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This image shows various nutrient dense, probiotic rich medicinal grade foods. The brightly colored jars in the center ( contain garlic, turmeric, ginger and peppercorns in a salt brine) is a ‘wild’ (aka spontaneously initiated) fermentation that involves many strains of native L.A.B. (lactic acid bacteria). The smaller jar in the center is a Wild Fermented ‘Wild’ Chiltepin Pepper Sauce. And last but not least the jars on the sides contain homemade miso paste (containing cooked amaranth seed, black soy beans, ‘trail of tears’ beans, seaweed and koji infused rice). They are cultured ferments (meaning I used previously established colonies of specific beneficial organisms from a source outside the jars to initiate fermentation). Those jars involve Koji mold (Aspergillus oryzae) and various species of L.A.B. that are well suited for fermenting legumes and grains.

Should we re-invent allopathic medicine?

by Gavin Mounsey | May 27, 2024

While I do recognize that some of allopathic medicine’s contributions to trauma care are noteworthy and worth preserving in some format, I also see that at it’s heart, the Germ Theory mentality that pervades the medical academic establishment (no matter how well intended by individuals in those systems) is not about healing, but is in fact, antithetical to life.

The machine thinking of Allopathic medicine which treats the human body as a molecular machine in need of being kept sterile and well greased by an array of chemicals and synthetic lab made substances is like the modern government funded environmentalist program that tries to quantify everything down to carbon units, obsessing over limiting them or sequestering them with more machines, while avoiding/ignoring the fact that it is machines that decimated the environment in the first place and continue to (whether they are lithium powered or gas powered) and not even beginning to take into account other variables such as the massive influence that old growth forests (or the lack thereof) have on hydrological cycles as well as carbon cycles.

Both are systems of machine thinking, treating living complex systems that are defined and only capable of being healthy, stable and resilient by the myriad symbiotic relationships woven within and around them as simple machines. Both involve one dimensional ways of thinking attempting to understand, heal and make whole multi-dimensional entities.

The “trust the science” proclaiming doctor attempting to treat anti-biotic drug resistant bacteria infected wounds with more and more powerful anti-biotic drugs is like the techno-optimist self-proclaimed environmental activist cheering for more machines (perhaps lithium powered machines) to be built which are supposed to solve the problems created by the previous machines.

The masked up, A.I. powered intubated breathing machine assisted, intravenously antibiotic juiced up hospital industry and psychotic cult like vaccine industry that claims to continue to provide the most safe and effective way to keep the bad guys out of the human body fails to take into account that human health is not achieved via maximizing sterility and control, but rather is a reflection of the health of the community of life that one exists within, and that exists within us.

I advocate leaving most of Allopathic medicine behind, and only taking what we can carry with us as individuals and local communities with the tools at our disposal while simultaneously learning from (and building upon) the more holistic healing modalities of our ancient indigenous ancestors (yes we all have them). I advocate planting the seeds for radical decentralization of our access to pathways for healing so that we can embrace health sovereignty as individuals and communities living within a web of reciprocal relationships with the more than human world which serve to increase not only our own resilience, but also the resilience and abundance of the natural world around us.

The Allopathic medicine industrial complex is corrupt to the core and incapable of being “re-invented” for several of it’s most core aspects are faulty, counter-intuitive to life thriving and they incentivize corruption.

At it’s foundation, Allopathic medicine is built upon a reductionist, deterministic and atheist view of the universe, our place in it, biology and health. Thus, no amount of “re-inventing” of that inherently flawed, irreparably incapable and inevitably stagnating/inaccurate lens can make it into something worth giving to future generations. If we were to incorporate the truth of our eternal spiritual essence into the medical system it would no longer be Allopathic medicine, but something else all together.

Rather than try to antibiotic injection our way out of an antibiotic drug created infection or industrial scale lithium mine our way out of an industrial civilization created ecological crisis perhaps we should take a step back to ponder what our ancient indigenous ancestors might have done to address these challenges if they were to look through their animate worldview lens, which operated through a web of reciprocity, to live life perpetually giving and gracefully receiving gifts, providing medicine for the body, mind and soul and nourishment to the broader community of which we are an intrinsic part.

Those are just my own thoughts and I would be interested in hearing what all of you think about this topic.

The post above was my response to this note:

allopathic medicine

What do you think everyone, should we try and reinvent allopathic medicine?

If so, how so? And what would continue to define it as such after the transformation you might suggest for that system has taken place?

Thanks in advance for taking the time to read and comment to share your thoughts.

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Bobby Clemente
Bobby Clemente
1 month ago

Germ theory is wack. There are good and bad. Nothing much healthier than milk kefir, which contains an abundance of good bacteria.

Good ole John D Rockefeller, the founder of Big Pharma, pu$hing petroleum-based synthetic drug$$$. No country more reliant on that trash than the U$A.

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