They’re Baaaaaack!!

by Todd Hayen, PhD, RP | Aug 27, 2023

I’ve had this article title tucked away waiting for its premiere since about June of 2022. And here it is. Hopefully I do not need to explain the title, and maybe the picture here will do that job. It’s easy enough to figure out. The evil spirits are back. Pandemic 2.0 is finally making its initial appearance, and we all knew it was coming.

But is it really here? Off-Guardian put out an excellent “article” (they call it a “discussion”) you can find it HERE. They make some very good points. Apparently all this started with Alex Jones announcing on his show that a whistle-blower from the TSA informed him the government plans to start rolling out the restrictions in October with the goal of full lockdown by Christmas. We are, of course, already seeing signs of this. First there are the THREE new Covid variants, Eris, Pi and Pirola, then the mask mandate at Morris Brown College in Atlanta, and in several other places around the world. We are even seeing more masks out in public, now due to the first shivers of repeat panic setting in.

Other Covid-scare events around the world include government doctors in Seattle demanding hospital workers wear masks, the UK is gearing up for the largest vaccination program in 2023/24 (why is that, pray tell?), companies such as Lionsgate Productions in Los Angeles are mandating masks for workers returning to the office, Rutgers University in New Jersey, among others, has the Covid vaccine as a requirement for returning to studies this fall (although this requirement was on the list last year as well, they are still demanding it this fall). This is a tiny list compared to the complete list of Plandemic 2.0 goings-on globally.

Why is this happening? According to Off Guardian, there are three possibilities.

1.    It really is just “Plandemic 2.0”. The reason it looks like they’re gearing up to redo covid . . . is that they’re gearing up to redo Covid. They’re not shy about making their agenda plain a lot of the time, and this is just an egregious example.


2.    It’s a bluff to discredit alt media. A standard ploy, the establishment deliberately feeds the anxieties of independent media outlets who reflexively report the sky is falling…and then they don’t follow through, making the indy media look like the boy who cried wolf.


3.    It’s about vaccines. As covered in our most recent Eris piece, the latest Covid “vaccines” are set to be released next month, amid uptake rates that have plummeted since 2021. By “discovering new variants” and dangling restrictions over our collective heads like a Sword of Damocles, they may just be marketing the new vax.

These are three good viable possibilities. Right now, at this moment, I am more inclined to believe the second reason. #1 and #3 seem to be two examples of the same thing, and if things get much worse, I can easily flip over to #1 and #3. However, if it is indeed Plandemic 2.0 we are seeing rearing its ugly head, then why haven’t they already released the big guns with film clips of people dropping in the streets? Is it possible they want to test out their training efforts from Plandemic 1.0 to see if we will drool just because they ring the bell? It sure would be easier for them if we are that well trained. Setting up all that hoopla with the news clips, the testing numbers, the deaths, the fake over-crowded hospitals, was difficult and expensive. The whole point of all of that was to have us comply on a finger snap.

They may believe if they just ring that bell, people will start salivating like Pavlov’s dog. So far, all we are hearing is the ringing bell: new mask mandates, a new call to vaccinate, new variants (without all the infections and deaths)—is that what they are doing? Will it work? I don’t think so. I think they need the “reward” (or in this case to present the “fear of death”) in order to get a proper rise out of us.

We also must consider the esteemed Geert Vanden Bossche’s macabre predictions. Maybe there really is a virus (imagine that), and maybe these really are killer variants, and Bossche was right. If so, there is another scenario:

4.    It is all going according to plan. The genocide is rolling along as expected. Tens of thousands, if not millions, of vaccinated people will die of the new “immune escape” Covid variant. This will of course be somehow blamed on the unvaccinated, and there will still be a push to be “re-vaccinated” to avoid illness and death. But many will perish.

But let’s not go there, yet.

Remember, I have my thumb on the pulse of the sheep heart. As most of you know, there are some “important to me” sheep in my inner circle, and I observe them like canaries in a coal mine. Of course, my conclusions are based on only my personal experience, but I still think that anecdotal observation holds some merit. Even though these sheep-folk may have chosen not to get six boosters—I don’t think they have shed their sheep pelts trading them in for a shrew nose—if the government says there is a new threat, without a lot of contrived evidence, they will still surely don the mask and “play it safe.” However, if there are no new pictures of stacked up coffins, or crowded hospitals, or people dropping in the street, I do believe some sheep will not panic and jump on the maskmobile right away. For these, which I believe are in the majority, the ringing bell alone will not be enough.

James Corbett of the Corbett Report believes they will not have as easy a time of it as they did back in 2020. Not only does he think they need more than a ringing bell, but they will also need more than the fear element I describe above. He thinks even the sheep are not going to be fooled twice. I disagree. Some sheep have definitely seen the light. But I don’t believe that many have seen enough of it to not easily slip back into the sheep mindset. So, I do believe it will take a bit more than the bell ringing. But maybe not much more, and then again, I could be wrong.

How many people going back to Morris Brown College are going to push back and demand the mandate be rescinded? How many people will show up for work at Lionsgate Productions in Santa Monica without masks? How many will ignore the government’s suggestion to get a booster due to Eris, Pi and Pirola? If people do, for the most part, ignore the ringing bell, then I will sit back and wait for the Swamp Thing to show himself in full glory. If they really start to lay it on with reports of thousands testing positive to some old bogus test, or that thousands are dying from these new shiny variants, I believe all sheep with a new-found bravery will cave. Just my two cents.

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They’re Baaaaaack!!

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