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by David Marks | Nov 29, 2023

Modern medicine adheres to the fearful notions of the Dark Ages; viewing illness as an invasive external force that must be poisoned or purged from the body. From this unenlightened perspective, a plague is viewed as the ultimate confirmation of human vulnerability — therefore any means to fight an invasive entity is justifiable.

This fallacy has allowed a virus to initiate a misdirected and destructive response, substantially increasing human suffering. The madness is highlighted by an experimental attempt at altering the basic coding of immunological defense — and has opened a Pandora’s Box of ailments.

The steady flow of information confirming that mRNA vaccines are unsafe and ineffective is ignored by most. Those willing to consider the analysis of medical statistics and anecdotal evidence have found that the damage is vividly apparent and revelational.

Repercussions of responding to a pathogen with a single flawed therapy continue to emerge;

  • Undue stress on the human body and numerous serious side effects and complications, compounded by the trauma of additional boosters, have been documented.
  • There is a correlation between the vaccine and the rapid onset and increasing rates of recurrent cancers. Although not fully understood, it is apparent that a drug that alters the body’s immunological balance at an intracellular level is likely to trigger unprecedented responses in people whose health is already compromised by other damaging factors.
  • The short-term effects of mRNA vaccines on women’s reproductive systems are documented, although it will be years before we know the full impact on fertility and inherited disease.
  • In addition to numerous reports about young athletes suddenly dying of heart trauma, the results from a recent meta-analysis confirmed that vaccinated individuals were twice as likely to develop cardiac dysfunction compared to the unvaccinated. The greatest danger is to young boys and men under 40, who are at close to zero risk from life-threatening complications — and double their chance of an acute heart malfunction when vaccinated. Cardiovascular disease, already the leading cause of death globally, has been accelerated by COVID-19 vaccines — the degree and extent of heart injuries won’t be known for decades.

Current reports and studies only include patients who have required some level of medical intervention. The devastation is yet to be calculated as undiagnosed and subclinical cases related to vaccination exacerbate over the coming years.

Yet researchers are eager to dismiss all serious findings by defending benefits. Minimizing concern about side effects is premature — motivated to justify the continued, unnecessary, dangerous, and ceaseless distribution of additional products.

This atmosphere is suffocating any objective analysis. No matter what ominous facts are confirmed by studies and data, most reports are presented with the caveat that the risks of the vaccine are well worth taking, because of the benefit of preventing severe illnesses, hospitalizations, and deaths. This worn-out and illogical defense is regurgitated by scientists and the healthcare industry; the rhetoric is evidence of compromised values and criminal negligence.

The Deceptive Drumbeat

Governments and the medical establishment approach infectious diseases and illnesses on a war footing, preparing for the next battle with the same aggressive approach that has been failing for decades. And just as in war, funds are allocated with a swiftness that benefits the chain of production.

The flagrant denial has awakened some medical professionals to the serious flaws in the conventional analytical methodology of medicine. Dr. Harvey Risch, Professor Emeritus of Epidemiology at Yale School of Public Health, clarified this problem recently at the Fourth International COVID (Crisis) Summit in Bucharest, Romania.

We’ve been bombarded with propaganda about science for the last three years, and we’ve been told that everything about the pandemic and how all the management measures and our curtailed behaviors and so on is all based on science. And I’m going to assert that none of it is based on science, it’s based on plausibility, and there’s a gigantic difference between plausibility and science.

In his presentation, Dr. Risch cites the flaws in the randomized trials of the COVID-19 vaccines. He also asserts that there is a decades-long history of reliance on an unbalanced and deceptive methodology.

A subsequent conclusion is inevitable: invoking pseudo-science as a smokescreen to support plausibility allows nefarious motives, procedures, and drug therapies to thrive.

Within this corrupt milieu, modern medicine has negligible influence on regaining good health — generating more risks than the tonics and cure-alls of the medicine shows of the past.

That the obvious causes of disease are rarely considered is indicative of a massive confidence game. Until recently, a doctor who considered diet, toxins, or lifestyle as causal factors in disease, was considered a quack. Although now superficially tolerated, few physicians know how to apply knowledge of the importance of nutritious foods and supplements — or warn patients of the poisons in household chemicals and the effect of atmospheric contaminants.

Within a deluded and constrained view of disease, it is no surprise that in responding to the threat of a new strain of flu, natural immunity continues to be mocked relative to glorifying vaccination. An unreported statistic is the number of unvaccinated people with a nutritious diet and clean bill of health who were hospitalized or died from COVID-19.

It is because there are no such cases.

The mainstream press attempted to find some individuals with this profile, although those who were propped up — in attempts to condemn anyone who didn’t succumb to fear tactics — had pre-existing conditions and mismanaged treatment.

The blindness to this bias was severe. In one dramatized case an unvaccinated man who contracted COVID-19 was presented as previously perfectly fit and healthy, although he had asthma! He was also put on a ventilator, a controversial and questionable therapy for COVID-19 patients. Allegedly, in dying breaths, he whispered to a hospital employee that he regretted not getting the vaccine. His sister unwittingly further deflated the myth that the virus killed him, saying that he was pumped full of every drug in the hospital.

Incredibly, this was just one of a number of horrific examples of how not to treat a patient, yet typical of the propaganda fabricated to justify a sales campaign with no ethical boundaries.

