Unbelievable Reality

by Todd Hayen | Oct 7, 2023

We have finally reached a point in the advancement of our technology where we no longer can believe anything we see or hear. I mean, we can if we want to, but we can also choose not to, because the presentation of anything in a photograph, a video, or an audio recording, is no longer reliable evidence of reality.

Soon we will not be able to rely on what we see right in front of our face when we are taking a walk in what we believe to be the real world. In fact, we don’t have to wait for this, it is already here.

Holographic technology can already deceive us into believing something we see occurring in our own perceived reality. Many say the planes flying into the World Trade Center were holographs. Maybe they were. The technology probably exists to do this—although this link goes to a video of flying whales in Dubai, which is not an example of existing technology (apparently it is just a run of the mill CGI video), but it is coming, and you don’t even have to hold your breath.

Once we all know this is possible (many still believe it is not) then we will trust nothing to be authentic. In fact, the very word “authentic” will have no meaning. We will then clearly be living in a dream, not able to tell the difference between the dream and the dreamer.

Maybe, indeed, we have always been a product of the dream, and the Matrix of movie fame has always been reality.

So, what is reality?

I don’t think we can even define that word now, as nearly anything we might come up with doesn’t quite cut it. It used to be defined as anything objectively material. Or, as Webster states, “having objective independent existence.” Pretty clear, eh? (sarcastic laugh).

Maybe they are starting to jerk around with the definition like they are doing with a lot of other words.

Seems like Webster wants to keep the meaning a bit vague, so that it could still describe a photoshopped version of a four headed dragon as “real,” or maybe a devastating wildfire somewhere in Canada—or Hawaii. It’s all real isn’t it? Viruses, vaccines, pandemics, smiling senile politicians, masked health authorities. Whatever is needed to back up any claim is merely created and presented. We’ll believe anything as evidence if we first believe what is being said.

Don’t question it, gentle folks, just accept it. It is real.

I’ve heard many rumours that certain celebrity types are really holograms. Hillary Clinton has long been dead, for example, and what we “see” on the news, on YouTube, or whatever, is really a holograph.

Biden is supposed to be played by a digital double as well, and the Oval Office we have the privilege to see on CNN is actually a set somewhere in an underground facility on Mt. Weather just north of Washington, DC—or maybe just a CGI re-creation, painted electronically on a green screen. Whatever, who knows.

This used to all be sci-fi fantasies. Not anymore. Everything I just mentioned could easily be executed through an iPhone app you can pick up for a few bucks (by subscription of course) from the Apple App Store. Technology has become mind-numbingly out of this world, cheap, and available to anybody.

Like everyone else, I get a laugh out of seeing a painting of Beethoven singing “Proud Mary” or the late Queen of England reciting a speech about the virtues of anti-monarchist anarchy, but the deeper implications of what seem to be modern parlor games is rather chilling. I certainly don’t need to cite them here, common sense would easily tell us what we are in for—and mark my words, this isn’t a potential, it is a dead-on fact.

It wasn’t that long ago that visual evidence was king. If you had a photo of your husband in bed with his secretary, no one would question it as proof that your husband was messing around. Not anymore. Any 7-year-old can create all the incriminating evidence anyone could ever wish for with a few clicks of the mouse.

So, what about more serious incriminations? How about war? Murders? Trade Towers collapsing (am I suggesting such a thing? Oh no, not moi!) The possibilities are endless. Not only will just about anything that happens be accompanied by photographic, and audio evidence, soon we will begin to see any other sort of physical evidence being manufactured and synthesized to back any sort of claim. No one will be able to tell up from down.

These facts not only have implications of serious manipulations, but the subtle psychology of never knowing what is real and what isn’t, will be devastating. Everyone will have their own subjective take on nearly everything, everyone will be an expert, everyone will be able to believe whatever it is they decide to believe for whatever reason. No one will trust any of the usual evidential underpinnings of truth.

“I’ll believe it when I see it” will have utterly no meaning at all.

People will get casual about this as well. People will not experience any angst about any of it, they just won’t care. They will shrug it off, as if it doesn’t matter, they will see a video of a fleet of flying saucers lasering a city and not bat an eye. They won’t care if what they see is real or not, they just will assume that nothing can be trusted—except what they have been convinced by others is real.

Herein lies the real danger, whoever or whatever gets a hold of the collective psyche and can convince it that what they say is truth they will need no real evidence to prove their position. If people believe so and so is telling it like it is, then anything that person or institution holds up as evidential truth, will be accepted as truth.

We see this happening right now. The masses believe in the authority of a Fauci, a Biden, a Walensky, a Bourla, a Trudeau, a Zelenskyy, and when they hold up a mask as a device to ward off a dangerous virus, or a video of innocent Ukrainians being slaughtered by Public Enemy Number One, people will believe it.

There will be no vetting, no reliance on common sense, no intelligent research to determine if what they are seeing is real or not. Nothing that used to be evidence of reality is trustworthy, thus we are all easily manipulated. The determining factor as to what is real or not is who said it is real, not concrete evidence. It’s as simple as that.

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