Don’t Abandon Hope, But Keep a Hopium Tracker

by Rusere Shoniwa  | May 1, 2023

It is a truth universally acknowledged that people in the grip of a drawn-out crisis must be in want of hopium. The deeper the crisis, the greater the demand. And we are in deep stuff right now. Part of me envies those who don’t know that. High on blissful ignorance, they have no need for hopium dealers.

In my more bitter and twisted moments, I tell myself that while those of us who have even an inkling of the truth may require hopium (or, more depressingly, copium), the shocks that are still to come will be much greater for those still living in LaLa land. The sad truth, though, is that reality might never rudely awaken them because their parallel information universe is impregnable. The battle for their minds, such as they are, may have already been won. If they liked lockdowns, coerced injections, industrial censorship, and cheering for neo-Nazis in Ukraine, then what’s not to love about the impending digital gulag and financial slavery under CBDCs?

World War III is well underway, and the battleground is human consciousness itself. The protagonists and their objectives have been the same since the dawn of civilisation – power and wealth versus the people. In some sense, the battleground has always been human consciousness, but it is now more obvious because the weapon is information, and the primary target is the mind. Which is not to deny that the coming totalitarianism will kill people in large numbers. It will. It already has.

However, no longer able to rely on brute force as the sole instrument of control (it’s too inefficient and ineffective in the long run), the less than 1% of parasites who control the world’s wealth seek to flood the mind space with narratives designed to make a new dystopian reality seem perfectly normal. Once you control the software of the mind, it’s a simple matter to control the hardware of the body. So, you are to be brainwashed into loving Big Brother and all his false promises. There are unenlightened minds that must be kept in the dark; there are minds that could go either way and must be won, and; there are minds powered by free spirits whose voices must be silenced and crushed.

As this war rages, a sober and realistic assessment of the prospects of victory in each battle followed by a surprise victory is infinitely preferable to the disappointment that follows on the heels of unwarranted optimism. The latter is spiritually draining. Sauron will not crush our spirits if we are better able to distinguish real hope from false hope, which is one reason for keeping a hopium tracker – to avoid the inevitable crash that follows getting high on unrealistic fantasies of a dramatic victory. Another reason for keeping a hopium tracker is to remind us of what we are fighting.

I’m hoping (!) that the hopium tracker will show us that we are fighting a system that can only survive if enough people still believe in it. We can only win when belief in the system ends and when people aren’t afraid to face the challenge of tearing it down and building something new. That rebuild could mean many new and exciting things, but the most exhilarating paradigm shift it requires is the total abandonment of faith in authority. That in turn will mean decentralising power. And all of that will mean growing up, thinking for ourselves in smaller communities and driving change from the bottom up, as opposed to politely petitioning our political and economic masters not to kill us.

Faith, hope and money

I’m going to make a distinction between professional hopium dealers, of whom I suspect there are relatively few, and the hopium product itself, of which there is plenty being sprinkled about by well-intentioned actors whose sole aim is to inject optimism into the resistance movement. And the award for the most prodigious hopium dealer during the pseudo pandemic has to go to the Corona Investigative Committee roadshow instigated by Reiner Fuellmich.

While other legal professionals actually fought mandates and brought a variety of legal cases before the courts, this self-professed seasoned litigator chose to hold court in a pompously styled and toothless Grand Jury Proceeding by the People’s Court of Public Opinion, with which he got bored in 2022 and then rancorously parted ways with the co-founders of the project. Now, it goes without saying that we should all be pumping out as much truthful information as possible to counter the government misinformation, disinformation and industrial-scale propaganda that fuelled the covid fraud and the other frauds currently in train. That’s precisely what an information war is about. However, Fuellmich set up shop on a promise to institute a legal challenge to the fraudulent PCR test. That promise dragged on and was never fulfilled. It then morphed into the People’s Court of Public Opinion, which I don’t imagine will have the CIA, the US DoD (the Department of Defence, which contracted for the supply of the ‘vaccines’), the CDC, the MHRA, or any of the other alphabet agencies that are attempting to rule the world on Satan’s behalf, quaking in their boots.

I stopped swallowing Fuellmich’s regular doses of hopium some time ago and, for the purposes of this article, I searched for evidence that he and his team had actually instituted a legal action against anyone, anywhere. I could not find any, and if anyone reading this article has evidence of Fuellmich blowing anything other than hot air in this regard, I will update this article.

