Digitization Is Humanity’s Demise. The “Smartphonization” of Humanity. The QR code is Everywhere

by Peter Koenig | Oct 18, 2022

What if we were really at the point where the arrow indicates on the bar-code cartoon below? Or, it could be much worse, we could already be just a tiny little speck on the all-encroaching and dominating QR code.

digitizationThe QR code is everywhere. In some places you can’t even open a toilet door without using a QR code, first downloaded on your smart phone.

There is hardly a restaurant – anywhere in the western world – where its menus are not loaded onto a QR code. Screw those who do not have a smart phone, or do not want to use their smart phone to be invaded by QR codes.

See this for a more ample description of the dangers of the QR code.

In some cases, when you are lucky, a restaurant may offer you as a “temporary feature”, a printed menu, or the waiter is kind enough to use his own smartphone to show you the choices of meals.

digitizationIt’s the “smartphonization” of humanity. It is also the stultification, or dumbing-down of our minds, and eventually our intelligence. It is likely the smartphone was invented to eventually deaden the brains of society. Because human beings tend to go for comfort, for the ways of least resistance. The smartphone offers all that. Once we have it, we get hooked.

About 20-30 years ago, we still lived happy with the fix phone at home, with the phone booth at the street corner. We were not missing anything. What would eventually become a smartphone, was gradually introduced as a portable telephone. First, they were the size of a brick, then they became smaller and smaller, so, they would fit in our breast pocket, or in a lady’s purse; no problem. A real convenience.

In the course of the last two decades, smartphones became slimmer and slimmer; their screens became larger and larger, progressively resembling a small computer. They started having the features of a computer, were connectable to internet – internet became universally available, not only in restaurants and shops, but in the streets and even in the forests. Everywhere, or almost.

The cell phone could be synchronized with your computer at home. Bingo! You were connected walking and crossing the streets, taking a nap – or kissing your partner. Pretty invasive. Don’t you think?

But never mind – it’s fantastic! You have access to your internet account anytime, everywhere, you are “connected” even in your sleep.

You are walking across the street, not watching out for traffic dangers, but deeply lost in the profoundness of the screen of your little smart phone – succumbing to a drug-like habit that has caused already myriads of accidents, some deadly.

Not too long ago, when we were traveling to foreign or new places, we had a map to orient ourselves. No longer. The Global Positioning System (GPS) tells you just about everywhere your geographic position on earth. And it’s now on your smartphone. Younger generations have totally lost – or never knew – the skills of reading a map.

And older people, loving the comfort of being told where to go will increasingly lose their intellectual capacity of map-reading, becoming further dependent and enslaved to the digital world.

An exaggeration? Just think about it, next time you need to orient yourself in a foreign city – and you have the choice between a map and asking your smartphone.

You will see, the choice is easy. Why? No need to use our brain cells. There is the smartphone and GPS.

digitizationOur brains are being primed for robotization – or more adequately said, “transhumanism”, a term already used by Klaus Schwab in an interview with Swiss French TV in 2016. According to Mr. Schwab, by 2025 we should all have reached that level of “transhumanism” – that is, if we survive that long.

Under normal circumstances, I would have referred to this two-minute video clip of the interview.

But it has been “suspended”, or better – censured awaySee for yourself, what world we have become (unfortunately, the video has already been deleted).

Like with everything, connect the dots. What most people do not realize is that the convenience of letting an electronic, digital “brain” do our work, dumbs us down. It routes our brain into a digital world. Our capacity to think independently will increasingly disappear, as we hand our brain-power over to digitization, algorithms – and eventually to robots which gradually have full reign over our brain capacity. Its convenient.

The connected dots show you, it’s a strategy.

Communicating by letter writing is gone. Even e-mails are no longer IN. Too banal.

There is now an entire complex of IT-digital corporations controlling your personal data. They work hand in hand with the gigantic financial complex which, controlled by BlackRock, Vanguard and StateStreet, boast some US$ 25 – 30 trillion worth of assets. They have majority shareholdings in every means of production and every service industry in the western world. May this serve as an example:

The IT-complex offers you “Facebook”, connecting you with the entire world, or with any number of admirers you choose. It’s a means to show them WHO you are, often with the most intimate details – if you so desire. With photos and personal stories. It’s all about Me-Me-Me.

The IT complex loves it. Their algorithms build your profile from which you won’t be able to escape. Ever. Even if one day you decide to quit Facebook. You are registered for good. You are their property.

Your data will be stored, and if they so wish, used against you, until death will part you from this digital tyranny – and probably beyond.

Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, WhatsApp, Snapchat, LinkedIn and whatever they are called — follow the same principle. Once you are with them, you are owned by them.

