Holding the Line: It’s Easier With Love

by Tessa Lena | May 11, 2023


  • What we are living through is not an authoritarian creep but more of an authoritarian landslide
  • Holding the line is not just standing up to authoritarian bullies but also respecting our own soul
  • Any time an aspiring abuser wants to use us for food, they would first try to make us self-betray and dislike ourselves
  • Wokism is a good example to “milking pain for gain”
  • Holding the line of our soul is important because when we are whole, joyous, and unafraid, we have the protection of the universe

This story is about the importance of “holding the line” both in the conventional sense and in the deepest, most existential sense.

When we say, “hold the line” we usually mean the need to mount our opposition to the authoritarian creep. The significance of holding that line is self-evident. The authoritarian creep is creepy — and frankly, at this point, it’s not a creep, it’s a landslide. This is how it starts.

And this is how it can end if we don’t push back.

However, there is also a deeper meaning of “holding the line.” That deeper meaning, the act of holding the line of our soul, is foundational. It is at the root of our ability to stand up to any abuse and deal with any circumstance, including the current ugly circumstance of the not so great reset.

Why It Matters

Talking about holding the line of our soul may sound lofty, idealistic, or not very practical at a time like this — but in fact, the opposite is true. It is the most practical line to hold at all times and especially now because holding that line is what protects us against the lies. Holding that line is what allows us to prevail over the tyrants in the long run — and at this point in history, prevailing over the tyrants is our job.

The “Missionary Position”

First, let me get personal. I’ve been thinking about the harms of the authoritarian “missionary position” all my life. My focus was perhaps inspired by my experience of living through the fall of the USSR and observing many of my compatriots swapping their ideologies but keeping the general vibe.

I witnessed with my own eyes how many sincere people transitioned from joyless atheism to joyless Orthodox Christianity, changing their talking points to the polar opposite — but largely retaining the foundational gloom. That, by the way, was the reason I ended up staying in America, I could not stand the soul-dimming atmosphere. (Hello, that same vibe in America in 2023. For the record, I didn’t miss you even a little bit, and I have no idea what you are doing here.)

The Soul Extinguisher: The Guilt and the Boot

Soul extinguishing can take multiple forms. It can take the form of telling a child that his natural spiritual feeling of joy is wrong, and that he should forget all about it and pray using external words — or pay the price (burn in hell, etc.). It can take the form of making a happy and healthy person feel guilty and full of holes among the sad and the sick. And of course, it can take the form of the boot.

The trend of ideological dictatorships and theological exclusivity, centuries in the making and set originally by the powers that may be, reduces any “soul talk” to the scholastic repetition of partisan talking points, designed by the winning theological or political commissars of the day.

It’s a rotten deal, really — and a total cheat, much like how the WHO changes definitions of basic words — but if you are a proverbial vampire or even a servant of a proverbial vampire, it is certainly more appealing to put a boot on someone soul and hush its song than to set it free from under the boot and let it come back to infinite, undominated light.

And so, in a world driven by the attraction of wearing the stomping boot, the “missionary position” has been a quite a big success for a quite a long time.

This unfortunate addiction to dominating ideas over aliveness is the driving force behind most horrible things on Earth. Addicts in positions of power are trouble. They have always been trouble no matter their talking pints. Addicts have a hungry hole in their soul, and so they vampire other people’s soul songs and feel entitled to doing so.

Predators (vampires) and anxious nanny figures (servants of the vampires), they paternalize their fellow adults and treat them like children, telling them what to think and how to believe — thus engaging in the act of dimming the light of other people’s souls. And ironically, often, they do so in the name of “the truth,” “the science,” or even God — without admitting that by doing so, they are just dimming other people’s souls.

Wokism: Milking Pain for Gain

Wokism is a good illustration of trauma milking, or milking pain for gain. It was “carefully engineered to irreparably divide and to appeal to the innocent undernourished souls who have been born into an emotionally starved, consumerist culture — who feel a lack of respect for their soul with their gut — but who are too young, too inexperienced, or perhaps too lazy to go on a journey and do an investigation of who had actually stolen the respect.”

“A one liner definition? Here it is Wokism is a deliberate and malicious rerouting of the innate desire for respect.


I mean, how absurd is it when a kid is taught that firing people or kicking people out of restaurants for declining a medical product is fair (and an appropriate punishment for the selfish, unfair, and, frankly, subhuman types), that censoring dissent is good for freedom — but the use of an unwanted pronoun is a dangerous and violent act? Methinks, it’s very absurd! But this absurdity is by design.”

Weaponizing Trauma

“A wounded person in charge is a dangerous person in charge. And that is exactly the reason why the masters at the top and their servants underneath have designed a strategy to weaponize the wounded and the pissed off against the dignified. It is to keep the dignified in check.


