Resistance: Rupture and Rebirth

by Paul Cudenec at NEVERMORE MEDIA March 5, 2022

One of the most sickening aspects of the Covid scam has been the fanatical support for the operation from the entity that calls itself “the left”.

I have been writing about this since April 2020 and there are various articles on the Winter Oak site seeking to discover exactly why “official” left/anarchist positions align so closely to those of the global corporate tyrants.

However, on the positive side, there have been rebel voices emerging from this desert of dissent and now, after two years of holding the line against all the gaslighting, they are starting to speak out more boldly.

They are distancing themselves from the whole concept of the left, now entirely useless, and asserting themselves as being something else, an opposition to the new fascism which necessarily transcends the old classifications.

Spurred on by the crumbling of the initial Covid narrative and the hateful and mendacious reaction of the bankrupt left to powerful popular uprisings, such as that in Canada, this process is fast accelerating.

The shell of the left, a stale ideological crust manufactured to limit rebellion rather than to empower it, is cracking open.


Out of it is emerging the dynamic vitality of revolt which has been repressed for far too long, a raw liberating energy which knows and feels what it is, even though, newly reborn, it is too young to have yet given itself a label.

Here are a few examples of what I mean, followed by some concluding observations.

1. Left ‘cover’ for fascism


Leftists for Big Pharma hit the streets.

The current moment of historical rupture and rebirth is powerfully described in a February 20 article by Alexandra Valiente, editor of the Internationalist 360° website, entitled ‘The Freedom Convoy vs the Real Fascists‘.

She writes: “What is absolutely clear today is that the real fascists are those that were either silent while atrocities were being committed or who called for crackdowns, going as far as to provide ‘left cover’ for media and government crimes while the rights of workers and Canadian citizens were utterly violated by the Trudeau dictatorship.

“These fraudulent, despicable ‘leftists’ have committed egregious crimes and betrayed humanity. They now have neither respect nor credibility among the revolutionary left community. They are pariah.

“For too long these neoliberal infiltrators have hidden in our midst, as they assumed roles of leadership, appointed themselves as ‘spokespersons’, managed and controlled our assemblies and forums, took over our media spaces, marginalized our living revolutionaries, while simultaneously destroying our movements from within, dividing us into factions, weakening our ability to effectively resist empire.

“These traitorous counter-revolutionaries disgrace the great names they continually invoke and hide behind.

“On the one hand, the revolutionary left must define itself, separate itself from the corrupted ‘left’, and stand as a stronger revolutionary force with the people in all fields of struggle against tyranny and oppression.

“On the other hand, beyond the left-right paradigm, if we are to defeat the global enslavement and genocide agenda, we must unite on the basis of our common humanity. Anything arbitrary that divides us is no longer relevant”.

2. Anarchists breaking ranks


Spats are breaking out between anarchist groups across the world over the failure of so many to support freedom protests.

The Montreal-based Liberté Ouvrière, self-declared anarcho-syndicalists, took a very hostile line to the Ottawa protest, apparently from a left-wing stance but in fact sourcing much of their “information” from the Canadian Anti-Hate Network, whose own website acknowledges that it is “funded by the Government of Canada”!


The LO site, needless to say, applauded the tiny counter-protests to the Canadian uprising, which echoed the Trudeau/WEF line that rebels are “Nazis” and that there is nothing dangerous about the vaccines.

They get very angry with the kind of comrades who instinctively identify with the working class against state oppression and who “don’t wait for Canadian anarchists [ie: them] to tell them what to think about it”!

The anarcho-authoritarians of LO give a particularly harsh ticking-off to the Confederation of revolutionary anarcho-syndicalists (CRAS), the Russian Section of International Workers Association.

These naughty disobedient anarchists “decided to align themselves with the conspirationist NEVERMORE Canadian journal narrative. CRAS has indeed published an opened [sic] letter to Trudeau written by Margaret Anna Alice published on NEVERMORE journal website.

“In this letter, the author supports the truckers and talks of the Great Reset, a conspiracy theory embraced wholly by the NEVERMORE journal”, complain LO.


They are also outraged that Nevermore dared publish a Winter Oak article criticising pro-vaccine Ottawa “anarchist” group ‘Punch Up’, also featured on the CRAS site.

This, they fume, “confirms their adherence to conspiracy theory of the Great Reset“.

All this didn’t go down too well with the Russian anarchists, who rightly condemned LO not only for slandering them, but for “their refusal to support the transport workers’ struggle against ‘sanitary’ despotism”.


3. Boiling hatred of resistance


“It’s time now for the rest of us to recognize that this ‘left’ is itself the enemy it used to warn against — a ‘left’ that hates the working class, and wants to see its independence smashed, its peaceful protests halted everywhere”.

So writes Mark Crispin Miller, a professor of media, culture and communication at New York University in a February 18 article.

He says that in Australia, the United States and Canada the “left” is on the other side to that of the people — “they’re all one in their boiling hatred of that mass resistance, and in fanatical support of the state/corporate juggernaut coercing universal ‘vaccination’.”

Ironically, the left has finally overcome its fatal splintering tendency and found that elusive across-the-board solidarity “by squaring off against the working class — and so against the rest of us as well”, says Crispin Miller.

