On Losing My Teaching Job

by All-American Warrior Monk Apr 24,  2022

At the end of this school year, I will no longer have a teaching job. My employer has decided not to renew my contract for next school year. Not because of my abilities as a professional educator. Nope. My teaching is sound. In fact, my principal has told me on more than one occasion that he believes I’m a great teacher. And it’s not because I lack the capacity to form positive relationships with students either. My students really enjoy my class, and I have a great rapport with all of them. Several parents have lauded my instruction during parent-teacher conferences, too.

I lost my chance at teaching at my current school next year because I pushed back against the barbaric and inhumane Covid containment measures, and because I taught my students to think critically about this palpably insane “new normal.”

From the very beginning, before the school year even began, I had to speak up against the anti-scientific Covid protocols at my new school. In early August of last year I received an email detailing the protocols that teachers had to follow once school began. Teachers who did not receive one of the Covid-19 “vaccines” had to wear a mask when inside the building, our “Keys to Health & Safety” guidelines stated, but the “vaccinated” did not. As a recent “unvaccinated” hire, I could not imagine teaching my new students with my face half hidden, while my “vaccinated” colleagues had the privilege of breathing freely since they decided to enroll themselves in this absurd medical experiment.

Of course, none of this made any scientific sense: Along with the Delta wave came more and more “breakthrough” infections; the injected caught and spread the disease at the same rate as the those who refused the shot, perhaps even at a higher rate.



My school’s protocol update from early August 2021.

The fact that the “vaccinated” accounted for a significant amount of Covid cases became widely known at the point that I received the above protocol update concerning masks and “vaccines.” The CDC published a study in Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR) on July 30, 2021 demonstrating that 74% of those infected in a Massachusetts Covid outbreak were “fully vaccinated.” Furthermore, they stated that the “vaccinated” and the “unvaccinated” had identical viral loads in their nose. This also led to the CDC’s recommendation for everyone to mask in public regardless of “vaccination” status.

My school, though, still wanted to cover the faces of those “hesitant” to take this obviously failed product. In another email, faculty and staff were asked to fill out a form with questions and concerns about the protocols. Since I just recently got hired, I did not have immediate access to the online form. I emailed my principal about this, and he got back to me a week or so later, after returning from vacation. He told me to write out my concerns to him – and I did.


As one can see, I did not mince words when expressing my feelings about the school’s nonsensical containment measures. Additionally, I made it clear that the school would not compel me to take this injection to earn the privilege of unobstructed breathing, and I also pointed out the negative impact that their policy of masking the “unvaccinated” but not the “vaccinated” could have on students. Unfortunately, my principal’s response to my email stated that most likely everyone would have to mask at the start of the school year, regardless of “vaccination” status.

I did not care much for this response, since masks – like those injections – did nothing to prevent the spread of the virus. The email informing teachers of the school’s mask mandate – regardless of “vaccination” status – soon came. At the commencement of the school year, faculty, staff, and students had to “mask up” before entering the building. My state, incidentally, brought back the school mask mandate in early September. Again, the battle against forced masking went beyond individual school protocols.

During the earliest days of the new school year, I acquiesced to the mandate. I wore a fake mask, pure mesh and totally breathable, whenever I had to cover my face. My beard hairs stuck right through it. Nobody ever said a word to me about it, except for one observant and audacious pupil.

“Does that mask even work?” he asked, after noticing my fake mask.

“None of them do,” I replied.


A propaganda sign in my school connecting mask compliance with being “a good human.”

But, in a mid-September meeting with my principal, I did expound upon my concerns and informed him of studies that demonstrated how masks could not prevent infection from an aerosolized respiratory pathogen. I also informed him of the scientific literature that detailed the psychological and physiological harms that would inevitably arise – especially in children – if forced to wear a mask day in and day out for hours on end. He said he found my perspective interesting. But I knew that he could not suspend his belief in what the health authorities advised for long enough to truly investigate the matter for himself or to think critically about the motives behind the messaging.

Nevertheless, in October, after the cruel manner in which my school handled the mask mandate with an eighth-grade girl with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, I felt compelled to raise my voice a bit louder.teaching

I could hardly believe the inhumanity of the school’s approach to this girl’s nascent mental health issue, which seemed to stem directly from the Covid measures that she and all young people had to contend with since March 2020. This student could not tolerate wearing a mask, because it seriously triggered her anxiety. Remarkably, my school informed the faculty and staff in an email that this particular maskless student would remain isolated from others until a therapist conditioned her to tolerate wearing a mask for extended periods of time. She did not receive an exemption from the mask requirement even though it provoked her OCD; instead, the school ostracized her, making sure she remained “distanced” from her classmates, like a leper, until she could rewear the symbol of the Covid Cult. I wrote a lengthy email to my principal concerning the malicious manner in which they handled this situation. This further showed my ire towards the Covid psychotics running the place.

At my previous school, during the first school year of Covid containment, students ate outside – weather permitting – in the fall and spring. If it rained, they came inside. During the cold winter months, they ate indoors and in their classrooms. They could talk while they ate; they got up and moved around. Nobody thought anything of it. But at my current school, kids ate outside in frigid temperatures, off of the cold concrete or steel bleachers, during the winter. On windy days, food blew off trays, leaving stomachs half full. However, if raining or snowing heavily, students came indoors and ate in their classrooms, but they were not permitted to speak. The administration told teachers to enforce this policy. They believe that perfectly healthy children can spread a killer virus. I could hardly wrap my head around this lunacy, especially since at my last school, Covid containment did not go to such an extreme.

