RFK Jr. is Running For President

by | Apr 5, 2023

Over the last few months, there has been a lengthy discussion on encouraging RFK to run for president, and a month ago, he began the preliminary steps to see if it was possible.

Since then, he has begun making very poignant commentary about the Nation’s current state of affairs.



Today Robert F. Kennedy Jr. filed for his candidacy. Interestingly, many different mainstream publications immediately reported it (e.g., Politico and CNN), which I take as an admission his candidacy has the potential to disrupt the political landscape.

I believe RFK Jr. is extremely well positioned to run for the following reasons:

1. For the last few election cycles, both parties have had an extreme deficit of viable presidential candidates (presently only Trump, DeSantis, and possibly Bernie Sanders [who is very pro-vaccine] fit that bill). This has resulted in the eventual nominee often being someone no one particularly liked. If RFK Jr. runs in the Democratic primary, his opponent will likely be someone who would face significant challenges running against an appealing candidate like RFK Jr. This is critical because it will allow him to become a front runner and force the vaccine debate into the public sphere long before voting even begins.

Similarly, many in America hold a strong preference for Trump, the leading Republican candidate, but also feel strongly about the vaccine issue. Because of this, it is very likely many Trump voters will support RFK Jr. in the primaries (thereby amplifying his message) since Trump has such a large lead over any of his opponents and they can thus afford use to their primary votes elsewhere.

2. The American Public is really upset about what happened with COVID-19 and the fact that deadly and ineffective vaccines were forced upon them. Since many of the effects of these vaccines take time to manifest, those who pushed them are stuck with a ticking time bomb—as more time elapses, public opinion will turn more and more against them, and it is likely by the election the candidate who most clearly stands against them will have a huge advantage over his competition. This is especially true because the public is now fully aware of how much politicians and the media lie, and the only antidote for that is someone who has a long track record of doing the right thing on this issue. I cannot think of anyone in America more suited to promote the vaccine safety message than RFK Jr.

3. RFK Jr. comes from an era when the government was much less corrupt, policies were much more reasonable, and society was much less polarized. The majority of voters, especially the elderly desperately yearn from a candidate like this to enter the picture. To illustrate the shift we have witnessed:


Put differently, we have had to watch the Democratic party go from supporting the values we supported in the 1960s (brotherhood amongst all Americans, no more wars, protecting the working class from the predatory corporate class) to a party that is the exact opposite of these points.

Similarly, we have also seen the same insane politicization within the scientific profession:


Note: the context behind this image is explained further here. Scott Atlas was a highly regarded physician who was relentlessly attacked by the media for opposing the lockdown narrative and has said our Democracy depends on restoring the trust in our institutions that was violated throughout the pandemic.

The Kennedys are still one of the most highly regarded political names in American history, and RFK is a candidate who can correct the direction of the Democratic party.

4. Other than being “anti-vaccine,” I do not believe any significant dirt exists on him.

I believe RFK Jr. would be an excellent president for the following reasons:

1. My friends who know RJK Jr. personally have told me he is a man of integrity who will do the right thing under challenging circumstances. This is very difficult to find in an elected official.

2. The primary obstacle to America’s success is the poor health of the nation. The primary reason for the poor health of this country is that the government is completely corrupt and continually puts forward health policies that benefit corporate interests and create sickness. In addition to RFK Jr. having done a lot of work on this issue by exposing the harms of vaccination, he has also shared many of the other common causes of sickness in our society no one is willing to touch. I believe he is probably the only person who could right the ship on the pervasive health issues our country is facing.

3. RFK Jr. is also fully aware of many of the other issues our country is facing and can likely improve them as well—remember two members of RFK Jr.’s immediate family were assassinated, most likely by the CIA, for opposing the entrenched interests within the US Government who do not care about the well being of the American people.

4. RFK Jr., because of his family background and personality can lead the United States in an effective and non-polarizing manner many will respect and listen to. This is crucial for the divided times we are living in now.

5. Because the amount of corruption in America has reached an unsustainable level, America is presently experiencing a rapid decline. For example, as Edward Dowd recently showed, Pfizer and Moderna’s vaccine which made them 11.5 billion dollars cost the US economy 295.4 billion dollars from the injuries deaths, and disabilities they caused (which is likely a very conservative estimate of their harms).

Damage like this is unsustainable to our infrastructure, and it is very possible within one to two decades we will no longer be the leading superpower and much of what we take for granted will no longer be available to us. This is the single most important issue for our country to address, and we need a candidate like RFK Jr. to win the presidential election in 2024 to address it.

Why RFK Jr. running for president will benefit us:

Candidates typically run for one of three reasons:

•To win the presidency.

•To promote a specific political issue.

•To promote themselves (many think this is why Trump initially ran).

I dream that RFK Jr. will win the presidency. However, even if he does not, because of the current political climate created by the COVID-19 vaccine disaster, he will likely be able to bring the vaccine issue to the general public’s attention.

Keep in mind that in the most recent election, Senator Ron Johnson (who was planning to retire) decided to seek another term solely so that he could be an advocate against the COVID-19 vaccines. Johnson became, as far as I know, the first federal candidate in history who was elected while running on a vaccine safety platform.


Going forward, I plan to do whatever I can to support RFK Jr.’s candidacy, and I encourage each of you to do so (please visit his campaign website here). Regardless of what happens, he will make waves in bringing the vaccine catastrophe to the public’s general awareness.

RFK Jr. has done an immense amount to bring the public’s attention to the dangers of the childhood vaccine schedule and protect those being harmed by them (e.g., through precisely targeted litigation). Shortly before I learned of RFK’s filing, I had just completed an extensive article I had written on the risks and benefits of the vaccines that are pushed on America (I put off doing it because it is an immensely complex subject).

For those wishing to gain a broader appreciation of the magnitude of the challenge we are facing (that RFK Jr. has done an incredible amount of work to expose), I humbly request that you read this article.


Thank you for your support of this Substack, and if you choose to participate, your support of RFK Jr.’s candidacy. I truly believe we are in a pivotal time where the work each of us puts in can make an immense impact on the future course of this world.

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