The Rabies Hoax: Shocking Corruption – a Deep Dive into a DEADLY SCAM

by AGENT131711 | May 19, 2024

The Rabies vaccine is one of the most diabolically brilliant because humans rush to take it after they are bitten by an animal. Those who suffer adverse events or death are counted as a Rabies Death, therefore it is impossible to find fault with the vaccine. When it comes to stuff like this, I often ask myself, “How the hell did we get here?”. I thought I would look into the history of Rabies for a couple hours to find out. I had no idea just how crazy and shocking this rabbit hole would be. If Netflix made genuine documentaries about real topics, this would be at the top of their list.

Rabies Virus & Cures

Even before the creation of the life-saving Rabies vaccine, the medicine men were selling cures. These remedies consisted of “hair of the dog that bit you” being chewed and swallowed by the bite victim as well as “mad stone” treatment, in which a rock was rubbed all over the area of the bite to “draw out the madness”. There was also a piece of the Kings clothing and if you’re lucky enough to get this cure just holding it was enough to save you. Later, a cockroach cure was discovered as well as my absolute favorite cure which was ground-up jaw bone of a donkey or dog, plus a piece of colt’s tongue and the green rust off a penny of George the First; if your scavenger hunt resulted in obtaining all of these items, you are 100% protected. Yes, this is real, and guess what? History says these cures successfully kept rabies out of New York for twenty years. See, I told you it was one heck of a rabbit hole.

Let’s start by discussing what Rabies is:

In both animals and humans, Rabies is identified as absolutely any symptom one of more of the following symptoms:

  • lethargy
  • fever
  • vomiting
  • anorexia
  • ataxia (lack of voluntary coordination of muscle movements)
  • weakness
  • paralysis
  • seizures
  • difficulty breathing
  • difficulty swallowing
  • excessive salivation
  • abnormal behavior
  • aggression
  • self-mutilation
  • fever
  • difficulty swallowing
  • excessive drooling
  • foaming at the mouth
  • and more
  • or none… a Rabid animal might not have symptoms at all…

In humans, it’s Rabies only if the symptoms occur after being bitten or scratched by an animal. So let’s say, tomorrow morning you wake up and suddenly have difficulty swallowing; were you bitten by an animal? If you answered “No”, you probably have Herpes. If you say, “Yeah, I was feeding a squirrel a peanut and one bit me by accident”, then YES, it’s 100% for sure Rabies and you need a vaccine, pronto! Very Scientific!

Now that you understand how it works, let’s dive into some of the craziest sh*t you’ve never heard, all in the name of STOPPING THE SPREAD.

How Rabies was Discovered

According to a book written in 1890, Scientist Louis Pasteur discovered the Rabies Virus by drilling holes into laboratory dogs skulls and injecting them with what he suspected to be rabies virus. The dogs became Rabid (meaning, they displayed some symptoms from the massive list of basically every symptom), and boom, proof of the rabies virus! But, if you were doubting Mr. Pasteur’s study, according to a different Rabies specialist, you should have a 100% success rate infecting animals with Rabies Virus if you inject it specifically into their brain (not just the skull, pinpoint that brain!). If your brain-injection does not produce Rabies (symptoms), you are doing it wrong:


So clearly, Rabies is very dangerous and must be stopped before everyone dies. It was becoming glaringly obvious that the only solution to fight Rabies was a Big Pharma payday vaccine.


Now that Science had learned so much about Rabies and the severity of the virus, Rabies was suddenly being discovered all over by the USA by none other than the US government. In fact, Rabies became so bad that, in 1916, the Secretary of Agriculture asked Congress for $75,000 (in tax dollars) so they could begin slaughtering wolves, coyotes and “other predatory animals” in the Northwest states. The goal was to completely eliminate these species in Utah, Nevada, Idaho, California, Oregon, and Washington, because, they claimed, they ALL could be rabid and were infecting livestock with the virus. (Psssssst! Wolves were later discovered to be Endangered, and have been on the Endangered Species List ever since)


To make matters crazier, Rabies can only be tested for after death of the animal.


This means there is absolutely no way to prove an animal is Rabid while it is alive. It must first be slaughtered. This means, the wolves, coyotes and predatory animals who were to be mass executed, were never proven to be sick to begin with. This entire extermination plan was based on some farm animals falling ill. And, because there was no test for Rabies there was no way of knowing what the livestock was sick with.


A Closer Look

While tax dollars were funding the intentional extinction of wildlife some doctors and scientists were skeptical of the Rabies Virus and began doing their own research. What they discovered was alarming, to say the least.

Upon closer examination of Moscow, Russia hospital records, researchers discovered that people who died in ER from Rabies were attacked by a wolf and bitten in the head. In fact, it would turn out that almost all of the Moscow Rabies deaths involved severe bites or other life-threatening injuries. So, basically, a wolf ate your face off and you die, boom, Rabies!