It is to level the dignified to the wounded and ensure that regular people take the initiative and keep each other down. Saves a lot of overhead! And yes, there is a lot of complexity and a lot of nuance — no doubt — but the broad brushstroke is just that. It’s a Trojan horse.”

Soul Can’t Be Owned

In reality, the soul cannot be owned by the commissars. It cannot be dictated by Davos and it cannot be dictated by the Vatican. And the line of the soul can be only held from the inside, mysteriously, with faith, with joy, as a feeling of being totally grounded in love. It is that total peace and love that help us hold the line in any circumstance.

That mysterious and beautiful spiritual confidence that is not afraid and not twisted by ego, long left behind, comes from every cell of our body and every molecule of our breath when we stop fighting who we really are and remember how to cut through darkness with love, to see love, to feel love, and to respect that love both in others and in ourselves.

Our Strength

The world is made in such a way that when we are “whole” (which means, loving and respecting of our soul and our gifts, and believing in our strength and in the wisdom of the universe), we walk our destiny, and we bounce back from any challenge, renewed, with a bigger soul. Suffering hates it and doesn’t stick around too long.

Because the world is made in this way, any negative entity that wants to eat us tries to first disrupt our core, our feeling of intrinsic belonging to joy and our knowledge of how natural it is to be free from the yoke. (It gets more complicated after generations are raised to believe that the yoke is natural, and when loving parents, out of ignorance, do things to dim or scare their children’s souls.)

From birth, we are equipped with all that we need to be strong and whole. Maintaining wholeness during the lifetime requires work, especially given the discombobulated state of the world — but we have the tools.

And so, when somebody wants to dominate a target, they first try to change the target’s inner logic, the spiritual and physical wiring, the state of the life force.

If they don’t succeed at rewiring, the target bounces back after abuse, and the invader can try but cannot create havoc for too long. The invader can impose pain temporarily — but if the person holds the line of their soul, and if the memory of one’s person truth is strong, the forces of the universe deliver the person back to peace.

However, if the rewiring occurs, and the disturbance dims the memory of yokeless existence and makes one unsure of oneself, or scared, or anxious, or hateful, or doubtful in one’s innate spiritual goodness or the goodness of the universe, the negative entity gets some footing in the game.

The rewiring pokes hole in the person’s natural armor, and the person becomes a much easier target for hostile forces, which, in turn, may reinforce a distorted vision and convince the person that he is alone and defenseless in the universe, or that he has to become an abuser so as not to be abused.

And then when a lot of people walk this Earth in a state of being disconnected from the infinite love, they reinforce each other’s ideas of having to choose between the roles of the abuser and the abused, or of the conviction that gloom is “just life.” That, in turn, justifies their anger and makes them easy to penetrate by manipulators and harder to be affected by love.

“New Normal”

First, what is normal? “Normal” can mean either “natural, without defect” or “conforming to a standard, typical, routine.”

“New normal” implies a modification of the core away from the natural state and an acceptance of ideas reflecting the change. It’s a rewiring of the core and a resulting standards reset (Where have we heard the word “reset”?)

And once the new standards and established, they keep attempting to rewire core toward a “new normal core” in those who are born after the “resetting event.”

Rewiring Away From the Love

Rewiring of the core is at the root of everything. The standards (ideas) follow the core (the state of the soul). The person who is holding the line of the soul (love) is a lot more resistant to being rewired.

Sadly, at this time, we are many “rewirings,” many “resets” away from the original natural core, the original “normal,” which was a just a free and independent existence between the earth and the sky, in respect with the Creator and in harmony with the natural world. And our job is to pedal back, no matter how long it takes.

Possibly the Most Important Kind of Holding the Line

Sometimes, the people who try to break us aren’t remotely evil, they are just themselves traumatized. They may be our loved ones, our parents, our friends. They may love us, they may sincerely think that what they are doing to us is good and right.

They may be simply afraid for us to have or spread our wings because their own wings have been broken off, and it hurt. And they don’t want us to hurt. And so they are terrified of our growing wings. They are terrified that envious people will see our wings and come with stones.

And that is one of the most difficult challenges because we are wired to resonate with the loved ones — and yet, if we want to stay in one piece, we can’t allow them to break us, either, and so we get trapped in a weird shape because they love us, but they hurt us, but we can’t let them hurt us, but they are acting hurt themselves, etc. etc.

And so the only place to resolve this conundrum, unresolvable in a linear way, is from love. The journey may take years. But when we allow the universe to heal us, and heal, and stop being scared of them, they’ll accept our wings. Our entire being, including our wings. And then they, too, will hold the line. And we’ll be one step closer to defeating the not-so-great reset.

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