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The Predators versus The People: the global mafia exposed

by Paul Cudenec | Mar 18, 2024


The Predators versus The People, a new downloadable book by Meeuwis T. Baaijen, really is essential reading for anyone (and this should mean everyone!) who wants to understand the world we live in.

The breadth of his take is staggering, his clarity is refreshing and his determination to take his analysis right through to its logical conclusion is laudable.

Having already conducted research into some of the issues concerned, I immediately recognized the picture Baaijen paints as a true one, supported by evidence with which I am familiar.


And I was delighted to find that, when he explored questions I had not addressed in detail, his conclusions very much confirmed my provisional suspicions as to what was involved.

There is nothing more important to communicate to our fellow human beings than the hidden reality that we are ruled by a global criminal mafia – Glafia as Baaijen calls it – or the “criminocracy” in my own terminology.

Such is the threat posed by this entity, which aims to “steal our planet, freedom, and future” as the book’s subtitle rightly warns, that large-scale resistance is urgently required.

But how can people be expected to fight against something which they don’t even know exists and whose suggested existence they have been brainwashed into regarding as a figment of deluded or ill-intentioned thinking?

The Predators provides a solid platform for spreading awareness of the stark reality of the sociopathic Glafia and its domination project.

Its overall vision provides a framework in which other researchers can investigate the thousands of threads that make up the worldwide web of corruption, without ever losing sight of the Big Picture.

And this framework of understanding can be the basis of a new movement of international resistance that will go beyond merely identifying the criminocrats and aim to bring their odious rule to an end.

[The Predators versus The People can be dowloaded in any one of seven languages – English, Dutch, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese. More info here.]

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