Nobody Can Find the Rabies

Other than the US government, Rabies vaccine developers and doctors who got paid to administer the vaccine, nobody could seem to find Rabies, so that’s weird, eh? And trust me, the researchers looked. Here’s some of the people that tried really hard to find this stealthy Rabies Virus:

Dr. Charles W. Dulles, lecturer on the History of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania, was appointed by the Medical Societies to investigate rabies. After sixteen years of investigation he had “failed to find a single case on record that can be conclusively proved to have resulted from the bite of a dog or any other cause”. Numerous other professionals came to the same conclusion as Dr. Dulles, including Dr. Theophilus Parvin, who was President of the National Academy of Medicine, Dr. Thomas G. Morten a Coroners Physician, Dr. Charles K. Mills of the University of Pennsylvania and Dr. Thomas I. Mays of the Polyclinic Hospital.

Dr. Wilcox of New York investigated NY’s Rabies Scare because of eleven alleged deaths from rabid dog bites. His investigation concluded that not one of these deaths were due to Rabies.

Dr. Elmer Lee ended another rabies scare on Staten Island. Upon performing an autopsy, the rabid dogs were found to have died of worms, not Rabies. The worms were lodged in the heart of the animal, causing the animal extreme pain. The animal was lashing out due to severe discomfort, not a virus.

Even under oath testimony, dating all the way back to 1887, showed that back then no Rabies had been found relating to police men who received dig bites:

Dr. Stillman from New York was an associate of Louis Pasteur who was highly disturbed by the Department of Agriculture in Albany, New York killing large amounts of dogs to test them for Rabies. After death, their heads were chopped off and sent away for examination at the Cornell College Veterinary department. 100% of all dogs tested were determined to be Rabid. Suspicious of such a large quantity of infected dogs, Dr. Stillman’s team euthanized a, “harmless little dog without any disease symptoms whatsoever”, and sent the head to Cornell for testing. Cornell promptly pronounced it Rabid.

After receiving these absurd results, Dr. Stillman went to the Department of Agriculture and insisted that, instead of senselessly murdering dogs to have them tested, they should, “hold all dogs declared rabid to see if any cases of rabies would develop”. Eventually the Department of Ag agreed, and, to everyone’s shock, not one case of rabies appeared in any quarantined dog… ever… and over a decade later, none had appeared. In fact, not a single quarantined dog died and 100% of their symptoms subsided.

Further research by these honest doctors and scientists determined the cause of so-called Rabies. All of the Rabies cases in animals, which cause the animals to behave violently or crazily, “can be attributed to malnutrition, maltreatment, or, in many cases, both”. And, in numerous cases, the animals had health issues, not related to Rabies. So yeah, the animals were underfed, abused, or in severe discomfort due to health complications, which caused them to lash out…

They also concluded that, in humans, Rabies was caused by “disordered imagination”, meaning FEAR, also known as Nocebo Effect; if you think you’re going to get deathly ill because a doctors assured you that you were, you are going to get sick. Like the old saying goes, mind over matter. This is why, at one point in history, the German treatment for Rabies was a warm bath, and it had nearly flawless success rates. People were told the hot water removed the rabies, meanwhile the water relaxed them. They believed it worked, therefore it did. This also explains why “hair of the dog that bit you” , the Mad Stone Treatment, and a piece of the Kings clothing were successful in preventing multiple decades worth of rabies in New York. MIND OVER MATTER.

A Deadly Lie

Here’s a few utterly shocking examples of the horror caused by Rabies vaccines, indubitably recorded as Rabies deaths:

A mailman was attacked by a dog, however the dogs teeth did not puncture his skin, so he chose not to get a Rabies vaccine and he remained in perfect health… until his employer forced him to get vaccinated. Within one month of the injection, severe symptoms of Rabies set in, accompanied by extreme pain at the injection site. Two days after the symptoms appeared he died of paralytic “hydrophobia“… which means he died of Rabies.

In a another case, a young woman’s parents saw a bite mark on her neck. Under questioning, the young woman told her parents she was bit by a dog. Out of fear of Rabies her parents rushed her to get the vaccine. She became violently ill and died. After the funeral her parents discovered that the bite mark was not from a dog but was instead from a young man the woman was secretly frolicking with.

And, it’s not just humans who die from these injections:

Deadly Animal Injections

In the late 1880s, rabies vaccinations were given to 4,564 sheep in Russia, of which 3,696 died. The identical inoculation campaign was ran in a different Russian city and the identical results occurred; only 19% survived.

Money and Power

While the good doctors and scientists were trying to end the Rabies scare, the medical industry was pushing hard to advance Rabies injections. Due to the industries efforts, Rabies treatments became mainstream and when they resulted in death, Rabies was to blame. I told you, it’s diabolically brilliant!

You need to understand that the Veterinary industry lobbies for medical treatments because Veterinarians receive a large percentage of both their gross income and profit from vaccines given in their offices. As of the early 2000’s, on average, Rabies vaccines cost only $0.60 to $0.95 per dose, yet are charged to the client at $15 to $25 per injection. Large cities often charge more, making it the biggest markup of any industry.

