California: The Tip of the Spear

by Aaron Kheriaty, MD Mar 28, 2022

California has been the tip of the spear for novel pandemic policies. My home state’s failures are legion, and it would be tedious to recount them all. For an aerosolized respiratory virus the safest place to avoid contagious spread is outside in the open air. Once we realized that the coronavirus spread in this fashion rather than by respiratory droplets, opening the windows in classrooms would have done more for schools than plastic barriers that impede airflow. California boarded up outdoor basketball hoops. We closed the beach—sunny and windy, open and spacious—probably the safest place on the planet. Then there was this brilliant move:

With these and other inane maneuvers, kids were forced indoors where viral spread was much more likely.

The leading sheep of a flock, known as a bellwether for the bell on its neck, tells you which way the flock is headed. California still serves as the Nation’s bellwether for political and social movements—the tip of the spear. Consider ten bills that were introduced in the California State legislature in January 2022:

  1. SB 871: adds covid vaccine to required immunization schedule for all private and public schools, regardless of whether these vaccines receive full FDA approval.
  2. AB 2098: classifies any medical opinion that runs contrary to the establishment’s covid narrative as “misinformation” and subjects physicians expressing such views to charge of “unprofessional conduct” which is subject to discipline by the medical licensing board.
  3. SB 866: lowers the age of covid vaccine consent to 12 years without parental notification or consent.
  4. SB 920: authorizes medical board to inspect a doctor’s office and medical records without patients’ consent.
  5. SB 1464: requires law enforcement to enforce all public health guidelines or lose their funding.
  6. SB 1479: requires schools to create long term testing plans, test children without parental consent, and report test results to the CA Department of Public Health.
  7. SB 1390: prohibits any person/entity from making statements the government deems “misleading” by any means including internet or ads.
  8. SB 1184: authorizes school health personnel to disclose children’s health information to a third party without parental consent.
  9. AB 1797: creates an immunization tracking system giving all government agencies complete access to vaccination records for all citizens.
  10. AB 1993: requires proof of covid vaccination for all employees and independent contractors working in CA.

If this unholy decalogue is passed legislatively, Californians would live under a regime that allows: (1) the state to force on children medical interventions that are not FDA approved, (2) the state to muzzle the speech of physicians and decide which interpretations of scientific or medical evidence are correct, (4) the state to censor online information it does not like (4) the state to act as surrogate parents for 12-year-old children who are not yet cognitively and emotionally capable of giving free and informed consent to medical decisions that have potential lifelong ramifications, and (5) the state and its agents to access your personal medical records without your consent.

pan doctrine

Furthermore, these measures would require (1) law enforcement to enforce arbitrary, capricious, and often unscientific public health measures mandated by unelected bureaucrats, such as indoor masking requirements, (2) schools to become medical centers that routinely administer medical tests to your children without consent and share that private information with third parties without your knowledge, (3) the state to track and share private health information across government agencies, (4) the state to force novel medical interventions on all competent adults as a condition of working. In these proposed laws we see the features I’ve sketched in previous posts on the Biosecurity Surveillance Regime unfolding around us: the welding of public health, digital technologies, and the police powers of the state into an invasive model of surveillance and control.

What can we do?

If passed, these bills set the stage for other states to introduce similar laws. We know that what starts in CA, spreads to other blue and purple states, and potentially at a federal level. This affects everyone.

Share with as many people you can, make sure they understand what could happen, and start calling your representatives.

If you’re in the state of CA, The Unity Project has created a Take Action campaign to help educate fellow Californians about these bills and how they can resist. Visit the Take Action page on the Unity Project website and register to become a volunteer, find and share resources and information on how to stop these bills from passing.

The Unity Project also created this helpful informational flyer that you can share with your networks:


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