The Naive Belief in Governmental Benevolence

by NewZealandDoc | Apr 22, 2023

Those who accepted lockdowns, virtuously donned their masks, and eagerly lined up for the jabs and the boosters – people who think that I’m crazy to suggest that the covid measures adopted by New Zealand were as reprehensible as they were inefficacious – the people who have swallowed hook, line and sinker the lies of State over lo these many years – share one important characteristic, perhaps the one that defines their unwillingness to think for themselves.

They cannot bring themselves to believe that their governmental authorities are capable of evil.

You see, it’s that simple.

Despite a list of State atrocities over the lifespan of our human species that is nearly infinite, we here in the post-World War II West, refuse to countenance the idea of a murderous power elite masquerading as government for the good of all.

But how did such a conviction in the truthfulness of the State occur? How can so many be so certain of the unfailing goodness of the West?

Yes, this is a Western phenomenon – the advanced democratic, virtuous and egalitarian West of superior moral values, led by America. It is, furthermore, directly linked to the Second World War – and, in particular, to a myth fostered by the Western victors, which goes like this:

In genocidal Nazism, the most heinous and exceptional evil was concentrated. We who vanquished this evil are therefore good, and will always be good, regardless of our occasional peccadilloes. State-sponsored evil is a phenomenon of Nazi Germany, and it has been laid to rest.

America in the Fifties, when I was born, through the Seventies as I grew into myself, provided comfort, opportunity and even wealth for the lower and middle classes, factors that contributed to a feeling that life was good and that the country creating such an environment was also good.

When JFK was murdered by the CIA/Deep State of the time, most looked the other way and naively bought the fish tale of a lone marksman and a magic bullet. When the Twin Towers – AND WTC Building 7, let’s not forget – collapsed at freefall speed into their footprints as pulverized rubble on 9/11, no amount of uncanny physics and just plain common sense and eyewitness reports of multiple explosions could unconvince a majority that a rag-tag group of fanatic hijackers guided by an Arab mastermind from a Middle Eastern cave were to blame.

The incident in the Gulf of Tonkin in 1964 that became the pretext for American escalation in Vietnam was as much of a lie as the Colin Powell’s 2003 assertion at the United Nations that Iraq possessed Weapons of Mass Destruction. How many lives were lost, how people were displaced, how much misery ensued as a result of these callous and willful deceptions?

You see, the American government could never be guilty of such heinous crimes, never. Other countries of the English-speaking West and most of Europe, though quick to expose Soviet criminality and the profligate depredations of Communist Mao, turned a blind eye to American State terrorism and murder, and refused to acknowledge the coterie of covert agencies engaged in secret destructive operations against their very own citizens.

So, here, and in our very now, a transnational terrorist and genocidal operation on a scale never yet seen – I am referring of course to the Corona Wars – has engulfed the globe. The covid jab is killing us softly, and sometimes loud, and everywhere, and yet people who themselves have experienced the dangerous adverse effects of this agent cannot or will not connect the dots.

For example, a fully jabbed and boosted neighbor of mine recently developed a deep venous thrombosis and, two days later, a life-threatening pulmonary embolism. At the time not one medical practitioner queried the role of the jab as a causative or contributing factor, she informed me. A week later, however, her healthcare personnel had miraculously grown wiser and managed to come up with a theory: they blamed it on covid, from which she had recovered months before. No surprise, I suppose. Covid, long or short or in-between, is the perfect fall-guy to take the rap for any jab-related malfeasance.

As I’ve written and spoken about many times before, good doctors here in New Zealand – who questioned the wisdom of universal inoculation, who offered treatments, who tailored their care to an individual’s needs, and who stuck to the necessity of informed consent – are being hounded, harassed and persecuted by a vacuous and corrupt medical council in league with a private organization based in Dallas, Texas – the Federation of State Medical Boards.

One exceptionally responsible and informed physician was recently put through the ordeal of a week-long Health Professionals Disciplinary Tribunal. The Medical Council of New Zealand accused him of undermining public confidence in the Pfizer jab by discussing covid prevention and treatment. Yes, you read that correctly.

Gaslighting, witch hunts – so it goes.

But allow me to return to my thesis. Since when did people fall lock, stock and barrel for the obvious deceptions of their overlords? And how, and why?

I grew up in an America full of promise – for its citizens at least. An avid hard-working soul could acquire a superb education without mortgaging his or her lifetime of labor. Gas was cheap, travel was easy and the open road could be a dream.

Psychologically speaking, the concentrated evil of the Holocaust, with the Nazi death camps and inconceivable horror, would become a convenient repository of all that was morally reprehensible, all that was bad, while our Good Leaders would ensure that we might live under their benevolent protective shield. Heck, even the nuclear incineration of two Japanese cities was consecrated as an act of merciful necessity.

On the long narrow road ahead how many of us will be left to mourn the fearful, the ignorant, the naive, or the just plain selfish who, nurtured in a transient era of Western abundance, sacrificed good sense to an illusion, refused to make a peep about the obvious, and in a cavalier ‘yep, yep’ created a society along the apartheid fault lines of vaccination?

Fear, ignorance, naivete, selfishness – these are the Horsemen of our New World Order apocalypse.

To fight them off we need a little courage, wit and love: it’s truly that simple.

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