Health Meme Lies Corrected

by Dave Crow | May 7, 2022

Lately I have taken it upon myself to correct pernicious health memes from health organizations that can be found all over the web. The best ones come from the World Heath Organization, arguably the most corrupt shill for big pfarma (yes, I meant to spell it that way) and big medicine. They claim to be a nonprofit organization, but in reality they are just another big business. That’s why I always provide their logo with the trade mark symbol. WHO health memes can found on their facebook page. They would be hilarious if they weren’t so full of misinformation. My goal is to try to make their misinformation hilarious when I can.

I have been posting my versions of these health memes on facebook, but I thought that a short blog post providing the contextual basis—the original memes—might be useful for my readers. You can see my process and hopefully understand that it doesn’t take much to turn a lie into the truth and take some solace from that.

Here’s a recent and blunt WHO health meme:

I love the simple message, Vaccines Work and fuck all y’all, but have a nice long life so we can bleed you dry.

So I made it tell the truth.

health memes

Here’s the first WHO health meme I corrected:

I thought it needed some more information.

health meme

Here’s another meme that admits the WHO cannot predict if a CVID infection will be mild or severe, yet only states that the vaccine provide protection against severe illness and death, but they cant’t predict that either!

health meme

In my version, I interpret the WHO’s real meaning.

This WHO health meme needed a complete graphic makeover.

My version.

Here’s a meme from the New York Health department that just made no sense to me.

health meme

So I had to set it straight.

Finally, a facebook reader asked me about a meme I posted yesterday which is a version of this. This illustrates a typical passive aggressive approach by the WHO, which particularly annoys me.

health meme

My version is here:

My reader asked me, “What does this mean?” And I get his point. I meant this to be a nod to Terrain Theory, but without context, I understand how one could be confused, especially because vaccine misinformtionists like the WHO could never conceive of, much less deliver such a positive message.

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2 years ago

Love these! Really, the last one needs no explanation. Cheers!

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