Without a hint of irony, Fuellmich pledges, again, in his newly launched International Crimes Investigative Committee website to bring the full weight of his 25 years of litigating experience to bear, not this time on Pfizer, or the US or German governments, but on his former colleagues with whom he acrimoniously split. No doubt Pfizer and the scores of governments responsible for covid mass atrocities are breathing a sigh of relief at Fuellmich’s earnest undertaking to pursue the real villains of the piece. I imagine his former partners are also sleeping easy on reading about his fierce determination to “settle the conflict – as is appropriate – in court”. Demonstrating all the self-awareness of Henry VIII offering marital advice, Fuellmich ends his statement with a bold font 60 rallying cry: “The work that needs to be done here is far from complete.” We know, Mr Fuellmich. We know.

In my search for evidence of Fuellmich having used his vaunted litigation experience to advance the cause of justice by litigating, I chanced upon a fascinating theory that might explain the origin of Fuellmich’s Grand Jury Hearings. It’s outlandish but not entirely implausible, so buckle up. According to Justus Hope MD (the synchronicity of stumbling on a theory by Dr Hope for an article about hopium is very pleasing, even if entirely useless), civil and punitive damages arising from a successful class action lawsuit against the extremely bad and, not coincidentally, extremely wealthy actors who colluded in and benefited from the scamdemic, could trigger a 40% legal fee. Based on wrongful deaths, a back-of-a-cigarette-packet calculation by the appositely named Dr Hope posits that Fuellmich could walk away with a cool $40 trillion for his service to humanity.

If he could pull it off, good luck to him, I’d say. The only problem I’d have with this is that it would result in the transfer of wealth from the ruling billionaire oligarchy (good) to a single mega-trillionaire (not so good). If you’ll allow me to adapt JRR Tolkien’s quote – one knob to rule them all. Given that I tend to bang on a bit about the evils of concentrated wealth and power, let’s hope Mr Fuellmich is a nice guy.

One problem Mr Fuellmich faces in his quest to get exponentially richer than Croesus – I beg your pardon, deliver justice to the masses – is that, while he has been promising the moon on a stick to the freedom movement, someone else has quietly stolen his thunder and got the litigation ball rolling, more of which later.

Plucky little Thailand meets the CIA

Back in early February, it was announced with much fanfare that the Thai government was convening war crime tribunals to nullify Pfizer Contracts because a member of the Thai royal family had been injured by the Pfizer vaccine. Unsurprisingly, injuries to the plebs up to that point had not caused the Thai government to furrow its brow at the clot shots. Another observation that springs to mind is how unintelligent the Thai intelligence services must be to have failed to notify the higher-ups to steer clear of Big Pharma’s latest wonder drugs.

I’m guessing that a fair number of people reading this piece took a wide berth on the ‘vaccines’ from the very moment the organ grinder’s monkeys in the media and academia began shrieking hysterically in April 2020 about how a vaccine was going to bashed out in three months when historically it takes around 10 years to develop and test any drug, many of which still don’t work. And we’re not ‘intelligence’ spies – that was just one of many very obvious clues to the madness of the whole vaccine-magic-bullet proposition that didn’t require you to be Sherlock Holmes to see through it. We’re just rational and sceptical humans. My point being: if I were a head of state and the Thai intelligence services offered me some information, I’d be kicking the tyres on that intel pretty damn hard .

Returning to the hopium angle of this story, the silence over the Thai war crimes tribunals is deafening. I thought to myself at the time that the Thais would be rudely awakened to the fact that the CIA and the US Department of Defence are bigger than Thailand and that their silence could be quickly secured with an offer they couldn’t refuse.

Pascal Najadi provides instruction to Fuellmich on how to hand documents to a court

At almost exactly the same time, British-Swiss citizen Pascal Najadi filed criminal charges of abuse of office against the current Swiss President and former Swiss Minister of Health. If only I had a fiver for every resistance media post that began with the words, “The house of cards is about to collapse”. Suffice to say that the Swiss house of cards has not yet collapsed. I have put this one on the hopium tracker in the hope that it does collapse.

Pascal Najadi has also filed a civil lawsuit against Pfizer in the US (specifically the state of New York) and has stated that he is impressed with the US legal system there for merely accepting his lawsuit. Mr Najadi seems like an easy man to please. I will explore later whether his confidence in the integrity of the US legal system (or any Western legal system for that matter) is warranted but, for now, Mr Najadi has the distinct honour of contributing two cases to my hopium tracker.

