WHO’s Pandemic Treaty Is Dead – For Now

Last night (24 May 2024), in a high-level pre-World Health Assembly (WHA) meeting (17 May-1 June 2024), in Geneva, WHO management and key member country delegates decided to drop the Pandemic Treaty – for now. It would not stand a chance to pass a WHA vote in the coming week. Instead, they decided to discuss at the WHA what to do next.

See this by Le Monde and AFP.

Be aware, however, that this press report does not give you the true reasons for the end of the talks on the Pandemic Treaty / revised IHR agreements.

It seeks to soft-talk- or not mention at all the big issue of a potential health tyranny that these accords might mean for the world. Instead, they are saying that talks must go on, because the world needs a “safety net” for future pandemics.

Right. As if the world was not able until today to deal with diseases and other catastrophes independently by sovereign nations. And by dealing with such calamities on an autonomous sovereign basis, saving their economies from collapsing.

It is clear, during the past months many governments around the world especially in the Global South, but not exclusively, felt more than uneasy to accept what many called a WHO Health Dictatorship – in the form of a “One World Health” (OWH) like in “one fits all” similar to the One World Government, or One World Order (OWG / OWO) that the Globalists want to impose on the globe’s 8.1 billion people.

And by the way, never forget that the Globalists’ number One Priority will remain a massive, but massive reduction of the current 8.1 billion world population. This was a key reason for the fraudulent vax agenda – and would be driven even further under the new Pandemic Treaty and revised IHR.

Those who push and have been pushing for an OWG / OWO in the past and with increasing intensity since the onset of the UN Agenda 2030 and the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) Great Reset, also want a One World Health.

This means that the Director General of WHO, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, would have powers to decide on pandemic and preventive or curative measures to be taken above and beyond individual countries sovereignty.

More and more nations are realizing what that means for their health system and not last, for their economy, especially looking back at the unnecessary covid lockdowns and other economy and society destroying imposed measures – that caused bankruptcies left and right, but had no impact whatsoever on reducing covid – if ever there was a covid “pandemic”- or rather called “plandemic” – a highly disputed question.

What covid and its tyrannical “measures” did is shifting capital form the bottom and the center – small and medium-size businesses – to the top, to the multi-billionaires, primary financial institutions (Blackrock / Vanguard, Wall Street et al) and tech-companies, to the so-called Magnificent Seven (Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, Meta, Microsoft, Nvidia, Tesla).

This trend has been going on especially with the rich and powerful having access to Artificial Intelligence (AI) for accelerating the capital shift. But business people and politicians also have noticed and become warry of the wanton destruction of their economies which made them more alert to anything coming from the WHO and the WEF.

What may have been the trigger for the big awakening is that the very WHO, whose Pandemic Treaty and sternly revised International Health Regulations (IHR), did not adhere to its own Constitutional rules, namely to send the final draft of these crucial papers 4 months ahead of the WHA to the 194 member countries, namely at the latest by 27 January 2024.

This did not happen and has not happened until today.

In the meantime, 49 US Republican Senators have written to President Biden, requesting not to sign the treaty / IHR; and 22 Attorney Generals from their respective US States have firmly stated, their States would not adhere to any of the rules imposed by these treaties.

That alone is a strong message, coming from the US and may have influenced other countries wavering between yes and no, to reject the WHO proposal.

See this and this.


What will happen next is mostly speculation. As pointed out before, the WHA will likely dedicate a good portion of next week to debate “what’s next”, so as not to lose the momentum. It is clear, they will not let go. It is engrained in the character of the Dark Cult that pretends reigning over the world.

The next step may be that they take the treaties / agreements to the UN General Assembly in September in New York, to elicit a broader discussion.

What will come remains to be seen.

What is important though – DO NOT SIT BACK, THINKING THAT IT IS ALL OVER. It is not over.

These people will not stop. We, the People, MUST get out from these organizations and start afresh, whatever form that may take. But no longer trusting our governments and their shiny institutions – WEF, WHO, UN, Finance, Pharma and especially the “Magnificent Seven”. Stay away from the latter altogether – we do not need an all-digitized, humanity-enslaving world – ever.

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