A Manual on Removing the Yoke From Your Neck

by Tessa Lena | Feb 20, 2023


  • By now, millions of people know about the Great Reset, the attack on food farming, the push for the CBDC, and the invitation to eat “ze bugs”
  • Public awareness, however, barely stops the predators from advancing in their quest
  • They are moving their goal posts, and we are now even allowed to talk about some of the topics “forbidden” before — but it’s just because they are on to the next thing
  • We’ll be in this battle of our times for a long time, and we need to be prepared to be patient and strong for a long time, too
  • When the abuse is so obvious, and yet so many people accept it and choose to comply, it can be hard on the soul
  • In order to stay strong and fight effectively for our own freedom and the freedom of those we love, without despair, there are a few soul exercises we can do, in addition to praying for victory from our hearts

If you grew up with an idea of living in a democracy, the past nearly three years have been a puzzle and an insult. Between the mandates, the push for digital IDs, the effort to kill agriculture, and the upcoming programmable CBDC, there is no democracy to be found.

And while in the summer and the fall of 2020, the stories about the Great Reset were still shocking news, today, everybody and their dog knows that the Great Reset is real. Many know about the attack on food farming, about the push for the CBDC, and the invitation to eat ‘ze bugs.’

But does it stop the icy-eyed predators? Not really, no. Their icy eyes are on the prize of enslaving us for the thousandth time, in a million old and new ways. When they meet our resistance, they regroup, maybe throw some of their own replaceables under the bus to distract the plebs, and just carry on. That’s a realistic report on how things are currently going on planet Earth.

We’ll be in this battle of our times for a long time, and we need to be prepared to be patient and strong for a long time, too.

The Enslavers Are Already on to the Next Thing

Isn’t it ironic how the topics that were “off limit” just recently are suddenly okay to discuss — as long as the discussion doesn’t move the dial?

Mad at Pfizer? Fine, be mad, you can now shake your fist and yell at the Pfizer effigy a little bit, it’s allowed. The new memo says, “Scream at the Pfizer effigy but, when the time comes, you must none the less bend over for the CBDC.”

“And, as you’re bending over, you may continue yelling at Pfizer, by the way. That’s because you are free.”

Cartoonish Klaus Schwab whom everyone hates? He is no small fish in the circle of enslavers but even the Schwabian fish can be eventually disposed of — and some other stinky fish can be dressed up to play his role.

The Machine though — the underlying society-organizing principle of enslavement of many by the dark and power-hungry few — stays as the decorations change. This ism, that ism, regular people fighting with each other and killing each other over idols and talking points, war, blood, some property restructuring, it’s all there — but the man-eating Machine with the capital “M” is the same Machine.

The Machine, the Man-Eating Machine

Here is a paradox of history. I was born in the USSR. My grandparents, my beautiful beloved grandparents sacrificed tremendously to the cause of defeating the German Nazis, and this topic is very personal to me. I grew up on stories and films about the war and, even as a preschooler, I pondered how I would hold up if the German Nazis captured me. As a kid, I was asking myself whether I would be able to be brave like the heroic war-time kids were brave?

I really thought about that a lot. And even though without a doubt, as a kid, I’d been fed propaganda, too — that war really was a massive atrocity that took away many millions of lives, and my dear grandfather fought in it, and this topic is very personal to me.

However, objectively, Stalin, in whose name the Soviet heroes in the battle field went to fight and die, was as monstrous as Hitler was. Such a paradox! Stalin, just like Hitler, was an influential representative of the Machine. And neither of them minded sacrificing millions of human beings to their personal quests. Dear God, how is that possible? Is this really the world we are living in? Sadly, yes.

And so we keep walking in circles, this ism, that ism, regular people fighting with each other and killing each other over idols and talking points, war, blood, some property restructuring, it’s all there — but the man-eating Machine with the capital “M” is the same Machine.

Why and how does the Machine survive though? It survives, in part, because the masters are securely positioned on their thrones and have big guns — and in part, because so many regular human beings accept the yoke, thinking they have to accept the yoke.

Why Do People Accept the Yoke?

Some accept the yoke because they know that if they don’t accept it, they’ll be killed. That is the tragic circumstance of the people under literal slavery, serfdom, and openly totalitarian regimes. Some accept the yoke not because they fear death but because they are emotionally beat.

