We need to talk about how PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis) contributed to the monkeypox outbreak

by | Jul, 29 2022

“In a time of deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”
Venturino Venturini

Another day, another article that I do not want to write but I have to because no one in the mainstream media is capable of telling the truth.

First, some ground rules. As per usual, this is a left critique of the left. I support LGBT equality. I think gay men are great — I just wish the pharmaceutical industry, big government, and their own leadership would stop systematically poisoning them for profit. Bigotry will not be tolerated in my replies so if that’s your thing, this is not the right article for you. For those who stick around, you’re in for a heckuva story.

I. The origins of HIV

Edward Hooper is an independent investigative journalist in the U.K. His book The River : A Journey to the Source of HIV and AIDS is one of the most extraordinary works of investigative journalism ever published. In the book, Hooper presents compelling evidence that HIV made the leap from animals to humans as a result of early clinical trials of the oral polio vaccine in the Congo. If true, this would mean that the unintended consequences of the polio eradication campaign killed over 36 million people worldwide by introducing an animal retrovirus into the human population. Any serious discussion of HIV/AIDS must contend with the extraordinary research in this book. Yes, there are books and articles that attempt to knock down Hooper’s premise; no they are not very convincing. The mainstream media suppresses any discussion of this topic because vaccines are sacred.

II. The origins of the Fauci playbook

In the late 1970s and early 1980s, gay men started dying of pneumocystis pneumonia. Independent doctors figured out that Bactrim, a combination of two antibiotics (trimethoprim and sulfamethoxyzole), was an effective treatment. Anthony Fauci became the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases in 1984. As part of his response to the AIDS epidemic, Fauci blocked access to Bactrim in order to create the market for the incredibly profitable AZT. In the process Fauci killed at least 30,534 gay men who died from treatable pneumocystis pneumonia.

This became the model that Fauci used for Covid-19 — block access to safe and effective treatments to create the market for expensive patented drugs and vaccines.

In 2021, I received a lifetime ban from Twitter for retweeting this article by Dr. Joseph Sonnabend that describes Fauci’s actions during this period. Fauci’s daughter, Alison, works for Twitter.

As Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. documents in his book, The Real Anthony Fauci, the extremely toxic AZT also killed hundreds of thousands of gay men.

Tony Fauci has thus killed more gay men than even the most ruthless homophobic dictators. Yet, gay Democratic state senators Brad Hoylman (NY) and Scott Weiner (CA) treat this homophobic mass murderer like a hero. The Democratic Party has an internalized homophobia problem that they don’t want to talk about.

III. The gay community itself, not Pharma, stopped the AIDS epidemic in the U.S.

During the early days of the AIDS epidemic there were no treatments. So the gay community came together on their own to figure it out. They worked out that it was spread through sexual contact and that bathhouses appeared to be epicenters for transmission. The solution they came up with was condoms. There was a massive public education campaign to encourage condom use and it worked — HIV cases started to decline as a result of the actions of gay community itself.

IV. The pharmaceutical industry hates condoms, enter PrEP

The pharmaceutical industry hates condoms because they are inexpensive, effective, and encourage community self-reliance. Pharma prefers wildly expensive patented drugs that make people dependent on the industry for survival. Enter PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis). Marketed under the trade names Truvada®, Descovy®, and Apretude, PrEP are incredibly toxic drugs that one can take to reduce the risk of contracting HIV.

The pharmaceutical industry then bought off reputable academics throughout the developed world to endorse PrEP and get it added to national health insurance plans. The Affordable Care Act in the U.S. requires private health insurance to cover PrEP. It is also covered under Medicaid and Medicare. The message from Pharma was very clear — ‘no more condoms, PrEP has you covered.’ A cheap and effective tool (condoms) for preventing sexually transmitted diseases was thrown out the window and replaced with a monthly subscription model for a dangerous patented medicine.

What could possibly go wrong? Within months of introducing PrEP, the gay community experienced outbreaks of other sexually transmitted diseases — notably syphilis and gonorrhea — because they stopped using condoms.

And now it has happened again. The monkeypox outbreak amongst gay men (that represent 95% of cases throughout the development world) appears to be a direct result of Pharma’s strategy of discouraging condom use and encouraging PrEP.

Of course, Pharma sees this as a win win win. They make money from PrEP, make money from treating other sexually transmitted diseases caused by the decline in condom use, and now make money from monkeypox vaccines. Pharma will also make a fortune later from treating kidney and liver disease, amongst other long term side effects.

Here’s my question, will any leaders in the gay community stand up to Pharma or are you going to keep selling out your own community forever because the money from Pharma is just too good to pass up?

The fact is, the pharmaceutical industry experiments on children, gay men, and seniors first, and then exports that toxic model to the rest of the population. Pharma absolutely does not care about health. The pharmaceutical industry represents an existential threat to the future of humanity. Pharma is now using all available means (PR, psyops, regulatory capture, bribes, buying elections, etc.) to strip all personal wealth out of the world and direct it into their own pockets.

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