Honest People Series: Dr. Byram Bridle

Honest people make the world go round.

by Tessa Lena November 18, 2021

This story is about honesty. Specifically, it is about an honest scientist, Dr. Byram Bridle.

Let’s face it, honesty is rare. One can take a look at the fables from thousands of years ago, when the immediate cost of having misguided ideas about reality was much higher than today due to the lack of a buffer—you cannot bullshit your way out of a tiger’s mouth—and even the old fables lament that people like to delude themselves to their own eventual detriment. And in today’s world, we live inside a wishful thinking pyramid. Therefore, our ultimate survival depends on the courage and honesty of those who dare to face the reality head on and lead the way. Reality always wins, and that’s regardless of how much effort has been invested into building a house of cards.

Without further ado, I would like to express my admiration for Dr. Byram Bridle.

Dr. Byram Bridle is a viral immunologist in Canada. His areas of interest are cancer treatments and vaccines. His dissident career started a few months ago when, in the capacity of a mainstream immunologist, he was interviewed by Alex Pierson on the radio—and in the interview, he suddenly expressed concerns about the new data regarding the biodistribution of the COVD vaccines, and the potential for the vaccine-induced spikes to cause blood-clots in the heart and in the brain. In that interview, he sounded rather shocked and was almost apologetic about the new findings. He did, however, express explicit concerns and said that it called for an investigation.

Since then, he has been blocked off the mainstream media, accused of spreading misinformation, etc. etc. (despite the fact that the findings he quoted have since been confirmed—to the sound of the crickets in the mainstream media). Luckily, he was able to keep his job so far. And fiercely, he is pushing forward for rigorous science and keeping the public informed. According to Dr. Bridle, he considers himself a public servant and he feels responsible for bringing forward honest knowledge, regardless of whether it’s convenient.

I have greatest respect for Dr. Bridle. I feel camaraderie. He is alive and curious, not a zombie. Non-zombies always end up saving the day, and I just pray that the brave ones will be able to do it again. I have no doubt that when this egregious bullying and censorship pass, even the ones who have been gaslit today into a religious faith in the mainstream narrative just because, will wake up and realize that they have been duped. And that the world will heal by the power of truth. I pray for the truth.

I was myself raised in the tradition of intellectual rigor, which was a side effect of the collapse of the Soviet Union. During my formative years, everybody was so fed up with Soviet establishment bullshit that intellectual honesty was held in high regard, and everyone in my circles craved knowledge for the sake of knowledge. I have carried that love of knoweldge for the sake of knoweldge throughout my life, and I feel elated when I run into other curious souls.

Anyway, please watch Dr. Bridle’s interview. The gist:

  • He is a trained viral immunologist; immunology and vaccinology are his specialties. Many family physicians who are promoting COVID vaccines based on official guidelines have had at most a couple of hours on vaccinology in the first year of medschool, and that’s the entire extent of their knowledge on the science of vaccinology. In other words, they are clueless about the science of it, and they act on faith (and perhaps sometimes on kickbacks, but he did not say that, these are my words).
  • As a scientist who is observing an unusual number of unexplained deaths in young people, including in athletes, he cannot say with certainty whether it’s vaccine-related. However, he finds the data to be extremely alarming and believes there is a fair chance of at least some of those deaths to have been caused directly by the vaccines. The official opinionators, however, immediately and without blinking conclude that the deaths certainly are not vaccine related, even though they don’t know what caused them. They just know with certainly it wasn’t the vaccine because it couldn’t have been the vaccine because the vaccine is safe and couldn’t have caused it because it is safe and it is safe and it is safe. Dr. Birdle has a problem with this kind of science.
  • He has been trying relentlessly to have a proper, rigorous scientific debate with the proponents of the official narrative, including on the safety of COVID vaccines. He reached out to hundreds of people. Literally no one on the mainstream side agreed to officially debate with him on the grounds of science. They prefer to generically accuse him of being a horrible person and a spreader of misinformation but they seem to be scared of debating him based on science.

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