Some — the managerial class and the dogmatic believers in the superiority of the people of their own kind over the people of other kinds — accept the yoke because, in their deluded hubris, they mistake their yoke for a badge of honor, and so they wear their yoke very proudly on their necks.

And finally, many accept the yoke because to them, their own yoke is habitual and invisible, or at least it has been invisible until three years ago — while the yoke on other people’s necks doesn’t bother them at all. After all, someone has to wear a yoke for our freedom to exist! And herein lies the trap that puts a solid, ugly yoke on all available necks.

And so, the Machine keeps humming and churning, decorations get updated regularly — but the massive neck-squeezing circus doesn’t stop.

We Need to Understand the System of Domination

The underlying principle of what we are dealing with has been very elegantly described by the philosopher and scholar Steven Newcomb in his work about the System of Domination. I highly recommend his work, and I recommend it often because I think it is brilliant.

However, even once we understand the deep underlying mechanism and the mindset that drives this dysfunctional beast, understanding the theoretical principle is one thing, and being on the receiving end of it and dealing with the boot “face on” is a whole other thing. When the boot is pressing on your face, it hurts, and the only thing that comes out is a scream.

The Challenge of Our Times

Through experience, I have found that the trick is to remember the existentially illegal nature of the boot (as well as the yoke) while being able to temporarily function under the boot and the yoke for as long as it takes to remove them — without losing one’s mind.

That is a very difficult and challenging task, and there certainly is no E-Z formulas for doing that. Those formulas don’t exist. But there are actions and choices that we can take to make it easier for us to protect ourselves from avoidable abuse, to withstand any unavoidable abuse without shrinking, and to free ourselves gloriously and joyously in the end.

Not Being Afraid To Be Different — Even in the Face of Intimidation and Threats

We are social creatures. On some level, we want to be validated by others, even when we are independent and strong. So, what happens to us where there is abuse, and we feel that there is abuse, even we know that there is definitely abuse — but everyone is very strangely going along — is this.

  • At first, we pinch ourselves and rub our eyes. We are in disbelief.
  • And then, we either quickly realize that “everyone” got it wrong this time and we learn how to withstand the pain of being different and temporarily alone — or we go the route of forgetting who we are and lose ourselves to the fake “togetherness” of the crowd cheering for abuse.

It is easy to internalize abuse. It is very easy to internalize abuse. And that’s what the abusers want us to do — and what we should resist by any means.

I have found that the ones who resist the abuse right away are usually the ones who remember vividly and viscerally that the price for internalizing abuse is steep, and that the pain that comes from betraying ourselves dwarfs any pain that any abuser may cause. Betraying your truth hurts more.

When It Feels Dark

And you know what, at times, we really don’t know what to do. It seems like we have tried everything you could have thought of, and the people around us are asleep, and the oppression and the joylessness is just too much. Then what? That is when, I think, we really grow our soul.

Removing the Yoke From Our Necks, Starting From Our Hearts

In the next section, I would like to talk about the ways in which we can remind ourselves that we are born free, even as the boot is visibly approaching our face, CBDC and all.

We are at a juncture of history where — as we know — the great resetters are attempting a massive new power grab, and they are putting a lot of work into confusing us and making us forget that we were born free.

And yes, absolutely, love and spiritual work are not toothless, and on top of all the things we do to nourish our spirit, we need to do many practical things to protect ourselves — but in order for us to do them calmly and without panic, we need to be composed. And that’s where sincere and child-like spiritual practices help.


If you are religious, pray, pray like a child. In my own life, I have found that the most effective prayers are the ones in which we don’t try to be smart but tell the real story of what we are going through, any trouble, any concern, any doubt, and just ask for guidance and help in the best, kindest way.

It’s okay to say that you have no idea what’s going on, and you have no idea what to do, it’s okay to cry about your imperfections and mistakes and ask for guidance on how to right the wrongs you might have yourselves caused. We are merely human. We cannot see deep and wide enough. We need help.

And so, you are religious, you already know to pray. Pray like a child who is loved. Pray until you feel heard. We are not alone.

I believe that miracles are possible and that all good things that we have are owed to the Creator and the good spiritual forces watching over us. We, human beings, do put in the human work to make things happen, and we pray as we put in the work — but even so, everything we have, and everything we are, is a gift from the spiritual world. There is nothing that we have that is not a gift. Our blessings are a gift. Our challenges are a gift. Once we realize it, life makes sense. Even now.