The comments on this video about Najadi’s valiant efforts (I mean that sincerely) range from “you give me hope!!” (that’ll be the initial rush of hopium kicking in) to “pfft, this is bullshit, I doubt anything will happen” (someone who, perhaps like me, has developed a low tolerance for hopium). Interestingly, Mr Najadi mentions that the successful filing of his US lawsuit is something that the hapless Fuellmich (he of the Grand Jury to Nowhere) tried (‘how hard?’ is my question) but failed to do. One commenter echoed my own sentiments about Fuellmich’s inability to walk the talk with this question – “So why was Fuellmich unsuccessful?”. Very good question. Given how easy Mr Najadi made it look – he walked down to the court at 9am on a Monday morning and had his case accepted that same day – I’m thinking that perhaps Mr Fuellmich forgot to put the right postage on the envelope? There may be something to be said for Mr Najadi’s approach of just doing it and then reporting on the results afterwards, as opposed to promising to do something and then allowing the brain to trick you into thinking it’s been done. That’s a real phenomenon – the brain has a nasty habit of frequently misfiling a promise to do something in its ‘done’ section instead of the ‘to do’ section.

The courageous Andrew Bridgen and Dr Malhotra pass the hopium pipe around

I have nothing but respect for the courageous MP Andrew Bridgen, who has tirelessly exposed covid injection harms in Parliamentary sessions. You can be sure that he is going where none of the other 649 cowards and stooges dare to tread because he has been expelled from the Conservative Party for his efforts. But he too may well be guilty of inadvertently peddling hopium by claiming that:

“By the end of the month [March], I expect to see the start of criminal proceedings against the many politicians who are responsible [for the virus and the ‘vaccines’] around the world.”

Suffice to say that it is early May and the world has yet to be plagued by a rash of criminal proceedings.

This next one finds its way onto the hopium tracker owing to the slightly injudicious optimism expressed by the indefatigable British cardiologist Aseem Malhotra. Commenting on a case before the Pretoria High Court in South Africa in which plaintiffs are seeking a court order to set aside the government’s authorisation of Pfizer’s jab, he took to twitter to gee up the resistance troops:

Among the experts furnishing damning evidence of Pfizer’s fraud are Malhotra himself, and prominent South African neurosurgeon Dr. Herman Edeling. These experts have testified to the court that the ‘vaccine’ should never have been branded as ‘safe and effective’. Will the South African legal system concur with the experts? Perhaps a clue might be found in the case that Brooke Jackson, Ventavia whistleblower, brought in the US.

Sober up time – they tried to make me go to rehab and I said, yes, yes, yes

Ventavia is a large Texan contract research organisation that was hired by Pfizer to conduct Covid-19 vaccine clinical trials. In January 2021, Brooke Jackson, a whistleblower who worked briefly in 2020 for Ventavia, filed a lawsuit against Pfizer alleging that it made false and fraudulent claims to facilitate the Emergency Use Authorisation of its ‘vaccine’. The case was placed under seal, preventing the evidence from entering the public domain at the very time that it should have – when the ‘vaccines’ were rolled out. A sinister move to say the least, and this from an institution created to uphold and administer justice. In February 2022 the case was unsealed, upon which Pfizer then filed a motion for dismissal on a contract technicality – namely that the contract was executed by the Department of Defence and not the civilian Department of Health.

Which raises an obvious question: why would a pharmaceutical company contract with the government’s military instead of the civilian health department for the domestic supply of drugs for the civilian population? The obvious answer is two-pronged. First, it’s clear that the whole ‘vaccine’ roll-out was a military operation which, in and of itself, is more than enough reason to have opted out of the filthy farce. Second, shielding Pfizer, a military sub-contractor in this instance, from any wrong-doing was baked into the operation.

Back in June 2022, I said that if Pfizer succeeded in dismissing the case, then American citizens, and indeed everyone in the West, would have to accept that the ‘rule of law’ is a fig leaf for dictatorships ruling for the benefit of powerful corporations.

