How Can “We Wake People Up” to the Dangers of the Covid Jab

by Dr. Emanuel Garcia | Sep 13, 2022

I am frequently asked by my friends and acquaintances in what I now call the “Resistance” – those who, like myself, fight for some common sense about human liberty and the practice of medicine during the Corona War in the Age of Covid – how we can ‘wake people up’.  How we can get fellow New Zealanders to recognize that the Covid jab that has been pushed upon us is actually dangerous and unnecessary, how we can get them to understand that masking and anti-social distancing are tools for control, how we can get them to understand that the “vax apartheid” system that prevailed, under so-called emergency Covid legislation, was both immoral and unfounded in rationality.

It’s a good question.  I know from my work as a psychoanalyst that simply telling someone what to think or what to do never did any good. Oh, occasionally a strong directive might persuade someone momentarily, but in the long run insight and reflection and critical thinking are modes that must be autonomously engaged. We often said, in my profession, that the goal of analysis was self-analysis, and so it is. Human beings have responsibilities and they have choices, and they may indeed abrogate such responsibilities and choices when, for example, a trusted State, through its mainstream media propaganda mouthpieces, issues a diktat; but this kind of uncritical submission is hardly worthy of a human being who aspires to any sort of liberty.

I have furthermore discovered that people who, I thought, were quite reasonable and intelligent – some of whom have been close friends for many decades –behaved, when it came to all things Covid, like a closed door.

One very dear friend “divorced” me some eight months ago when he found my positions on natural immunity, early treatment, the right to assemble and exercise freedom, etc., to have been too much. “You’ve gone over to the dark side,” he said, “I can never talk to you again.”  Last week this friend called me, mildly tipsy, and we had a rapprochement, and I said to him that I thought our friendship should transcend differences of opinion, given the close intertwined ties between our families over four decades, and I told him furthermore that I was the same person I had been when we first became friends: a “constitutionalist” – meaning that I regarded the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution and Bill of Rights as exceptional political documents because of their acknowledgment that life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness were foundational; and that I didn’t read, watch or listen to mainstream media.

The second point caught his attention, drunk though he may have been, because I know this particular fellow to be addicted to these media. Whenever I have visited him at his spacious ranch-home in the Southwest, the Big Screen was on from dawn until midnight: ABC, CNN, CBS, MSNBC et al.  And I realised quite clearly that his reality was the “reality” that had been fed to him over many many years.

No, he is not psychotic, and no, he is not part of any “formation”: he has simply put complete faith and trust into his venerable communication authorities, so much so that to deviate even a small degree from their message would be unthinkable.

Perhaps the strength of his ties of friendship to me might allow him to entertain a different perspective, over time, but so far this has not been the case, certainly not as long as his ongoing reality merely mirrors what those immense paternalistic media friends have been portraying to him about lockdowns, masks, jabs, about the requirement to forego unalienable rights and, most of all, about fear.

The campaign to make everyone afraid has been immensely successful, one must admit. And in doing so it has allowed for a certain kind of line to be drawn, a line between those who lust for safety, and those who wish to live. Covid has, in the two and a half years of the Corona War, separated us very clearly. Those who have resisted the Siren song of the State are relatively few, though now growing in number.  Those who have swallowed the Grand Deception are more formally united, are strengthened in their numbers by fear, are closed to debate and callous towards the travails of those who differ. They here in New Zealand willingly embraced the apartheid system that created a two-tiered society: the jabbed and the unjabbed.  If the unjabbed lost their jobs, if the unjabbed couldn’t get a haircut or go to a gym or a theatre, that was their “choice.”

The much maligned and much misunderstood Freud wrote, in Group Psychology and the Analysis of the Ego, that “in a group the individual is brought under conditions which allow him to throw off the repressions of his unconscious instinctual impulses. The apparently new characteristics which he then displays are in fact the manifestations of this unconscious, in which all that is evil in the human mind is contained as a predisposition.

Yes, we must acknowledge the presence and potential for evil in all of us, and we must also acknowledge the selfishness of individuals who, to save their own skins have reneged on their principles and betrayed themselves.

I am alluding here to overwhelming majority of physicians who out of fear and selfishness have failed to be real physicians when they abdicated their duty to the Hippocratic oath, informed consent and individualized medical treatment.

Yes, I understand, they would have come under attack by a corrupt Medical Council (under the thumb of the Federation of State Medical Boards) and Ministry of Health; yes, they would have had their licences to practice suspended; yes, they would have been fired from their jobs for exercising common sense and their right to choose what to allow into their bodies – at least initially.

But imagine if they simply stood up en masse for what was right. Would a totalitarian Government have dared to persecute us all? Would even a quisling organisation like the Medical Council have tried to investigate thousands instead of the dozens of doctors who spoke out? Would the Prime Minister of New Zealand have insisted on a sweetheart deal with a disreputable and unscrupulous pharmaceutical outfit like Pfizer and suppressed inexpensive and effective treatments for a trumped-up illness? Would the government have had the audacity NOT to mandate autopsies for those who died after having received the jab, and NOT to account for and fully investigate adverse events?  Would, in fact, this entire manufactured nightmare scenario have been allowed to unfold as it has, with its concomitant destruction of livelihoods, businesses, and societal fabric?

With respect to the opening of stubbornly closed Covid minds, I think there are two keys.

  • To show, by example, that the fear they assume and have been assaulted into believing is baseless. No amount of talking, reasoning, lecturing, dictating, cajoling or persuading will be able to achieve anything in comparison to a live demonstration of calm fearlessness.
  • To encourage, once an attitude of questioning has been engendered, a disavowal of mainstream media sources. In our vast proliferative decentralized realm of the internet one may occasionally lose one’s way, but one is far more likely to arrive at truth.

The Corona War is a means to an even greater and more terrifying end, as many of us know, with Climate Change restrictions and Digital IDs and Total Surveillance on the near horizon, if the New World Order of the World Economic Forum is realized. And it will be realized if individuals sell their birthright for a bowl of potage.  Many naively and unthinkingly follow the State’s directives; but many too know better and go along because they are both selfish and afraid.

I like to think the good in us outweighs the propensity for evil, and that the Covidian selfishness that has been so prominent is nourished more by fear. If that’s the case, we have a fighting chance.

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1 year ago

My license is suspended. i’m a practitioner non vaccinated. I’ve lost the faith in humanity. I think that it’s too late. The abolition of the human race is nearly achieved .

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