Universities Can Enforce COVID-19 ‘Vaccine’ Mandates Even if Local Public Health Authorities Don’t Ask Them To

by | Aug 4, 2022

Yesterday, an arbitrator ruled that universities in Ontario can enforce COVID-19 ‘vaccine’ mandates this Fall, even if Public Health Units do not require it. An article about it can be found here.

This is based on a case at Wilfred Laurier University.

This is nonsensical. The Omicron variant ripped through the population, regardless of COVID-19 ‘vaccination’ status, causing nothing more than a mild cold-like illness for the vast majority of people (some argue the severity may have been worse in the ‘vaccinated’). This means that anyone who was not previously inoculated now has state-of-the-art naturally-acquired immunity that has proven to be superior in every way to the immune response induced by the COVID-19 shots. The shots fail to confer immunity, which means they cannot protect against the acquisition of COVID-19 nor transmission of the causative agent SARS-CoV-2. Here is one example of a recent study.

There is no need whatsoever for Ontarians to get this shot in the future. We can continue to live with this virus like we have all summer long. And just like every other pathogenic respiratory virus that we live with. We’ll get a bit sick, acquire state-of-the-art natural immunity, then get another mild illness at some future point when the virus was mutated enough to start evading the immune response. This repeats over and over and has for our whole lives. An uptick in cases is no cause for alarm.

Remember the ‘cold and flu season’ (or what I and many others like to call the ‘low vitamin D season’)? We experience large waves of cases of the cold year after year. Most of us have experienced nuisance illnesses on an ongoing bases for our whole lives, but enjoyed all the freedoms that otherwise must be taken away if we are to hide from them. Do not let media outlets promote fear on the basis of ill-defined case counts. The media are not trained to interpret nor provide medical advice.

Most scientists now understand that the COVID-19 ‘vaccines’ are useless at the current time; even those who loved them earlier in the declared pandemic. And data demonstrating harms from these shots are mounting at a disturbing pace.

Universities are supposed to be places where both critical thinking and science are taught. Instead, they have been destroying public faith in science by showing a clear inability to understand and follow it properly. As a scientist, I have been trying diligently to minimize the harm to my field of expertise, which is immunology and especially vaccinology (a sub-discipline of immunology). Unfortunately, permanent harm has been done by far too many of my colleagues, the vast majority of whom are not immunologists. And this damage to public trust in Canadian science will likely last for many years to come. (It doesn’t help to have suspected fraud undermining a massive amount of Alzheimer’s disease-focused research compounding this issue.)

Universities also promote issues related to equity, diversity, and equality (EDI) like nowhere else. They claim to be environments where EVERYONE can feel welcome and included. Everyone that is, except critical thinkers who understand immunology. People with proven, superior, naturally-acquired immunity, and many others were driven off campuses. Universities have become hypocritical by continuing to promote their all-encompassing EDI policies while simultaneously practicing segregation under the guise of misunderstood science.

Hundreds of thousands of students in Ontario are getting ready to return to university campuses in a month. The last thing they need is to have to worry about whether campuses will re-implement mandates that serve no useful function, especially in the age of Omicron. Most college and university-level students are smart enough to know that the science does not support such a policy. They also recognize that great products sell themselves. If the shots were as awesome as advertised, no mandates would be needed. A case in point are the childhood vaccination series. Most Ontarians get them, despite exemptions being available.

Many students who ‘did their duty’ and got two shots would almost certainly be required to get a third (especially if the University of Toronto’s recent announcement regarding students entering residences is any indication). A lot of these students won’t want additional doses, especially with concern mounting that risks of severe adverse events increase in proportion to the number of doses. They understand that no medical intervention is risk-free. As such, it makes no sense to take a risk for something that is not needed.

For goodness sake, save our young people this added stress. They have already been stressed beyond healthy limits for two-and-a-half years now. Let ALL students enjoy university campuses again. Let’s not have an entire generation of students experience university or college solely through the lens of on-line learning while peaking over the rim of their mask and lining up to show passports to enter various parts of their campus. More importantly, let’s end the risk of permanent harm to future careers should many of the most critically-thinking students continue to be segregated on the basis of their well-informed, science-backed decisions.

Folks, as an immunologist, I can assure you that our immune systems continue to function in response to natural challenges in the year 2022. After two-and-a-half years, it would be surprising if there is anyone left who has not developed an immune response against SARS-CoV-2.

There are way too many other health issues that cause far more serious illnesses and deaths than Omicron. If we really care about a net benefit to the health of our society, we need to turn our attention back to these other more pressing problems. We now have a massive challenge of re-focusing our research efforts in the face of record-shattering debt, an ebbing public trust in science, and some of the best scientists and physicians having unjustly suffered potentially irreparable harms to their careers.

This recent decision by an arbitrator now creates a litmus test for universities across Ontario. One that the public should carefully follow. Are universities going to, as they have repeated ad nauseum, ‘follow the [political] science’, or are they going to change their ways and demonstrate an ability to ‘follow publication. To receivthe [real] science’?

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