Well, this April, Pfizer succeeded in having the case dismissed. I’ll try to extract the kernel of a very informative analysis of the dismissal provided by Shabnam Palesa Mohamed, Katherine Watts and Sasha Latypova. Sasha Latypova, a former pharmaceutical research and development executive, has spent over 20 years working for a variety of pharmaceutical companies supervising clinical trials, as Brooke Jackson did for the Pfizer covid vaccine trials. Katherine Watts is a US writer and paralegal who has been following the case closely. Shabnam Palesa Mohamed is a South African mediation lawyer and journalist and also co-chairs the Law and Activism Committee of the World Council for Health, the bright-light, pro-human alternative to the Satanic World Health Organisation that is currently scheming to legally lock the entire planet into a never-ending cycle of pandemic tyranny for the benefit of its Big Pharma paymasters.

Mohamed points out that Pfizer’s defence hinged on a perversity of the contract, namely that “no fraud could have occurred because none of the US DoD contracts [between the Department of Defence and Pfizer] required valid clinical trials or evidence of safety or efficacy as a condition of payment… So, no matter what Pfizer did in terms of safety, according to Pfizer and the US government, it’s not actually illegal because the client [the US government] accepted the unlawful conduct.”

In other words, any form of substantive consumer protection was designed to be excluded from these contracts. Think about that – political leaders and Pharma executives made public assertions about safety and efficacy, all the while knowing that the contracts they signed were designed to exclude protection of the consumer. And so the judge, in his ruling to dismiss Jackson’s case, simply pointed to the contract clauses that took good safety practices out of the scope of delivery.

Thus, Pfizer’s defence was that they were merely doing what the US govt had ordered them to do. The fact that the government ordered them to deliver a fraud does not make them liable for fraud under the contract, because they were not in breach of the contract. Which is the sort of thing Sir Humphrey would say in Yes Minister, except it’s not funny because governments are attempting to legalise a mass atrocity. And they’re pouring salt in the wound by insisting it was all to advance ‘public health’.

In case that hasn’t sunk in – the US government drew up contracts to deliver a product injected into billions of people around the globe, and these contracts were intentionally designed to greatly increase the probability that this product would harm billions of recipients. You can joke about the government’s monopoly on violence and how that effectively legalises state-sanctioned murder, but the process by which Brooke Jackson’s case against Pfizer was dismissed has now provided irrefutable proof of how a ‘legal’ government contract allows the state to commit mass murder with impunity.

Watts provides more general insight into impunity for state crimes against democracy when she explains why such a small percentage of cases filed against the US government for fraud are won:

“The laws are set up to facilitate this looting process by the central banks of the wealth and the assets and the labour of populations around the world and so the False Claims Act is there to provide a pretence of ethical contracting and ethical government procurement practices, but it’s just a pretence. It’s not substantive. And one of the ways that that became more clear through Brooke’s case is that there’s a carve out or exception in the False Claims Act itself that as soon as a paper trail or the evidence trail leads to the understanding that US government officials such as congress members, judges, military personnel and executive branch people like president, vice president and upper level cabinet secretaries, as soon as the evidence leads to them, the law can’t be used anymore because they’re exempt from it. And in this case that’s another thing that became clear with the motion to dismiss was that it really did all go back to the Department of Defence, the Secretary of Defence…that whole executive administrative state.”

These are vitally important lessons to extract from Brooke Jackson’s unsuccessful case against Pfizer. The hopium tracker is not a cynical call to abandon hope. It’s a call to remain sober and realistic in the face of the scale of the corruption we face. That corruption is not a by-product of The System. It is the very reason The System exists. The System wasn’t built to benefit the masses; it has been constructed to benefit a few parasites at the expense of the vast majority and to make the latter think that it is all happening under immutable laws of the universe.

We are now asking that system to punish its main benefactors and rule-makers. The entirely predictable response is: Really? The structures which we had wrongly thought we could rely on for independent and objective justice are anything but independent and objective. They are merely reflections of the society that we have collectively constructed. If those structures are now designed to enrich a tiny minority of venal parasites by gruesomely terrorising everyone else, then they must be torn down. But that can only happen when our societies collectively wake up to how bankrupt and perverse they are. I don’t do hopium anymore, so I don’t think that critical-mass awakening is imminent. But the writing is on the wall, and the realisation must come someday.

Was that last sentence hopium? I say I don’t do hopium anymore but I’m aware of a potential paradox in this article springing from a possible conflict of motivation. While I’m having a go at hopium and hopium dealers, I may subconsciously be wanting to track these cases because…hope springs eternal.

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