“This ‘left’ wants to see the working class throughout the West controlled as tightly as it is in China, where there are no strikes or labor unions, guns are not allowed, everyone is always under absolute surveillance, and dissidence is likely to be punished with financial strangulation, as Justin Trudeau is now trying to starve the truckers into silence, in collusion with GoFundMe and the banks— fascist combination that this fascist ‘left’ applauds, to its eternal shame.

“So let’s agree that this ‘left’ has to go, along with all the predatory players that it now serves with such unprecedented unity and livid zeal. And as we call it out for what it really is, let’s also stop dividing We the People into ‘left’ and ‘right’, because those terms are finally meaningless in this apocalyptic fight, in which you’re either on the side of right, or in the wrong”.

4. Abject betrayal of the working class


fierce condemnation of the role of the Covid left in enabling the Great Fascist Reset was published on February 17 by Red Fire, the publication of the Workers League, a Marxist organisation in Australia.

It says: “Despite the largest political movement in modern history consistently mobilising against government repression which is a clear move to replace liberal democracy with fascism, the Covid left (formerly the lockdown left) have instead decided to double and triple down on their abject betrayal of the working class”.

Not only has this left sided with the New Normal dictatorship, says Red Fire, but through “wild slander” it has helped construct a “fantastic straw man”, smearing “millions of working and oppressed people as ‘far-right’ or ‘fascist’ for mobilising against Covid fascism”.

It has, essentially, sought to inverse the truth about what is happening, depicting oppressors as saviours and rebels as oppressors.

The article details how the Covid left includes not just Trotskyist groups but also Marxist-Leninist communist parties, remarking: “It is difficult to believe that all members of these parties do not at least question the marked propensity of their respective leaderships to kneel before Big Media, Big Pharma, Big Tech – the uber elite”.

It adds: “The working-class feel they have been betrayed by all governments, all sides of politics, almost all parties – and in this they are not far wrong”.

5. A communiqué from the Schism


Following the publication of the Manifeste Conspirationniste, to howls of rage from the sold-out left, the Invisible Committee in France have issued a scathing February 2O22 communiqué on the tellingly-entitled Schisme website.

This declares: “Those who, since at least the Gilets Jaunes, have seen all their certainties invalidated, prefer to tell themselves that it is not they who are confused, but the revolts themselves.

“The ‘fascism’ they see everywhere is that which, deep down, they welcome, because it would prove them right, morally if not intellectually.

“They would then have some chance of at last becoming the heroic victims which they dream of being”.

The communiqué says it will leave to the “imperial left” its belief that revolution could ever be pure or that counter-revolutions can be defeated by “moralising excommunications, political prophylaxis and cultural snobbery”.

It describes this left, with its hygienically-safe spaces and its ideological distancing, as clinging desperately to “what it thinks is its accumulated political capital”.

But it has condemned itself to watch its rhetoric “asymptomatically” merge with that of the ruling clique.

The communiqué concludes: “For our part, we prefer, by far, to hit out, take some knocks and then hit back. We prefer to act. We will never surrender”.

6. Choose your side

It is at the moment of greatest darkness that the light of hope is reborn.

The exposure of the falsity of the fake left “opposition” provides us with an unprecedented opportunity to re-imagine our resistance from scratch.

We will have nothing more to do with a “movement” which is, beyond any shadow of doubt now, riddled with the putrid corruption of decades-long state and corporate infiltration, funding and manipulation.

Our resistance will be completely against this system and all its thinking and infrastructure.


It will not be based on opposing the ruling entity as it was in the 19th or 20th centuries, but as it is now, in the 21st century.

It must focus on combating the digital slavery of the Fourth Industrial Repression which is being constructed under our noses, along with the global land grabs being planned under the false flag of “conservation”.

It will fight for real human beings, with real lives, real bodies, living in real places, in real communities, with real dreams of a healthy and natural future for future generations.

This new resistance must never fall for the tricks and lies of the system, which dresses up the relentless march of its life-crushing Machine as “progressive”, its total domination as “inclusive”, its rampant industrialism as “sustainable”, its techno-fascist coup as a “transition” bringing “social change”.

It must reject out of hand the divisive corporate-manufactured identity politics which reduce human lives to investment products for “impact” parasites, all under the rainbow banner of “intersectionality” and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

An authentic resistance belongs to the people and does not impose its views on anyone – instead, it listens, asks, converses, seeks exchange and consensus. There must be no more “cancel culture”, taboos and smears.

Unlike the current fake left, our new resistance has no trouble in seeing that the current status quo is not some random collision of social relationships but a system which has been deliberately constructed, maintained and expanded by a real and identifiable global mafia – the enemy of the people.

The starkness of what we are confronting is becoming clearer by the day, as the enemy deploys its violence against us.

Investigative journalist Cory Morningstar was part of the supposedly “right-wing” Ottawa protest, despite being, in her own words, “as far left as you can get”.

She warned in a February 19 interview from the Canadian capital: “Everything that the media says is a lie. The whole left-right thing – just f*cking forget it! This is class war. This is a complete descent into global fascism… You have to take a side!”

Said the UK’s Architects for Social Housing on February 20: “Left and right don’t exist. If you’re on the side of the paramilitaries attacking protesters, you’re on the side of the fascists enforcing the global biosecurity state. If you’re on the side of the people opposing them, you’re on the side of freedom. Choose”.

And C.J. Hopkins agreed in a February 20 article: “There are only two sides … fascism or freedom”.

Unlike the craven and collaborating synthetic left, our resistance will know full well which side it is on.

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