Life around us is a hologram.

by Dr. Zach Bush

The whole is in every fractal. Each tear holds the world.

Humanity has yet to discover how to program the quantum chips that are emerging. When we start programming the first quantum computer, I believe what we’re going to reveal is that each of us is a supercomputer, where every single atom in each of our molecules holds access to an extreme knowledge field.

We are all quantum beings…

Every millionth of a second, our bodies make billions of calculations that decide who we are today. With an endless number of possibilities in which our bodies can manifest, you may wonder: how does it express the vibration of an energy field that we call a soul? It does so by projecting a hologram as our physical reality.

The only solid things in existence right now are light waves that become a particle state for a moment.

Light energy turns a wave into a particle, which gives us the impression of solidity. Your body may seem solid, but it is actually a particle expression of a light force within you.

For example, quantum intelligence within a piece of wood may express a wood table in our physical experience, when in fact, it’s just light energy. There’s nothing wood about the atomic structure, but there’s a macro experience of wood as the collective vibration remembers a tree.

Look carefully around you and truly take in this spectacular hologram we are living in. Know that it can project an unlimited number of possible realities, and appreciate that the reality you see never appears in perfect symmetry — the beauty is in the asymmetric experience.

Notice how not a single cloud in nature is ever symmetric. Rather, the beauty of the sky is the infinite amount of patterns and apparent asymmetry. It’s that ultrastructure that makes it so beautiful, and whatever looks most asymmetric is actually obeying a more macro version of balance. In the physics world, this is expressed in Chaos Theory.

Even the most chaotic system, a waterfall, is perfectly asymmetrical.

The water molecules tumbling over rocks, falling down hundreds of feet, crashing into a pool below never fall in the same spot twice. Yet, in that absolute state of chaos, a mathematician can always find macro patterns that form in perfect coherence. To the naked eye, we often can’t see these patterns because of the limitations of our visual perspective — but they are there.

Though it seems so chaotic right now, this hologram we live in is truly an impermanent expression of beauty. As human beings, our highest function is to witness that beauty and foster a version of it that portrays the most magnificent things we can imagine. If we make a conscious effort to elevate that beauty in our work and our relationships, we don’t need to be afraid of humanity as a destructive force. We can instead focus on doing our highest work and witnessing, with pleasure, the fabric of reality. Beauty.

Find reassurance when you look around at our world right now and see chaos. The chaos of humanity is necessary. Collectively, it may seem that we are expressing a low vibrational state, but if we look to the Chaos Theory, we know there’s an ultra pattern within it. It’s speaking to something of our true nature that’s going to emerge in a beautiful paradigm shift in our awareness and in our capacity to hold light energy.

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