working to both develop and further refine Pleomorphism and Terrain Theory and bring this knowledge out into the world. [40]

The Corruption Problem and Premise that Predatory Viruses are Real

Germ Theory and Monomorphism denies Pleomorphism and the existence of Somatids,et al, altogether and instead holds that bacteria, yeasts, funguses, molds and so-called viruses are independent entities that do not morph from one another. [41]

Further, Germ Theory holds that certain of these microbes are predatory and exist only to do damage to a host, as in the case of the so-called viruses to which we are particularly vulnerable.

Furthermore, Germ Theory purports these so-called viruses create specific diseases that require single cures or mitigations called “vaccinations.”

However, there is an incredible problem; viruses have never been isolated (defined simply as seen to the exclusion of any other entity). [42]

It is astonishing but true: there is not one single solitary properly conducted scientific study in the history of medical research that has shown – using proper scientific methods and controls – that a virus has actually been isolated and actually exists as an independent entity.

This reality has shocked many medical doctors and researchers who never questioned Germ Theory until one day they “asked for a paper they could reference.

This is what happened to Nobel Prize winner, Kary Mullis, the inventor of the PCR test, who, in the 1990s, asked for a paper documenting that the so-called HIV virus caused AIDS. He was stonewalled for a time and became suspicious.

Eventually, he was able to have an in-person moment with Luc Montagnier, the supposed discoverer of the HIV virus, who walked away from him when he asked for the paper documenting that HIV caused AIDS. Mullis knew there was fraud afoot. His story of waking up is amazing but something that’s happening more and more. [43]

Throughout the late 1880s and the first half or the 20th century there were constant – all unsuccessful – attempts to prove Germ Theory and “isolate viruses“ and demonstrate they:

  1. Exist in Nature
  2. Caused Specific Diseases
  3. Transmitted Specific Diseases.

Despite their extraordinary financial and political backing [44,45]  ALL of these attempts failed – or the findings were faked. Not one of these objectives were ever proven according to the established guidelines set up in 1884 called the Koch Postulates [46].

There were two attempts to conduct controlled studies to prove the “Spanish Flu” was a contagious virus and both failed! They tried multiple techniques to get healthy young men to catch the disease by inhaling, ingesting (making them drink the mucus) and injecting fluids from sick people diagnosedwith the “Spanish Flu”. They could not spread the disease. They found it was not contagious!  [47]

By the late 1940s, after decades of attempts, when the more honest and strict scientific method proved unable to isolate a virus and prove them as pathogenic contagions, there was a pivotal moment when Monomorphism and Germ Theory was thoroughly discredited and on the ropes.

In fact, in the late 1940s there were “serious discussions about abolishing the CDC altogether. [48]

This would have been a disaster to the deeply invested AMA, FDA and the various other government and pharmaceutical interests pushing the idea that viruses were the single cause of a specific disease. They needed the Monomorphism and Germ Theory philosophy to justify the entire edifice of the medical establishment they had worked so hard to create.

So they changed the rules of evidence based science and everyone let them get away with it.

Out of desperation they simply changed the definition of “isolation” of a virus.

Instead of finding virus particles in isolation and properly proving their existence and showing they were infectious, they simply added crude patient samples to various cell lines. When the cells broke down they claimed they had a “viral culture” and this methodology became the standard for all viral proofs. [49] This was done by John Franklin Enders who was awarded the Nobel prize in 1954 for his nonsensical redefining of how to “isolate” a virus.

Please note: On top of all that, no proper controls were used by Enders and none are used today, thereby invalidating the evidence for their conclusion.” [50]

Their attempts went from processes called in vitro (observed in a petri-dish using a microscope) and in vivo (observed in a live human being) to, eventually, what we have today: “viral genomics” being claimed as evidence of viruses. However, this is performed “in silico” which means they use an elaborate process where they “assemble” their creations in a computer.

Crucially, none of the sequences they call “viral” are ever shown to come from inside any claimed “viruses.” They are computer generated constructs that do not exist in nature or in the human body but only in a computer. This is how viruses are made up literally out of thin air and are not real. [51]

This in silico methodology saved virology from oblivion and is a foundational underpinning of it and the pharmaceutical industry. It is fakery and anti-science and fantasy on a massive scale.

This was a victory of Monomorphism over Pleomorphism and a defeat for Science. It is the reason the Covid virus and all other viruses are presented as existing – when clearly they do not. They are entities that only exist in a computer. Viruses have never been proven to exist in Nature, ever.

Ingesting and Digesting the Historical – and Current – Fraud & This New Paradigm of Terrain Theory

I know it’s a big pill to swallow this new paradigm since we’ve all been brought up with the idea that viruses exist and we catch a cold and catch diseases of all kinds. The Germ Theory and Monomorphism, even though we probably never heard the terms before, is ingrained in us and part of the fabric of our language, our culture and our mutually shared beliefs, not to mention a lot of our childhood memories.

As mentioned earlier, my own journey was to reject as nonsense the idea that viruses don’t exist until I started learning the history – and the science – of how Terrain Theory and Pleomorphism fit together.

The more you examine the evidence the more it becomes crystal clear, as Louis Pasteur allegedly admitted on his deathbed,

Bechamp was right, the microbe is nothing. The Terrain is everything!” [52]

Many attempts to bring Terrain Theory and Pleomorphism research to the world have been thwarted, suppressed and persecuted over the last 150+ years.

This has been continued by many bad actors, for many decades, in the AMA, FDA, CDC, WHO and other networked organizations, whose administrators followed incentives most dear to them: financial, political influence and job security.

