The Great Racket

by Paul Cudenec | Jan 13, 2023

My new book, The Great Racket: the ongoing development of the criminal global system (see below), is a compilation of the more significant essays that I posted online during 2022, following the publication of my short philosophical book The Withway.

Currently available exclusively in pdf format, it can be downloaded for free here.

The Great Racket is a sequel to Fascism Rebranded: Exposing the Great Reset, which features some of my writing from 2018 to 2021.

I did ask myself whether it was useful to put together this volume, given that the contents are already available online, sometimes on more than one website.

But, on reflection, I feel that placing them together in one volume restores to each essay a sense of context that can be lost in the busy churn of the internet.

Even on a personal level, I find it interesting and consolidating to scan down the list of contents and track the path along which my research and reflections led me over an intense 12-month period.

I was reaching, intuitively, towards this overview for the whole period, I now realise. Even in the first piece in this collection, The Monstrous Truth (March 15, 2022), a contribution to The Acorn bulletin, I was effectively setting out my personal mission for the months ahead: “Eventually, after layer after layer of artifice has been peeled away, we will see the horrible truth about the psychopathic mafia and the physical and psychological slavery they have imposed on us for so long”.

The great racket

A key moment was the research I conducted into the man now known as King Charles III, who officially launched the Great Reset in 2020. In Charles’ empire: the royal Reset riddle (April 15, 2022), I unearthed a staggeringly complex web of financial interests built around the infrastructures bearing the royal branding, including organisations and individuals involved in criminal activity.

It was in the following month’s Empire of hypocrisy (May 15, 2022) that I really began to get to grips with the extremely close ties between the British Empire, rebranded The Commonwealth, and the worldwide “development” agenda behind the so-called Great Reset. I remarked that enabling the advance of private profit and the accumulation of “vast fortunes” was unmistakably a key part of The Commonwealth’s mission and said that I could discern the vague outlines of a global network or entity whose centre was difficult to identify but whose key institutions clearly included the United Nations, the WHO, the WEF, the World Bank and the less-discussed Bank for International Settlements.

Centering people in smart cities (July 11, 2022) was another Acorn piece, taking a close look at a United Nations brochure of that name and concluding that the title would better be stated as “Imprisoning People in Digital Concentration Camps”.

the great racket

A Developing evil: the malignant historical force behind the Great Reset (August 2, 2022), is the text of a talk I gave to fellow freedom-fighters in Italy in the summer. Here I plunged deeper into the phenomenon of “development”, starting from the way it had shaped my own life, and I concluded that what was being “developed” was, in truth, the money and power of those who had initiated and imposed the process.

Combined with my reading of Fredy Perlman, this investigation left me feeling, as I explained in Facing up to the crime in progress (August 8, 2022), that I was living within an ongoing crime, in which “we are all being reduced to the status of objects, human or natural capital, fit only to feed the dead-eyed totalitarian global greed-machine”.

I have included two articles from The Acorn 76, published on August 16, 2022. The first, The truth can no longer be hidden, looked at the desperate attempts of the global power nexus, via its UNESCO agency, to discredit all analysis or questioning of its agenda.

The second, Eight rights gone wrong, explored the way in which manufactured phoney “rights”, such as the “right” to be universally regarded as something that you are not, serve to restrict other people’s real and fundamental rights to freedom and self-expression.

Puppets of power (September 6, 2022) explained that “the tiny gang of criminals with all the money that power can buy, and all the power that money can provide, want to hold on to their full-spectrum world domination” and looked at some of the techniques they use for controlling politicians and other key individuals.

We are looking today at the complete capture of state power by financial interests and the violent imposition everywhere of that illicit and non-consensual authority, I wrote in This odious global system (September 21, 2022).

I added: “It is a scam, a racket, which has gradually taken over the world’s institutions to the point that its insatiable greed for ever more ‘growth’ and ‘development’ has been written into the legislative infrastructures of our society”.

A crime against humanity; the Great Reset of 1914-1918 (October 14, 2022) looked at recent research on the First World War revealing that the horrific conflict was planned in advance by a powerful group which aimed to profit from it in many ways.

I noted the striking parallels between the last century’s Great War and this century’s Great Reset: “The war represented a sudden acceleration of ‘modernisation’, the process by which human beings are torn from all their belonging and turned into helpless and isolated victims of a rapacious system of exploitation”.

I began Five thoughts on the global dictatorship (October 25, 2022) with a question: “Suppose, a few days after you read this article, a group of international bankers hold a historic press conference in Basle, New York or London. Here they announce that they are in fact the real rulers of the world, that the pretence of democratic nation-states no longer serves any purpose and that from now on we will be living under an undisguised global dictatorship intent on pushing us all, regardless of our wishes, into a worldwide transhumanist digital slave camp designed to maximise profit and control for these same bankers. Do you think that men and women across the world would simply shrug their shoulders, go back to work and tell themselves that they had better adapt to this New Normal?”

My answer was that no, they wouldn’t, and it was not by chance that in the following article, System? What System? (November 18, 2022), I referred to Hans and Sophie Scholl of the White Rose underground resistance network in Nazi Germany, a regime which is one of the historical models for the authoritarian post-Reset world order.

In The dominance of self-interest and the ruling cult of evil (December 9, 2022), I speculate that the ruling criminal class have been forced to adopt an inverted spirituality in order to justify their sociopathic activities to themselves.

I note: “The struggle between them and the seekers of truth therefore incarnates, in the present time and on the human plane, the eternal battle between the forces of life and death, otherwise known as good and evil”.

Finally, I have included Enemies of the people: the Rothschilds and their corrupt global empire (December 22, 2022), despite its length and the fact that it already exists as a separate pdf booklet.

It would have been odd to have missed it out, given that it was in many ways the culmination of the research featured in the rest of the year’s output and that it tied together so many loose ends left dangling in previous essays.

If you find the book of interest and relevance, please share it widely!

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