Kiss the Ground

by Dave Crow, Jul 29, 2021

Kiss the Ground is a slick Hollywood film featuring capital L liberals (except for Tom Brady), a designer website with lots of courses, its own non-profit and merch! Is this a noble cause or a tax write-off?

Sure, it hits all of the happy-horseshit marks that one might expect from this crowd.  The problem with this “solution” film is that it doesn’t offer any real solutions. While the overall presentation is a good one and serves as a well-meaning introduction to the concept that restoring and revitalizing farmland will help to reverse climate change, the film really has no idea how to get there.

Convincing individual farmers that it is in their best interest to adopt the practices shown in the film is laudable, but small farmers have become Jeffersonian relics of the past. How do we wrest control of farmland from agricultural conglomerates including Bill Gates, when, as the film points out, they have no reason to change, or even to grow anything at all, in order to collect their government subsidies?

Of course we, who do not own large tracts of farmland can compost and recycle, but that’s what PBS has always told us to do. Do we dare attempt to shake up longstanding, well-entrenched and well-financed farming policies instituted at a time when “DDT is good for me” constituted the prevailing agricultural “science.” That’s not going to happen by composting or taking a dump in your flower bed, but don’t give up.

I have yet to see a revolution against the rich ever proposed by the rich.

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