Calling Upon Your Brave Ancestors

If you are not religious in a traditional or any other sense, it is nobody’s business to convert you or tell you what to think. You own your soul. But, religious or not, you are probably none the less keen on figuring out how to go about this world, especially now. I think we all are.

At this difficult time, whether you are or are not religious, you can find strength in connecting to your good and loving ancestors and by learning from their wisdom and from what they had gone through.

Think of an ancestor you like, an ancestor who perhaps particularly inspires you — and just talk to your ancestor from your heart. Talk your beloved ancestor (or ancestors) without pretense. Share your real feeling, your real concerns, ask for help and guidance, just how you would talk to a friend or pray. Ask them what they would do. And keep doing it. Keep doing it until you feel heard. After all, they are your family, your relatives.

They walked this Earth, and lived, and loved, and made mistakes, so that you can learn from them and feel their love. You are a valuable person in their eyes, and you are not alone.

Remembering Your Very Early Childhood

When we are little, very little, we often remember a whole lot about the truth. We know good and bad with relative ease, and, if we are still preschoolers, we might not yet know about the yoke (imagine that).

True, even as little kids, we are not perfect, and our parents are likely imperfect, too. But, as a point of reference, that yokeless state of a very young child can help us to remember our place in the world. That wordless awe of looking at the sky. That joy of just observing small miracles and not overthinking our lives.

Those experiences are precious, and that yokeless person is you. You are that child. You are the child who deserves all the love in the world. And whether in your childhood, the adults around you have acted wisely or not, you were born not for a yoke and not for slavery and not to be anyone’s trashcan — but for love and to deliver your gift.

As an adult, you may be a fierce warrior, or you want to be a fierce warrior. On some days, you may feel unstoppable, and on other days, you may feel beat and lost. And so, on the days when you feel lost, you can go back to the early days of your life when you were free. You can love yourself all over, back in time, for all the things that maybe the adults screwed up. You are a pure-hearted child come fierce warrior. You are undefeatable. It’s you.

Fairy Tale Metaphor

The fairy tale metaphor may sound like child’s play but it has basis in real life, and it can really help you on the days when you feel like the darkness is circling in on you.

When you feel physically anxious because of the uncertainty, when you feel afraid, when you feel oppressed emotionally or physically, when you feel inadequate in the hostile environment, when you feel defeated, small and weak, imagine that you are in your favorite fairy tale, that you are a pure child with bright eyes, and that all those feelings are bad magic coming from a sorcerer with a wand.

Those feelings that are eating at your being are not you, and they are not yours. It is just an illusion, a strong illusion that the sorcerer with a wand wants you to accept so that you start reenacting his wishes in YOUR life.

And so the sorcerer is puffing his cheeks, waving the wand, whispering the whispers, brewing pots, and putting a lot of work into making you weak, anxious, jumpy, disoriented, and unsure of yourself. That feeling of anxiety may be physical, you may feel a real pressure from a real circumstance, and the people around you may be acting irrationally and making no sense, but all this is a temporary circumstance in a fairy tale with a happy end.

All this darkness and discomfort are a result of a bad sorcerer’s relentless work. And you are the hero of the fairy tale of your life. It is on you to tell the sorcerer to go away. It is your job to protect those around you who are weaker than you — so that they, too, can be free and breathe free.

Once you realize that all those torturous, uncomfortable feelings that feel like your own are not really yours, once you see them as a spell that it is, as almost separate creatures who have no legal business making a home in your head, your soul gets clearer, and the universe gives you a sword that is more powerful than the sorcerer’s wand.

In that fairy tale, you may get tested. You may have to be patient, very patient. You may have to work very hard. In that fairy tale, there are days of great discomfort where you feel completely alone with your clarity and kindness, where you are at the brink of a collapse. But that is just a test.

If you keep at it, and keep at it, and keep at it, the sorcerer will find it unbearable to deal with you any longer, and will leave you alone. And the ones whom you love, the ones you are defending with all your love, will be free, too. And they, too, will grow stronger, and protect you back when they can.

And that is how the story ends. At the end of the story, however long it takes to unwind the plot, the System of Domination crumbles, and you, the child with bright eyes and the fierce, patient warrior, get to breathe free and bathe in love. May it be so.

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1 year ago

In Putin’s address this week, he explains exactly what the Western world is doing to destroy it’s own society. In short, it’s the denial of traditional structures of the family, gender roles, and religion. All the woke distractions that keep people confused and not moving forward with building their lives.

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