Finally Proven: Pfizer Vaccine Causes COVID Reinfections, Disables Natural Immunity!

by | Jun, 19, 2022

As most of my regular readers know, the topic of reinfections in vaccinated people was something I was interested in since the Fall of 2021. This issue is hugely important since if people can catch Covid more than once, this pandemic has the potential to never end.

I wrote at least a dozen articles on this subject, such as this one:

However, reinfections in vaccinated (vs unvaccinated) people were never proven in a large official randomized controlled trial, until now. As you know, randomized controlled trials offer the gold standard of evidence: randomize people between a vaccine group and a placebo group, and see if the vaccine group does better than the placebo group.

Fortunately, we have data from Pfizer’s own official trial submitted to the FDA. This randomized controlled trial concerns vaccinating young kids and proved beyond doubt that vaccination causes repeated reinfections. Look at Page 38:


What is that page saying? There were a total of 12 kids-participants who managed to get two COVID infections within the time frame of the trial. 11 of them were vaccine recipients and only one received no vaccine!

Say that again?

Out of 12 kids who had two COVID infections, only ONE was in the never-vaccinated group!

Mind you, as the above passage says, all of these 12 reinfected children, never had Covid prior to the trial. So what caused vaccinated children to develop a disproportionate amount of repeat infections? The vaccine, of course. It is a randomized controlled trial, after all.

Look again at 2-4-year-old group: all of the reinfected children were in the vaccine group. All. None of the placebo group children were reinfected.

Thanks to Pfizer, we finally know that Covid reinfections are real and that their vaccine causes them by disabling natural immunity.

A little caveat is that Pfizer made the trial purposely complicated (because it is a resuscitated FAILED trial where they added one more booster dose and more kids). Pfizer vaccinated the control group. This complication somewhat affects the 6-23 months age category, but still shows obvious vaccine failure.

The 2-4-year-old group is much less complicatedall reinfections happened in the vaccinated group. I will let someone (maybe Brian?) calculate P-values, but as far as I am concerned, we have a smoking gun that reinfections are vaccine driven.

Reinfections in the UNvaccinated

There is no denying that some unvaccinated people also get reinfected. It happened to ONE out of 12 Pfizer participants and some of my unvaccinated readers (relatively few) reported reinfections as well. I must not minimize their experience. However, the Pfizer trial shows, that the largest share of reinfections is in the vaccinated and it is driven by vaccination.

What are the Implications

Thanks to the wonders of haphazardly developed and poorly-tested “vaccines”, we have 70% of the Western population treated with experimental, unproven substances that ended up disabling immunity, enabling endless reinfections, and we have the pandemic that never ends, dumpster-fire-style.


This is, sadly, happening in the over-vaccinated West, as the unvaccinated countries of the world are enjoying herd immunity. Yes, herd immunity comes at a cost, but that cost is behind the people of those countries.


Bulgaria vs Portugal

Consider two Southern European countries that chose different paths: Bulgaria and Portugal. Bulgaria is 30% vaccinated, whereas Portugal is 95% vaccinated. Reportedly, there was nobody left to vaccinate in Portugal. The result? Portugal is a steaming pandemic dumpster fire, whereas Covid basically does not exist in Bulgaria.

These two countries are also an experiment.

The outcome of the experiment is that Covid vaccines failed.

Good luck people, and enjoy the ride.

Would you give Covid vaccine to your toddlers and infant kids and grandkids? If not, please talk to a mother you know, and try to place a seed of doubt in her mind — to make her do her own research. Help her with research, too.

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