Do not report COVID cases

Do not report COVID cases to schools & do not test yourself if you feel ill

by Vinay Prasad | Sep 6, 2023

I saw this post today. A school in MoCo, MD (DC beltway) has reimplemented n95 masking for kids. As a side note: there is no n95 mask for kids— as these masks have not been validated in children. In response, one commenter suggests the only solution is to no long report COVID cases to school. Is this a sensible strategy?

It turns out the answer is yes. Consider the facts. There is no evidence to suggest community mask mandates slow the spread of COVID in adults. There is no evidence to show they slow the spread of COVID in kids, and the best regression discontinuity studies (Spain) show no effect. Finally, there is no *logic* to slow spread in 2023, given that COVID has already engulfed 90%++ of kids (per CDC’s own Ab screens), and will keep spreading throughout humanity for 10,000 years or until we destroy ourselves. We should no longer aspire to slow spread. No one has shown that improves any outcome.

What about long COVID in kids? There is nearly no evidence to show that this entity warrants concern, and no evidence that any of these measures improve kids quality of life.

Given these facts, the policy of the Rosemary Hill Elementary school is not just unjustified— it is harmful. Requiring children to wear a useless mask to prevent the unpreventable— is deranged thinking. Given the voting patterns of MoCo, it likely reflects the persistent derangement among liberal democrats that the mask was given to us by Moses when he descended the mountain.

The commenter suggests that the only option left for remaining sensible people is to not longer comply in the system that yields this outcome. Here are some practical suggestions:

  1. If you child is sick— do not test that child for COVID.
  2. When they look good enough for school, send them in.
  3. If you are sick— do not test yourself for COVID. (after all, Paxlovid data almost surely doesn’t apply to you — new post coming).
  4. If anyone is sick, do not tell your employer or school.
  5. Stop reporting these illnesses, and encourage your colleagues to cease reporting.
  6. Decline any further COVID19 vaccination, unless RCTs show benefit in your age group
  7. Complain to your employer about any mandates or declination forms.

In my estimation— it is the only logical course left. The strategy makes sense. It’s time to go dark with all COVID data. If enough people don’t participate, the irrationality will stop. Eventually.

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