Your personal communications are gone, the touch of warmth, talking to a friend, a loved one is gone. If s/he wants to know about you, there are the social media. It’s like the mass-media. Only much more intimate, personal and revealing to the IT-monsters that control the social media and through them control you. They know you better than you know yourself.

You are “profiled”, so to speak.

By being profiled, your mind can be guided into a certain direction – for example with fashion clothing, or fashion-behavior, eating habits.

If Bill Gates has his ways, algorithmic designed propaganda may soon get a hold of you, and indoctrinate your brain, maybe while you sleep as a “transhuman”, that you LOVE the taste of grilled insects.

I’m not kidding. In Europe, there are already entire broadcasts dedicated at how to prepare insects as a culinary delight. After all, the Japanese, Chinese and other peoples of this globe eat insects and enjoy them.

For mind manipulation, diversity is complex. Black-and-white thinkers are welcome, as they are easier to control.

Take car colors. For the last twenty some years you could find on western roads almost exclusively cars of black and white – and shades in between. Real colors, like red, blue and yellow, are rare.

Coincidence? Remember there ain’t no coincidences in today’s world. It’s all planned. A car dealer once told me, “I can get you a red car, but I have to order it, and it may take several months to deliver.” Then he went on explaining the reason. The globalist matrix loves black-and-white thinkers.

It’s the Great Reset – and the build-up to it – directing the human mind towards a one-way thinking, or a One World Order – OWO. In case an OWO will not happen – which is likely and hoped for – you still got a multi-polar world, trained in uniform thinking.

We are not far from it – right or fake, but you’ll have an answer. Anything we don’t know right away, just ask Google… and you will get a response – right or fake – that spares you from thinking and form looking further.

Google is your counterpart of the “directed” answers… all uniform, a black-and-white picture, like fashion, like car colors. You may not know it, but you – or we – are already primed.

So, no problem. Soon, we are all going to be lined up – to think in lockstep.

Next stage is a simultaneous gentle phasing in of 5G-led and oriented mind-control.

You may not even notice. As you have been gradually and quietly, but steadily prepared for it.

You are about to transit from a human to a “transhuman” – compliments Klaus Schwab’s (WEF), 4th Industrial Revolution, and of KS’s top adviser, the Israeli Yuval Noah Hariri (books: “Homo Sapiens” and “Homo Deus”).

Yes, him, the one who has already decided that most of us will be useless eaters. If we don’t stop it NOW, he may be right. Because, with the onset of the 4th Industrial Revolution, we enter the realm of Full Digitization of Everything. Our daily chores can be done by algorithms, or robots.

The vaxxes you got, especially the highly electromagnetic graphene oxide-type, has you prepared for quick reactions from 5G irradiated algorithmic signals – telling you how to think, what to do, how to react to “adverse interference” from your fellow citizens, those who have not yet gone through the transhumanization process.

Those who survive, the next ten years – the UN Agenda 2030 or the Great Reset – may become willing, joyful slaves – owning nothing but with an eternal smile of utter happiness.

This may indeed happen, if we stay impassive, imbibed by our oh-so wonderful comfort, the 24/7 media-streamed comfort. We know something is not quite right – but we choose not to see it. It’s called Cognitive Dissonance. It’s a psychological affliction that affects people wo are scared – and especially those who do not want to see reality – and who are afraid to act against this monstruous imposition.

We are exposed to an outright lawless tyranny that might be upon us, sooner than we think, even in our most nightmarish dreams.

It’s not too late.

We can wake up.

In fact we have to wake up. For the sake of our children. We owe it to our children, to the future generations. The evil cult must be muted, made useless – its strength, whatever it is, the power over everything exerted with money, lots and lots of money – trillions and trillions and more trillions of current dollars or their equivalent, appropriated with the laws made by a corrupt Cult-owned Matrix System.

So much so, that under the present societal structure of greed and mind-control, where God is Money – we are all going to be doomed.

But that shall not happen.

We have to and will resist the enslavement of digitization.

Even if we have to construct a parallel society.

Starting modestly, with means that make us free and with a mindset of Peace and Happiness.

The European Nordic countries in particular and the west in general, are drastically advanced in digitization of money. If not stopped, it is leading us towards a “Digital Central Bank Currency” (DCBC) that can be turned on and off – and expire at the rulers’ will.

Yet, there are ever more institutions and shops, not yet a majority, but a modest and positive beginning, that do not take any kind of digital or electronic money, no credit cards – only cash.

A new consciousness. It will evolve dynamically – dialectically – according to our societal will power and collective strength. We can and will do it.

It is in our common and shared interest – and power – to exit this tyrannical Digital Matrix and to create a NEW society.

And remember – if not for us, then for our children.

We – the present survivors – owe it to them.

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