For a convergence of the uncorrupted

by Paul Cudenec | Aug 28, 2023

It sometimes baffles me how the global ruling class, whose core is tiny, manages to hold 99.9% of humankind under its domination.

The criminocrats use every weapon in the book to achieve this, from propaganda to police violence, from bribery to blackmail, from dishonesty to debt.

But one of their main ways of keeping us under control is to split us up into competing sects and camps so that we spend our lives attacking each other rather than focusing on our real enemies, the people at the top of the global pyramid of power.

The leading lights of political, social and religious organisations have all been corrupted and so large numbers of their followers are also corrupted, albeit indirectly and provisionally.

But many people in these various currents are there out of honest conviction.

Their hearts are pure.

They are the uncorrupted.


Uncorrupted anarchists

Despite the sorry state of the contemporary anarchist movement, about which I have already written far too much, I have been pleased to discover that there are still numerous uncorrupted anarchists around the world. Uncorrupted anarchists, or real anarchists, know that state-corporate control prevents human beings from living the free and happy lives we are meant to lead. They know that mutual aid and solidarity are natural human values which will flourish when the iron fist of authority is removed and when both individuals and communities are able to blossom organically, from below.


Uncorrupted environmentalists

Uncorrupted environmentalists care deeply for the natural world, our belonging to which is the source of their primary values. They have not been misdirected into the corrupted path of calling for industrial solutions to the problems caused by industrialism, but understand that the only hope for the future of humankind and our world lies in bringing an end to the profit-driven “growth” and “development” destroying everything. They often look for inspiration to the non-industrial, traditional ways of living which have been largely wiped out by the criminocracy.


Uncorrupted conservatives

Uncorrupted conservatives want to conserve what is good about society and maintain certain traditional values threatened by a general descent into ignorance and fragmentation. They have noticed that corrupted so-called conservatives are nothing of the kind and that their money-orientated outlook is not just destroying the natural world but also degrading society and human relationships. They also see the way in which the corrupted left is part of that process, in calling for change that in fact amounts to the dismantling of the structures of a decent society.


Uncorrupted leftists

There are uncorrupted left-wingers everywhere around us, although they are often invisible. They are trade union representatives, grassroots community activists, teachers and social workers trying to do the right thing and sticking up for the values that they believe in. Uncorrupted left-wingers believe in fairness, in compassion, in everyone’s right to a decent life and they dream of a just and natural world in which there is no ruling class of ultra-rich tyrants to make everyone else’s life a misery. They do believe that some kind of state organisation is needed in order to bring about this future – otherwise they would be anarchists – but they genuinely aim for this to fade away and be replaced by the democratic rule of the people, from below.


Uncorrupted patriots

Uncorrupted patriots, or nationalists, make a distinction between the nation-state, which rules from above, and the nation, which they see as a natural and organic entity. Unlike corrupted patriots, they are not motivated by hatred of other nationalities, or a sense of superiority, but rather by a positive love of their own homeland, culture and people. Self-determination is the key value for them and they believe that peoples everywhere have the right to decide their own destinies, free from interference, domination and exploitation by supranational or global institutions and powers. They also realise that freedom within their nation is crucial for its people’s health and happiness.


Uncorrupted believers

Uncorrupted believers are primarily motivated by inner faith and values. Even though they probably subscribe to a particular tradition, and tend to stay loyal to that tradition because the notion of loyalty forms part of their faith, their attachment to a particular organisation is not unconditional. If, at any time, the line taken by the leaders of that organisation does not accord with their own personal and natural sense of ethics and religious belief, they reserve the right to set off on their own path or to join with others who share their true convictions. They feel a strong duty to defend good against evil and to always do the right thing, against all odds and regardless of self-interest.


Uncorrupted others

Politically-minded people, like me, tend to forget that the vast majority of those around us don’t give themselves any kind of political label, don’t subscribe to any particular set of beliefs and tend to react to any new situation in a spontaneous way. Some of these have been corrupted by exposure to corporate media and their lack of firm conviction makes them easy fodder for manipulators. But the uncorrupted apolitical will source their opinions from their own personal values and, as we saw in France with the Gilets Jaunes and everywhere in the Covid period, will suddenly step forward from the obscurity of their private lives to stand with others in defence of what they feel is natural and right. They are a powerful force against which the system finds it difficult to defend itself.

Imagine if all these people could shake themselves free from the constraints of political or religious allegiance, or from their hesitation to step forward!

Imagine the power of a convergence of all these streams of uncorrupted thought, united in their rejection of the global dictatorship and in their demand for a free future!

The essence of their individual ideals would not be lost in the process, but embraced within one mighty river of righteous revolt.

Such a convergence is, of course, the stuff of nightmares for our rulers, sweeping away as it would the false categories of “left” and “right” that have successfully divided and controlled us for so long.

Consequently, their trolls tend to smear any such prospect as something highly sinister, such as a “red-brown” alliance combining the worst totalitarian aspects of the USSR and Hitler’s Germany.

But, in truth, both Soviet Communism and Nazism lie firmly on the “corrupted” side of our equation and are diametrically opposed to the convergence of the uncorrupted.

Indeed, I have often pointed out that it is the current system itself which is closest to this kind of centralized authoritarian industrialist regime, as reflected in its love affair with contemporary social-credit China.

The uncorrupted of all backgrounds entirely reject dictatorship, by any kind of entity at any level – national, supranational or global.

And what is it that positively motivates all of them, that makes this convergence feasible as well as desirable?

You may have noticed that the word “values” crops up in every one of the descriptions above.

Idealistic uncorrupted people form their opinions from underlying values, a sense of right and wrong that they source from within their own hearts.

There is often a conflict between what they feel to be the right thing and what they are told is the right thing by those they usually trust – political or religious leaders or thinkers.

Because this same kind of person often tends to be loyal to the cause they defend, they can put up with a certain mismatch, overlook it in the interests of overall good.

But if this goes too far, if they really feel that their own values are not being reflected in the movement or tradition they follow, they will walk away from it.

The criminocracy has no values: it merely pretends to have them in order to gain support – think of greenwashing, for instance.

At the current time it is accelerating its agenda towards the initial target date of 2030 and, in moving faster, is running the risk of losing the support of principled people.

We are seeing individuals all over the place deciding that their personal tipping-point has been reached and saying that they can no longer go along with what is happening.

As the agenda is accelerated still further in reaction to this, including increased censorship and repression, so even more principled and uncorrupted people will react against it, in the name of their deeply-held values.

Another term which appears in all my descriptions of the uncorrupted is “natural”.

This is to be expected, because the values that we feel deep in our hearts are natural values.

They are innate values, values we have inherited and which we share with other members of our species.

In my 2022 book The Withway I write: “The Withway is an old way asking to become the new way. It is the eternal way, the human way within the natural and universal way”.

And I conclude: “Listen carefully. The Withway is calling us home”.

I don’t think that it is a coincidence that the latest song from American folk singer Oliver Anthony, the follow-up to his viral hit Rich Men North of Richmond, is called I Want to Go Home.


Oliver seems to very much belong to the Uncorrupted Others current, having a strong sense of values without subscribing to any political ideology.

The way in which he came forward with his message to the world, and the enormous and widespread enthusiasm with which it has been heard (outside of the usual pro-system circles) is a source of great hope for me.

It makes me feel that, although I am calling here for a convergence of the uncorrupted, I don’t really have to bother doing so. It will happen all on its own.

The healthy, uncorrupted, part of the human organism will, naturally, activate its antibodies to see off the sickness that has been laying us all low for so long.

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