Medicinal Steak: Bioethics and Food Security Part 1

by Mark Robert Johnson | Apr 17, 2023

Editor’s Note: In our previous Substack article entitled “Unjected Investigates: mRNA and the Food Supply”, we made the assertion that we couldn’t find any evidence of mRNA-based vaccines being used in domestic livestock. In response to that article, we had some readers reach out to us and point us to an article that had just been published the day before on Children’s Health Defense entitled Are You Eating Pork Injected With Merck’s mRNA Livestock Vaccine?that makes the assertion that mRNA vaccines are being given to pigs, and that even organic pork products have been infected with mRNA for the last five years. We are currently talking to many farmers and ranchers about this practice to gain insight into the scope of what we are dealing with and to come up with some solutions. Mark Robert Johnson is one of those ranchers. He is a multi-generation cattle and sheep rancher located just south of Portland, Oregon. We asked him to get some of his thoughts down on paper and we will be releasing them in several installments. This is Part One.

My name is Mark Robert Johnson. I live in Oregon, and my family has been ranching/farming here for nearly a hundred years now. We raise beef cattle and sheep, and I showed Southdowns for 20 years nationwide. I also currently breed rare chinchillas and exhibit them in various competitions. No, they are not raised for fur.

I was a member of 4-H and FFA (aka Future Farmers) since childhood, and eventually served as FFA’s Mt. Hood District President and received my American FFA Degree. (Which is somewhat akin to being an Eagle Scout in agriculture.)

I have a significant level of animal science education at the high school and collegiate levels, and still maintain many contacts in the agricultural education sector. I developed my own brand of chinchilla feed, which is adapted from the proprietary recipe of the founders of the Black Pearl breed in Poland. It is produced by Union Mills in Molalla, but currently we do not sell to the public. However, the development of the feed has given me a real inside look at animal supply production way beyond any classes available. This is one reason unjected meats is interesting to me personally.

My family currently raises Angus cattle in the Willamette Valley and on our Baker County ranch in Eastern Oregon. We still raise a few sheep, but not at the former level when we competed at shows. Oddly, the only recognizable name now is the Royal Morlan Chinchilla Ranch since it’s the only part of our whole operation that markets to the public.

I have a number of thoughts on Unjected meat, so let’s take it from the top:

  1. I cannot yet confirm the use of mRNA technology in domestically produced US livestock meat, but we know the technology exists, experiments have been conducted, mRNA ‘vaccines’ have been used recently in other countries on meat animals, and the FDA doesn’t require any of this to be disclosed on packaging.
  1. The notion these mRNA gene therapies won’t transmit via food is pure fantasy at best. ‘Scientists’ claimed the same about DDT pesticide, leading governments to douse citizens at will, then subsequently discover that DDT does indeed poison the food supply and pass to humans. Whoops!
  1. Deep state entities like Big Ag, FDA, USDA, the Cattleman’s Association and Farm Bureaus are busy opposing transparent labeling of products containing mRNA, so it’s a good bet they already know the answer is “yes.” Take whatever these organizations claim with a liberal dose of salt.

    We have big plans in the works for the future of Unjected, and your contribution here goes a long way towards realizing that vision.

medicinal steak

“I still haven’t seen a herd decimated by some mysterious virus”…” -Mark Robert Johnson

Why do the animals even need these ‘vaccines’? In 40 years working with livestock I still haven’t seen a herd decimated by some mysterious virus, yet somehow we’re supposed to believe our cows need a platform to create “designer vaccines” for undiscovered viruses specific to each herd. I don’t buy it, and neither do most other independent producers.

Oh wait… the global elites and Big Pharma need to get this experimental mRNA gene therapy into the food supply for the people who refused the jab. It’s insane. Studies are now surfacing showing severe blood clotting linked to mRNA ‘vaccines’ starting in 2019.

Fortunately, independent ranchers are the cheapest people on the planet. We aren’t going to spend a fortune on untested pharmaceuticals for viral diseases that don’t exist. I’ll leave that to the city folk…clearly the deplorable lifelong agriculturalists producing your food are too ignorant to comprehend animal science issues.

To quickly introduce these products into the meat supply chain is irresponsible at the minimum. It’s likely criminal because pharmaceutical companies already know it’s going to be detrimental. The leaders of Big Ag, Big Pharma, and the regulatory agencies just don’t care. But always remember, “it’s all about your health.” Tell that to the multiple thousand recipients of the inadequately tested and ineffective “covid vaccines” who have already been harmed by it. Unfortunately, the other half are dead.

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