How We Got Here:

Despite no cases of rabies on record, beginning around the 1970’s, most states in the USA were convinced by Rabies vaccine lobbyists to begin requiring Rabies shots for dogs within the first three to four months of life (some states additionally require the shot for cats and ferrets too).

It was then realized that there is a wealth of money to be made off pets, so states also began requiring tagging and licensing.

Dr. John Fudens, D.V.M. writes: “From 1964 to 1978 there were zero cases of dog rabies in the county. Magically in 1978, the rabies vaccine was mandated to be given every year and all dogs tagged and licensed. WHY? Well, it seems four veterinarians, with animal control bureaucrats, pushed the county board of supervisors to pass a law mandating rabies vaccination every year. There were three local vets and one professor from the State Veterinary College who were behind this … Not once was the issue discussed that there were no rabies cases in the county in dogs. To date, there still has not been one case of dog rabies, including the population of dogs whose owners who do not vaccinate for rabies.”

The F*cked Up Science They Call “A Rabies Virus” and a “Vaccine”

Scientists needed to create the Rabies Vaccine and prove it works, so, what made sense to them was essentially injecting eggs, cheese and Horse Serum into animals. Sadly, I am not joking. Let’s take a closer look:

Injectin Chees, Egg Yolk & “Horse Serum”

When you hear “inoculation”, you probably never thought of eggs, but yeah. Here’s the recipes, in case you want to whip up your own Rabies Vaccine in your spare time:

First, grab some rabbits. What you are going to want to do is inject the rabbits with the vaccine (Eggs, Cheese, etc), then inject them with the Virus and see if they go Rabid. You can obtain the virus from any dead animal who is suspected to have Rabies, or, the more popular option is to just make the poison in a lab and call it a virus. This means, when you see the word virus below you can replace it with the word poison.

(I’m not kidding, this is what they really did:)

EGG YOLK & EGG WHITE JABS: Start with a fresh rabbit. Make the vaccine by mixing the white of hens eggs with equal part distilled water. Next you filter it, then it is ready to inject. Inject the egg white six times within 11 days, followed by an injection of the Rabies Virus, then proceed with daily injections of egg. Result: Sadly, Rabies killed these rabbits on the 4th day of injection. It’s unfortunate, but the Egg Vaccine seems to not offer much protection.?

EGG YOLK, METHOD #2: Scientists were pretty damn sure that Eggs are the answer, so although the jabs didn’t stop rabies, they theorized that perhaps if it was administered intravenously, it would.

What you are going to want to do is inject the Rabies Virus into your rabbits, then give them six intravenous doses of Egg White within 15 days following the Virus jab.

Results: After the virus jab and the six doses of Egg Whites, that Godforsaken Rabies began appearing in these rabbits on the 14th day! The Rabies killed them on the 18th day, thus proving how deadly the virus is. Lord, please help us find a vaccine that works!

DEUTEROPROTEOSE JAB: Deuteroproteose means a protein obtained from cheese (casein). To make this, you want to get some milk, “physiologic salt” and “170 solution” (your guess is as good as mine…). Mix these together to make the cheese-salt-chemical solution, then inject your rabbits five to six times during a 15-day period.

Result: The rabbits became paralyzed and all died by the 20th day following the injections, so, it would appear that cheese, chemicals and salt doesn’t stop Rabies. ?

HORSE SERUM JAB: You can use Horse Serum right out of the bottle, no need to dilute. You will want to inject this five times before you inject the Rabies Virus. After the virus inoculation, you want to continue Horse Serum injections daily in smaller doses.

Results: Shockingly, these rabbits all developed Rabies on the 4th and 5th day, then died the same day! Gosh, this Rabies virus is f*cking horrible! If only Dr. Fauci was alive back then to help us get through this storm…

TYPHOID BACTERIA: Typhoid, they claim, is a bacterial infectious disorder contracted by consumption of food or drink contaminated with Salmonella typhi. This dangerous bacteria is what is used to create the Typhoid Vaccine, so Scientists considered that perhaps it can stop Rabies too, makes sense to me!

For this experiment, you are going to want to inject the rabbits with Rabies Virus first, then inject the Typhoid Bacteria six times within 15 days.

Results: Crud. This didn’t work either. The rabbits became paralyzed and all died from Rabies within 21 days after the Rabies Virus injection. ?

THE CONTROL GROUP: In order to conduct a Scientific experiment, you must have a Control Group. In this experiment, the Control Group consisted of only 4 rabbits, which were injected with Rabies Virus but were not given egg, cheese-salt-chemical blend, deadly bacteria or horse serum to protect them… until immediately after the virus inoculation, after which the control group also received daily injections of Egg.

RESULTS: Two died on the fourth day and the other two became paralyzed and died by the sixth day, thus proving how horrible the virus is and how desperately a vaccine needs to be created.

…And that, my friends, is the true story of Rabies

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