I never once enforced the silent when unmasked and indoors rule; I always allowed the students to talk when eating inside the building, and I even explained to them that the administration’s policies did not contain an iota of scientific legitimacy.


A parent informed me in an email that her daughter’s struggle to eat outside in the cold, her oldest child especially, because of a medical condition that causes her pain in her hand when in near freezing or subfreezing temperatures. She said that her children often do not eat at school, but wait until their car ride home to eat. Moreover, she informed me that other parents also did not agree with the outdoor lunch policy. I told her that I would advocate for the kids and try to restore some sanity to their lunchtime.

I then got summoned to the principal’s office, where my principal condemned me for speaking against the outdoor lunch policy, and told me never to speak again to any parent about the Covid protocols. Still, to this day, my school has the kids mostly eating outdoors, because some students still mask when indoors. They don’t want those students eating and talking around their peers when inside, as if the students who choose not to mask pose a threat to the masker’s health. My school, as well as many other schools, encourage pathological behavior and neurotic hypochondria.

Besides, my school held on to the mandate for over two months after the Supreme Court in my state ruled the governor’s school mask edict invalid. Many schools in my area then immediately went mask optional; some districts held onto their mandate for another month or so. My school needed to prove to the greater area its complete scientific illiteracy and commitment to normalized child abuse by keeping the mask mandate for longer than everyone else.

As more and more schools lifted their mask mandate, it felt like my school would hold onto it indefinitely. So I decided to send my Head of School a letter addressing the situation. I just could not tolerate anymore gaslighting from these people; I used direct, bold language in my email, and asked my Head of School questions that I knew he would struggle to properly answer.


Of course, I found it germane to allow my students to interrogate the demands of the Covid regime and the bio-medical security state, the ways in which health officials, such as Dr. Fauci, continuously moved goalposts, beguiled the gullible with semantics, and shaped people’s consciousness through a barrage of propaganda.

However, after making connections between the manner in which the pigs – the intellectual authorities on the farm – used language to manipulate the other animals for their personal and political ends, and how public health officials and politicians have done the same with their arbitrary and ever changing mask and “vaccine” requirements, one of my students became quite upset. He did not like the fact that the class engaged in this intellectual discussion at all, because he felt somehow personally attached to the narrative. His mother, an emergency room doctor, and his father, too, have both thoroughly brainwashed their son into believing so many obvious pandemic falsehoods.

I know this because they demanded a meeting with me and my principal. Of course, it was held over Zoom, since my school still – in February of 2022 – did not allow parents inside the building. During the Zoom call she accused me of disrespecting health care workers by not taking the virus seriously. And her husband prattled on about the importance of wearing a mask. I mostly sat there and listened; I decided early that I would not waste my time arguing or debating Covid, masks, and vaccines with these people. Instead, I focused the conversation back to the goals of the lesson, the values of critically examining established discourses, and the necessity of engaging with multiple perspectives.

Regardless, my principal put me on probation until the spring, meaning that when others received their contracts for next school year, I did not. My future employment status, he informed me, would be determined later.

And now my fate at this Covid crazy private school has been sealed: I will not be offered a contract for next year. At the school years conclusion, I will be unemployed.


This “pandemic” has taught me some valuable lessons about so many people’s character. For instance, even when it comes down to the indisputable mistreatment of children, many adults will remain silent out of fear of going against the prevailing herd mindset. Teachers at my school did not make a peep about masking children as young as pre-kindergarten, at least not publicly. I never heard one of the pre-kindergarten or kindergarten teachers question the covering of four or five year old children’s mouths with cloth and whether or not it could result in developmental delays, or other negative health outcomes. When the administration announced that they would force masks over the basketball players faces – restricting their breathing while engaging in an aerobic activity – during the Omicron surge, nobody said a word at that faculty meeting but myself. Making matters worse, some of my colleagues then claimed they felt “uncomfortable” with me because of my outspokenness against masking children and adolescents. I believe that this has impacted my school’s decision to let me go.

No one can say for certain what next respiratory virus season will bring. If there is an increase in “cases” and the administration decides to return to a mask mandate – which is very possible considering the political dynamics of the school – surely they don’t want to deal with any pushback from the likes of me.

However, my principal stated in his email that he would serve as a positive reference for me. And he did write a glowing letter of recommendation for me to use in my quest for employment. He candidly mentions my professionalism in the classroom, the quality of my instruction, and my dedication to the students. If one read it in full, they would be hard pressed to find out why he’d let me go.

But I just found out that he won’t be back at my school next year either. He’s taken another position. The woman who will replace him, an internal hire, cares little for my militancy against Covid fascism. Her young children attend the school, too; they diligently mask, and she has spoken of having them injected. My dissidence certainly does not sit well with her. Her assumption of the principal role may have been my knock out blow.

Ultimately, though, it matters little. I do not regret taking a stand against these horrible pathologies that society adopted as “normal.”

I do not regret standing up for the students. It was the right thing to do.

As I now seek new opportunities, I remind myself that the future is unwritten.

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