Jane Goodall: Reset world population at 461 million

by | Aug 18, 2022

Primatologist Jane Goodall says major current global issues would be solved if we went back to the population level of 500 years ago. That’s 461 million people. Down from 7.7 billion.

I have questions for Jane.

First, the tiresome obvious ones: Who’s in charge? Who decides who’s left after the culling? Who’s left after the culling? Does Joe Scarborough have to survive?


Will you start the ball rolling by killing yourself, Jane?

Will any chimpanzees be wiped out?

Will Chelsea Clinton and Meghan Markle make it through?

Will officials announce the culling? In what tone of voice?

Would you favor a vaccine as the method, Jane? For example, the current COVID shots?

Will the 461 million people who survive do so by sheltering together in one place? Vatican City? The South Side of Chicago?

Can we vote to make sure certain people are wiped out?

If I want my NFL Sunday package to survive, which cable provider do I pay? Or should I assume the talent on the field will be so watered down, the games will be unwatchable?

What will the people in charge do, once the population is reduced to 461 million, to make sure the numbers don’t escalate again?

Will my beloved Amazon Alexa make it through the culling?

What about Law & Order reruns?

Why don’t you want to eliminate all humans?

Or start over with, say, 10 non-binary identifiers, and see how they sort themselves out?

I think it’s high time to secure specific details from the depopulation experts. I don’t favor a general prescription. You go to your doctor, he makes a diagnosis and gives you a (toxic) drug. He doesn’t say you’re sick and randomly grab some pills out of a drawer.

How many people will die on Day One of the cull?

Will they fall down and croak instantly, or will the process be drawn out?

Will you make sure at least four doctors who prescribe puberty blockers survive?

Aside from Anthony Fauci, name the other doctors in charge of the depop operation. List their credentials.

Do we get a chance to stand together in the streets, or do we die in our homes?

Will Gavin Newsom survive?

Here’s a tricky question, Jane. Think before you answer. Since you believe continuing on our current course is disastrous, why not stand back and let, say, climate change do its work? Surely, a mass die-off will occur. Do we have to kill 7 billion people all at once?

Who’ll buy up all the empty office space? Is this a good investment?

Will the cockroach population evolve to higher level of IQ?

Do you favor the nuclear option, or are you suggesting some sort of mass sterilization program? If the latter, what do you expect to happen when 7 billion people realize they can’t have children anymore?

Would you support a global lottery or spelling bee to choose survivors—staged on television as, say, a fundraiser for the World Economic Forum?

Would you allow a grace period before the culling begins, during which heroic individuals could kill themselves on YouTube?

Looking at China, with a population of 1.4 billion—how will you kill the requisite number of people there?

After the culling, are you perhaps thinking chimpanzees will rule the Earth? Just checking. Has Bill Gates forged lasting and meaningful friendships with chimps?

I’m wrestling with the distribution of deaths across categories. For instance, what happens if 500,000 pedophiles survive?

Who are you picking up paychecks from every month? Make a list, with amounts disclosed.

Will Snoop Dogg and Chris Wallace survive?

Get back to me with your answers, Jane, and I’ll publish them in full. No redactions.

I’ll be happy to meet with you. After it’s over.

I think you’ll love my alligators, Sal and Guido and Torquemada.

You’ve got your animals and I’ve got mine.

— Jon Rappoport

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