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Why was Bono there? No one actually wants to see an aging rocker who turned himself into a predatory vampire capitalist.

Initial thoughts on Biden’s State of the Union and Del Bigtree’s extraordinary response

by Toby Rogers | Feb 8, 2023

Why was Bernie Sanders wearing a mask? I voted for that dude every chance I got and he has turned himself into a caricature. Socialists are always going on and on about basing policy and law in science. And that’s just a damn lie at this point. The scientific evidence does not support masking.

Senator Sanders is a true believer in vaccines so presumably he’s had 5 doses. But he must not actually trust the shots because why is he hedging his bets with that mask? If he was feeling unwell, he should have stayed home.

I got off the Bernie train when the Bernie Baby died of SIDS. Apparently kids are cute, adorable, and wonderful campaign props until the pharmaceutical industry murders them and then the Scientific Socialists go right back to covering up iatrogenocide on behalf of the cartel. I do not want to see Bernie Sanders on my television ever again.


Why was Bono there? Did he invite himself? No one actually wants to see an aging rocker who turned himself into a predatory vampire capitalist. Sunday Bloody Sunday was a great song back in 1983. But then U2 started making so much money that they engaged in various tax dodging schemes — that later turned up in the Paradise Papers. Biden gestured vaguely in Bono’s direction when talking about Bush’s AIDS initiative in Africa. Color me deeply skeptical that this program is delivering the results that it claims.

Newly elected Pennsylvania Senator John Fetterman was in attendance. During the campaign, Fetterman had a stroke following a Covid “booster”. He still believes in vaccines but he can barely finish a sentence. Democrats laud him as a hero. Those who take care of the cartel are rewarded by the corrupt system.

Joe Biden is a truly terrible speaker. Yes he’s overcome a lot but there are 1,000 Democrats who could have given a better speech than that. It’s creepy as f*ck when he whispers and then it gets worse when he just starts yelling for no reason.

Joe Biden was selected because he is weak. I always wondered why the Vatican seems to elect fragile Popes with dementia. Then I realized that this gives extraordinary power to the Bishops just below him who can now operate with impunity. That’s what we have now in the United States and this is no way to run a proper country.

Joe Biden is flat out creepy when it comes to women. Every word, every gesture, is inappropriate. Can someone in the White House please tell him to just shake hands and stop always going in for a creepy kiss!? I should not have to explain this to anyone and yet here we are.

What’s strange about Biden’s speech is that vaccine injury ran throughout… and yet the Democratic mind cannot acknowledge it.

So for example, Biden invited a couple — Maurice and Kandice — “an Irishman and a daughter of immigrants from Panama” to sit in the gallery to be praised for their heroic care for their daughter who developed a “rare kidney cancer” at age 1. Okay fine, but kidney disorders and aggressive cancers in children are known vaccine injuries and the U.S. has the most aggressive childhood vaccine schedule in the world.

If these parents had opted NOT to vaccinate their kid, Biden and the Democratic Party would have vilified them and fired them from their jobs and blocked them from receiving medical care. But since the parents offered their kid up to Moloch via the CDC’s childhood vaccine schedule, when the kid got cancer and nearly died (and was subsequently “rescued” by the Affordable Care Act), they are treated like heroes and invited to the State of the Union address. This is grotesque. Also why the actual f*ck did Biden point out that the little girl (now 4) was watching the speech from the White House!? Biden is always giving off pedophile vibes and I hate it.

I thought the section of Biden’s speech that dealt with police brutality was particularly moving. Biden acknowledged the parents of Tyre Nichols and he didn’t try to put a pretty bow on things. He just acknowledged the inexplicable loss and heartbreak that they suffered.

Let’s reflect on what happened for a minute. The five cops who killed Tyre Nichols were not only Black (so they were not likely motivated by racial animus), they were all young:

Demetrius Haley, 30
Desmond Mills, Jr., 32
Emmitt Martin, 30
Justin Smith, 28
Tadarrius Bean, 24

The birth dose of the hepatitis B vaccine became standing orders at all U.S. hospitals in 1991. All of these former officers were born on or after 1991. Is it possible that their inability to know the difference between right and wrong and their inability to control their emotions under pressure stem from being injected with known neurotoxins on the first day of life? Hep b shots in the 1990s were loaded with mercury too. Healthy cops don’t beat a citizen to death following a routine traffic stop; some common factor damaged the prefrontal cortex of these five men.

And then there is Biden’s cancer moonshot. Look, we all want to stop cancer. But I can save the U.S. $25 billion right now — just abandon vaccines altogether (childhood and adult). Cancer rates will plummet with no corresponding rise in infectious disease because vaccines don’t work well in the first place. Crack down on toxic pesticides and herbicides, coal-fired power plants, electromagnetic frequencies, plastics, and fire retardants and cancer rates will decline even further. Regulatory capture leads to non-existent regulatory policy that results in cancer (stochastic genocide). So no, the government does not deserve credit for treating the cancer that it caused. A non-insane society would try to prevent cancer in the first place by keeping toxic chemicals out of our bodies.

Joe Biden often claims that his son Beau Biden’s fatal brain cancer was caused by toxic burn pits in Iraq (and he implied that again in the State of the Union last night). Perhaps. But nearly all soldiers are over-vaccinated with toxic substances including anthrax and smallpox so it seems more likely to me that the President’s son was killed by U.S. military vaccine mandates that Joe Biden supports. But President Biden cannot have this conversation because the real rulers of the United States, the pharmaceutical industry, would be displeased.

Marjorie Taylor Greene’s heckling of the President should also be understood in the context of vaccine injury. I’m grateful that she votes with us and even occasionally leads on opposing vaccine mandates. But she didn’t understand the assignment. A white fur coat is not appropriate attire for the House chambers (“Cruella de Vil” was trending last night on Twitter in response to her fashion choices). MTG has the power to call a press conference to share her views with the world so there is no need to yell out “liar” in response to some part of the speech that she disagreed with. But an inability to regulate one’s emotions is a hallmark of vaccine injury and so I wonder if that’s what we were witnessing there. Biden gave a bad speech and yet Republicans lost the news cycle because MTG could not keep it together for ninety minutes.

I thought Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ response was a miss as well. She deserves congratulations for being the first woman elected governor of Arkansas and the youngest current governor in the nation. However I was struck by the irony of her remarks. She opened with the story of how she had recently survived thyroid cancer (and the scar from her surgery was still visible). But we now know that Covid shots are causing turbo cancers. So it is entirely possible that the health trauma she endured was caused by Operation Warp Speed led by her former boss. But Governor Sanders cannot talk about that because the Monsters Who Control Our System would be displeased.

Which brings me to Del Bigtree. God bless that man. As he did last year, he came on after Biden’s speech and the Republican response and spoke truth to power with The Actual State of the Union.

I thought it was a massive home run. Del has the most accurate assessment of what is actually going on in this country and his policy proposals would actually fix the biggest problem facing America — widespread vaccine injury.

As I have said many times, every single politician in America will fail unless they address vaccine injury which is causing everything from chronic illness to rising healthcare & education costs to supply chain shortages and a lack of military readiness.

Every member of Congress needs to watch Del’s 15-minute speech, understand it, and begin incorporating his ideas into legislation. Any politician who wants the medical freedom vote in 2024 absolutely must heed Del’s words and incorporate his ideas into their campaigns.

The plan that Del laid out is the only sane way forward and I’m grateful to Del for providing this vision of healing and hope for our nation.

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