American politics is so bizarre because it’s actually just two large groups of vaccine injured people fighting against each other

by | Sep 3, 2022

Vaccine injury is so ubiquitous in the U.S. that some of its most extreme features pass unnoticed. In this article I aim to highlight the vaccine-induced dysfunction in our political system.

I. Democrats, the party of the Iatrogenocide

Joe Biden is a weird dude. Sniffing women and children at public events, a tendency to just blurt things out, yelling and then whispering when giving speeches. These are not the tendencies of a healthy, well-balance person. Yes, some of that may be dementia. But can we really rule out vaccine injury?

Joe Biden lost his oldest son Beau to brain cancer at age 46. Beau served in Iraq as part of the Delaware Army National Guard. The Bidens blame toxic burn pits for Beau’s brain cancer. But brain cancer is also a vaccine side effect and soldiers are among the most over-vaccinated people on the planet.

Hunter Biden experienced traumatic brain injury when he was three (in a car accident that killed his mother and sister). But both Hunter and Ashley Biden’s battles with addiction could also stem from vaccine injury.

The Democratic party has become the face of the Iatrogenocide — gleefully implementing whatever Pharma wants.

The Democratic Party seems to attract a certain sort of vaccine injured person — self-righteous but lacking in self-awareness, afflicted with hypochondria, lacking in empathy but desiring order, power, and control. This is not JFK’s Democratic Party.

In the last year, the Democrats’ vaccine campaign has killed:

• Paul Farmer, the top public health official in the world;
• Richard Trumka, the President of America’s largest labor federation;
• Carlos Tejada, the Asia editor of the NY Times
• Hank Aaron, civil rights legend;
• Rep. Sean Casten’s (D-IL) daughter Gwen; and
• more than 30,000 other people.

The Democrats nearly lost control of the Senate when Senator Ben Luján had a vaccine-induced stroke and they may lose a Senate seat in Pennsylvania because John Fetterman also had a vaccine-induced stroke.

The Covid-19 vaccine campaign is the largest medical disaster in human history — the shots do not work and they cause catastrophic harms. Yet Democrats want MOAR shots, less science (read: no science), and more mayhem and death.

This is not how healthy well-balance people behave.

II. Republicans, also vaccine injured

I give Republicans a lot of love on my Substack. That’s because at the state level, many libertarian, small r republican elected officials are fantastic and understand our issue almost as well as we do. At the national level there are about 20 Republicans who are with us. And Ron DeSantis has been the best governor in the country by far throughout the pandemic.

That being said, the cult of Trump is bonkers.

Watching TV all day while binging on Diet Coke and rage Tweeting are not the actions of a healthy and well-balance President. But they might be the actions of a vaccine injured President.

Trump has a vaccine injured son yet he did nothing to prevent vaccine injury during his term.

Trump’s Operation Warp Speed killed:

• Ivana Trump, mother of Ivanka, Donald Jr., and Eric Trump;
• Fred Hiatt, conservative columnist for the Washington Post;
• Joel Kallman, the Oracle VP (and staunch Pro Lifer) who designed CDC’s Vaccine Tracking System; and
as I pointed out above, more than 30,000 other people.

Operation Warp Speed also gave Franklin Graham pericarditis.

Yet Trump still brags about Operation Warp Speed (based on what, it’s not clear) even while his base boos him anytime he mentions vaccines.

Trump got 63 million votes in 2016, 73 million votes in 2020, and has a decent chance of winning in 2024. His supporters don’t seem to care much about policy. They just like that he’s exciting and authentic. Trump was never playing 10-dimensional chess. It’s just that the chaos he creates supplies a bigger dopamine hit than any other candidate. And as I’ve written before, excitement may be a big part of what is driving the Iatrogenocide.

Voting for a candidate who is exciting even though he presided over one of the most egregious policy disasters in American history is not how healthy well-balance people behave.

I get that voters were presented with two bad choices for President in 2016 and 2020. But that’s the symptom of the larger problem. Our society, made up for the most part of vaccine injured people, with malevolent actors (Pharma, Gates, Zuckerberg) seeking to take advantage every chance they get, builds systems and institutions that don’t work very well and that have a tendency to reproduce the very dysfunction we should want to transcend.

III. What about the rest of us? The political refugees who do not feel at home in either political party?

Are we somehow exempt from the dynamic I’ve described above? Nope, we’re vaccine injured too — just in a different way. We tend to be hyper-empathic, our senses are turned way way up (sound, touch, smell, and/or taste sometimes too). The movement for medical freedom is long on excitement, short on actual pragmatic plans for taking power. We are contrarian to the point of oppositional defiant disorder sometimes. We are skeptical of everything and everyone in ways that are often counterproductive. We’re going to survive, because we didn’t get the clot shot. But the trauma, PTSD, and iatrogenic injury experienced by so many in our movement sometimes interfere with our ability to enjoy this beautiful thing that we are creating. Regardless of our good intentions, we are always seeing the world through the kaleidoscope of vaccine injury.

IV. So what’s the way forward?

What we learn from philosophy is that there can be no such thing as objective truth because we are limited by our senses and are always a part of the world that we are trying to study.

The human eye can only see between 430-770 THz. Our ears can only detect sound between 20Hz – 20 kHz. These ranges make up a fraction of the total sound & light frequency range. This means there is a lot going on around us that we cannot see or hear. — Conscious Arrival

Vaccine injury is like that but even more so. We each are only able to experience particular slices of reality and our slice may not match anyone else’s.

So we need to detox and humble ourselves. As we detox our perceptions of reality will change in ways that we cannot anticipate at the moment.

The movement now has two wings — the old guard who have vaccine injured kids and have been trying to warn people for 30 years and the new people whose kids are healthy (because they listened to the warnings and avoided vaccines) and they want to give back to the movement that saved their families from harm.

The very real problem that we face is that the vaccine injured and unvaccinated people are going to see the world very differently from each other. The policies we make as a society are based on our understandings and assumptions about human nature. But now we live in an era where all of those assumptions have gone out the window. Today there is no human nature that can be understood apart from human nature warped by neurotoxicants.

It’s just going to be really complicated to manage a society where 97% of people are vaccine injured in various ways, 3% are not, and no one agrees on what reality is or how humans can or should be. Policymaking during a mass poisoning event that interferes with cognitive abilities for the vast majority of the population is the challenge we will face for the rest of our lives.

Going forward we need much more sophisticated detox protocols than what we have right now. We’ll need ways of identifying the particular vaccine injury and matching it with the right treatments. And we are going to need to figure out how to get along in a world where dendrites are dead, corporate warlords are everywhere, and all bets are off as far as being able to predict what people want, need, and believe.

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