The Time is Now: Differentiating “Force” from “Choice”

by Corey Lynn Dec 7, 2021

When you walked into that grocery store, did someone physically “force” you to slip that mask over your face, or did your hands maneuver that task? When the government told you to lockup your business and “forced” you to shut down for months because you were not deemed to be an “essential business,” (while operating next to the essential liquor store that was ringing up customers by the minute), who put the key in the lock and hung the closed sign on the door? When they told you to fill out that survey about your jab status, go get tested every week, or download the vaccine ID passport app to enter your personal information into their all-seeing databases, did someone “force” you to pick up a pen, walk into a facility to get tested, or swipe your phone and download the app? When you were told the jab is “safe, effective, and required” did someone “force” you to the ground and stick the jab in your arm or did you willingly walk into a facility and hold out your arm?

Let’s define the difference between “force” and “choice,” because the word “force” puts a paralyzing burden on people that stifles their decision processing. It’s time for the hard truth. Most people are under the illusion that they are under “force” because they are being told that something is “required” of them. Most of what is being requested, required, or mandated does not fall under any law, but even if it did, it is ultimately still a choice, despite the fact the choices may be undesired and difficult. People fear the outcome, so they choose the path of least resistance – and make a “choice” against their own will and beliefs, then call it “force” because they cannot reconcile the decision they just made.

In many cases, “choosing” to go against these tyrannical, illegal, dangerous “mandates” will not even result in repercussions, yet people still choose the path of least resistance because they fear confrontation and are exhausted by intimidation tactics. They are afraid if they do not wear a mask they will be confronted and possibly yelled at or told to leave the premises, but the reality is, in most cases, that will not happen because the people in the position to start the confrontation suffer from the same fear complex. People have difficulty with honoring their own moral values, setting boundaries, and taking a stand for their beliefs because they’ve been instructed their entire lives by other people telling them what to do and how to do it. Both sides will rationalize their actions and prostitute their own beliefs to avoid temporary discomfort, with “I’m just doing my job,” or “I know they’re just doing their job and I don’t want to get anyone in trouble.” Saving oneself from the short-term discomfort will bring a long-term control system most won’t be able to endure.

In other instances, people are reluctantly filling out surveys for employers that are requesting to know their jab status, downloading apps on their phones, doing weekly Covid-19 testing, or scrambling to get those religious or medical exemptions filled out, all of which is a level of compliance that is eating away at people, while trying to salvage a job that most of them don’t even like. No one is being “forced” to do these things, but they do not like the “choice” being presented to them, because they feel that they are damned if they do and damned if they don’t. Therefore, if they make the decision to take all of these steps, each step chisels away a little bit more of their conscience, leaving them to state “I was forced to do this, otherwise I was going to lose my job, and I can’t afford to lose my job.” Rather than, “I was given a choice, one that goes against my beliefs, but I decided to comply so as to keep my job.”

If we were to process through what might happen if millions of people decided to make the “choice” to leave their jobs, especially ones working at well-known corrupt organizations or establishments, and band together to invest in one another and utilize their skills to form businesses that sustain communities, just imagine how catastrophic that would be for all of those companies trying to “force” you to “choose” them? Some people feel limited with their skillset and are afraid to take the plunge, when the reality is, people have far more skillsets, talents, and capabilities than they’ve ever given themselves credit for or attempted to explore – in part, because big corp has done a fine job of leading people to believe that their worth is “clock-in” and “clock-out,” while all of the accolades go to the top dogs funding the corruption machine.

Self worth, confidence, integrity, beliefs, morals, ethical values, and boundaries are all needed to take these steps. If you remove the feeling of being “forced”, pressured, being boxed in or cornered, and the fear that goes with it, to melt away long enough to sit still with your heart – ask yourself what you really want. Do you want to work for a company that is part of the building blocks to our enslavement? Will that fulfill you, or eat you alive with each paycheck you cash? Are you willing to “choose” to comply against all of your beliefs and continue to ride out the tyranny, expecting that more will not be “required” of you with each passing month? Is the short-term comfort going to lead to long-term discomfort? Is it possible that there are hundreds, possibly thousands of other people at your place of employment that feel as you do and are willing to take a stand against the tyranny, alongside you?

Aside from nearly half the country already being against taking the Covid jab, there is a larger percentage against these mandates being made against all people, and there is a rapidly growing percentage of people who received the jab who now refuse to get the boosters because they are witnessing all of the illness and death that comes with it, and seeing how they were manipulated. The tide is quickly changing, and if people do not step up now, the long-term discomfort will be inevitable.

The government, education system, and media have spent decades brainwashing people to be co-dependent, obedient, sucking the self-worth out of them, and making sure that their skills go unseen because only those at the very top are the “true leaders,” not the labor force that actually made it all happen. They have been demoralizing people their entire lives, and they want people to play the victim because it puts them in an inferior position and mindset.

What happens when your employer mandates the jab? Will you “choose” the poison to keep your job? How many months or years will that buy you a paycheck before you can no longer work? Will you “choose” the vaccine ID passport so you can fly or gain “access” to special events? How long before they link your data onto the blockchain and climb into your bank account? Will you choose to keep working for the corporations building our enslavement? How long will it take for you to finish your own prison cell?

We all have to take responsibility for our own “choices” and recognize the pieces of this dystopian agenda that are either coming together or falling apart, based on each move WE make. Just as we are the true labor force that makes this world go round, we too are the ones that are building our very own prison cells – and the same group of people rules over both – until we no longer allow it.

This illusion of “force” is to create “victimhood” and put you in a feeling of powerlessness, when it’s quite the opposite. Everyone is being given a “choice” by the devil himself. Do you choose faith and fight to end all of this corruption and power once and for all, or do you choose to help them build the human enslavement system? It’s really that simple. It may not seem like it because everything is being done in incremental steps, but it is no different than if one of the corrupt came to your home and said, “We’ll pay you $100,000 a year to work for us, but the trade off is that in three years from now we will own you and control you, all you have to do is go along with everything we ask of you.” Would you say yes to that or would you immediately begin planning alternative ways to support yourself and your family? Rationalizing is a powerful trick within the mind. Once one recognizes they are rationalizing with themselves, that’s a good time to take a look in the mirror and ask yourself to see with clarity, to feel with purity, and to honor what the soul seeks, no matter how difficult the challenge may seem. Consider what true peace really means.

There is no more time to ponder – this is it. They are moving forward with their agendas, and we are all either helping them to build every piece of it or will all work together to cause their agendas to self destruct. What’s it going to be? Get silent, access that self worth, and connect with your heart – where all truth and answers reside.

Solutions come from the pathway you invent as you resist, and faith will open doors you didn’t realize existed.

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