However, this was no accident or a purely profitable endeavor. Experimental vaccines are the penultimate, desperate therapeutic modality of a transhumanistic approach to medicine. The notion that inoculations represent an enlightened approach to disease is an extension of a flawed approach to good health. This is the mindset that reinforces the pharmaceutical industry’s production of pernicious concoctions.

The dozens of shots that are given by rote to children in their first years of life have risks far greater than their benefits. The destructive medical paradigm has allowed children’s ailments to rapidly increase and chronic diseases to multiply rapidly — undermining any claim of success by the healthcare industry.

Compared to the billions spent on the study of diseases, there is little research into the underlying factors contributing to good health. The emphasis on treating illness, rather than curing it, prioritizes funding for the development of symptomatic treatment and drugs that often cause debilitating conditions.

The dysfunctional reality that allows this charade has been engendered over decades. Its culmination is the corporate control of a lucrative healthcare market.

Conventional medicine and its minimization of the relationship between illness and health, diet, and the environment has guaranteed its monopoly over a captive audience.

Crushing Resistance

There have been eras where an enlightened attitude towards health flourished; the most recent was in the second half of the 20th century. A renaissance of thought reflected in the arts and sciences allowed the questioning of authority, including the medical establishment. There was introspection and consideration of the importance of self-care — and open criticism of the failures of governments to protect citizens and support good health.

Awareness of how industry and partisan politics were impacting nature, maintaining hostility, and increasing the potential for war, awakened many to the possibility that humans were not necessarily evolving toward a better world. The words of the 1968 song, Crown of Creation, captured this simple, though critical concept.

You are the crown of creation,
And you’ve got no place to go.
Soon you’ll attain the stability you strive for,
In the only way that it’s granted:
In a place among the fossils of our time.

This verse not only reflected the counterculture’s sentiments at the time. There was a profound upheaval in mainstream thinking and a growing uneasiness about skewed human priorities and the lack of well-being.

The impact began to change the course of a world that prioritized material gain over everything. An era began where toxins and carcinogens were identified and limited, much to the chagrin of those who profited from the sales of chemicals, cigarettes, and noxious pharmaceuticals.

Temporarily unable to maintain a hold on shaping reality, politicians and their allies in media adapted to some degree because of the pressure of a generation that recognized the dangerous behavior of their elders. Intelligent minds and dissident voices demanded new priorities.

Healthy living, including exercise and a good diet, was gaining recognition as essential. This trend was accepted by factions of the corporate world because it became commercially viable.

In accord with this open-mindedness to the promotion of good health, alternatives to medical dogma were allowed to thrive. For fifty years the mainstream medical world increasingly tolerated traditional and complementary medical systems. They had to; many patients questioned the viability of modern biomedicine and welcomed alternatives. Some physicians began to recognize the limitations of their tools and methodologies, embracing new and old ideas.

However, the pharmaceutical giants pressed on with their agenda, using political and financial influence to ensure the structure of healthcare would maximize profits.

The success of this long-term plan was made evident with the appearance of a novel virus. In a bold power-play, Big Pharma insisted it could only be halted with a drug that they could manufacture.

This rude awakening was well-engineered. A planned, aggressive ploy of the COVID crisis was the subjugation of all competing therapies to vaccination. Reversing the thinking of practitioners and patients who respected individual medical autonomy was a primary tactic in gaining compliance.

Denying the off-label application of effective drugs such as ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine ensured alternatives to vaccines were minimized and that there was no risk of losing protected experimental status.

Suddenly, after decades of acceptance, the era of expanding alternative and complementary medicine was eclipsed. Those who previously relied on various forms of tried and true natural therapies were frightened and humiliated into accepting the inevitability and domination of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Only a minority held on to sensible values and did not succumb to the barrage of manipulating, angry insistence that there was a grave threat, with only one way to save humanity.

The successful reversal of an open-minded era by a repressive campaign was shocking — and engineered by predictable notorious characters who voiced and enforced a false narrative.

The same powerful forces that have supported fascist and repressive regimes in the name of democracy and condone military coups and assassinations to gain influence over commodities — are running the show. They forcibly apply implausible science to satisfy agendas unrelated to the benefit of the public.

The abrupt planetary shift is palpable. Those who had doubted humanity could fall so fast and so low — recognize the tell-tale signs of the tolerance of eugenics. The most powerful and wealthy humans on the planet embrace and encourage an abominable plan.

In the guise of a panacea, a toxic experiment was plied on the public to ensure the dominance of the corporate, militaristic agenda. The powers that be used every PSYOP tool at their disposal and paid conglomerates of PR and advertising firms to maintain the narrative that it was viable.

The height of defending the ruse was the circular justification for the continued use of vaccines. At every challenge, proponents cited the lies of the compromised departments under their aegis, whose sole directive was to bend to all whims of Big Pharma. These fabrications are repeated by compliant media giants who sing praises of — and protect — the same pharmaceutical companies that advertise their potions in between news stories.

The insanity of this absurd nightmare is unrivaled by any previous violation of the ethics of medical science — and the full consequences remain unknown. The nefarious incentives allowing the degradation of humanity will become apparent when a majority of individuals begin to recognize the degree of deception and manipulation they have endured.

The most dramatic chapter of this tragedy is yet to unfold. Unfortunately for those who remain blind to the cataclysm, only the increasing severity of suffering will allow the revelation of the extensive damage inflicted.

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