The entire Western Medical system has been a party to it. However, it is virology that is the cornerstone of this falsehood. A careful review of this history reveals how virology is a false science that does not practice science. [53] [54] [55] [56]

And while my indictment is severe, it is important for me to make two more points:

1. Western Medicine HAS created many miracles we should all applaud and be grateful for. Iwould not be alive today if urgent spinal fusion surgery was not performed for me by extraordinary, competent and caring surgeons. Similarly, I have a long list of other gratitudes to many Western medical professionals who have been, and continue to be, an indispensable part of my self care team.

2. I believe it is safe to say that most doctors and nurses today never even learned there was a second paradigm because Terrain Theory and Pleomorphism has been so actively suppressed and persecuted. We should not blame them or vilify them. We should not forget that most of them were never given the opportunity to even learn about what you have read here today.

Final Comments

Terrain Theory, in its broadest sense, tells us to focus on the fundamental importance of maintaining balance in order to have good health.

Pleomorphism research presents how the body both maintains balance and develops and builds diseases in stages that are reversible. This has been a lost field of biology that’s been suppressed by the medical establishment for over the last hundred years.

Pleomorphism and Terrain Theory are built on sound principles and ruthless scientific investigation – and deserve to be taken further.

Contrasting this to the now predominant Germ Theory [57] which does not hold up when you examine it even on its surface.

Germ Theory requires both a religious belief and to ignore its own many failures to prove itself. It changes its own definitions when backed into corners. Nevertheless, because of the financial reward incentives Germ Theory has built an entire worldwide religious-like culture where the high priests are the all powerful bureaucrats of the WHO, CDC, FDA, AMA, et al, who can literally shut down society when they want to.

They are that powerful.

Their partners in the regulatory, pharmaceutical and media industries have created symbiotic relationships with one another to control the narrative and the public.

But they recently overextended their reach. They changed common sense definitions, narratives and goal posts – and were caught outright lying over and over – in their vain efforts to stay in charge.

And we all saw their deceptions.

The very good news is we all can take our time and learn about and integrate Pleomorphism and Terrain Theory. Over time it will develop into a well understood course of action as we go forward.

This is a new paradigm for many of us – but actually it is quite old – and will unfold many truths that will change the world as more and more people learn and adopt this view.

Terrain is everything. At least, as individuals it is the thing over which we have most control. 58

Each educated individual can decide how much balance they want to maintain – or suffer not maintaining.

Similarly, each educated individual can decide how many external toxins they want to expose themselves to – or limit to the best of their ability.

Each educated individual can continuously learn how to not generate internal toxicity through poor food choices, poor environmental choices, poor activity habits, poor thinking habits and poor self talk.

Or not.

Our own health truly is more in our hands than ever before.

The wide adoption of Terrain Theory and the further development of Pleomorphism will, I hope and believe, change the world for the better. Please share this.

“Diseases are not individuals arranged in classes, like cats and dogs, but conditions growing out of one another. Is it not living in a continual mistake to look upon diseases, as we do now, as separate entities, which must exist, like cats and dogs, instead of looking upon them as conditions, like a dirty and a clean
condition, and just as much under our own control; or rather, as the reactions of kindly Nature against the conditions in which we have placed ourselves?


I was brought up … distinctly to believe that smallpox, for instance, was a thing of which there was once a first specimen in the world, which went on propagating itself in a perpetual chain of descent, just as much as that there was a first dog, (or a first pair of dogs), and that smallpox would not begin itself any more than a new dog would begin without their having been a parent dog.


Since then I have seen with my eyes and smelt with my nose smallpox growing up in first specimens, either in close rooms or in overcrowded wards, where it could not by any possibility have been “caught,” but must have begun. Nay, more, I have seen diseases begin, grow up, and pass into one another. I have seen; for instance, with a little overcrowding, continued fever grow up; and with a little more, typhoid fever; and with a little more, typhus, and all in the same ward or hut.


Would it not be far better, truer, and more practical, if we looked upon disease in this light? For diseases, as all experience shows are adjectives, not noun-substantives.


That is, symptoms (called diseases) are describers of a situation.” [59]

—Florence Nightingale, Notes on Nursing, 1st ed., 1860


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  57. Please Note: I have used throughout this essay the familiar term “Germ Theory.” However, the concepts of Monomorphism and the so-called “Germ Theory” do not fit the scientific definition of the important term, “theory”, and are only deserving to be referred to as a hypothesis because it’s never been, ever, repeatedly tested and corroborated in accordance with the scientific method, using accepted protocols of observation, measurement, and evaluation of results.
    To wit, from Wikipedia (accessed October 26, 2022): Hypothesis. A hypothesis is a proposed explanation for a phenomenon. For a hypothesis to be a scientific hypothesis, the scientific method requires that one can test it.
    Scientific theory. A scientific theory is an explanation of an aspect of the natural world and universe that has been repeatedly tested and corroborated in accordance with the scientific method, using accepted protocols of observation, measurement, and evaluation of results.
  58. I look forward to seeing more Terrain Theory research in the realms of:
    1) The health of our Lymphatic System appears to be of paramount importance. Allowing the lymph to become “thick and stagnant” has been proposed as the breeding ground of disease. Please see the earlier references to Gaston Naessens including this one here.
    2) pH Homeostasis in Metabolic Health and Diseases and related research in pH balance’s relationship to the development of disease in the Pleomorphic Cycle.
    3) Immunology and Cancer research. In 2013 this was announced in Science as the “Breakthrough of the Year” ( ). Although not connected to Pleomorphism at this time, this research is resonant with Terrain Theory and the work of Gaston Naessens and represents an opportunity for further breakthroughs. I invite all serious researchers to investigate these connections.
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