global-industrial agenda

Robert Malone’s global-industrial agenda

by Paul Cudenec | Jul 19, 2023

A very strange article appeared on Robert Malone’s widely-read substack blog on Tuesday July 18, 2023.

For anyone who doesn’t know, Malone (pictured above) is one of the whistle-blowing heroes of the Covid debacle, a scientist involved in developing mRNA technology who questions the safety and efficacy of the current “vaccines”, and is also a critic of The Great Reset.

But this new pronouncement, apparently the first in a three-part series, poses some serious questions as to where he really stands.

The title is, itself, misleading. Malone claims to be attacking “green colonialism” whereas in fact he is promoting colonialism, while rejecting the genuinely green cause of protecting nature from the ravages of profiteering industrialism.

global-industrial agenda

While he is right to note that climate change is being used as an excuse for ramping up imperialist control of Africa, his own favoured approach would do exactly the same thing under a different virtue-signalling flag.

The main purpose of Malone’s article is to promote extraction of natural gas in Africa, along with increased consumption of electricity and the use of nuclear power!

In order to sell these views to his particular readership, Malone claims that the straw-man version of “green colonialism” he sets out to oppose is the work of the “World Bank, WEF, and the usual globalist actors”.

But, for me, it is his own arguments that are very close to the nefarious agenda that I have spent so much time investigating over recent years.

The most telling section of Malone’s disingenuous piece is that in which he bemoans the fact that 5 billion people in the world don’t depend on washing machines.

global-industrial agenda

He writes: “Hand washing clothes is back breaking, menial work, the bulk of which falls mostly on women and girls.

“These [sic] is a waste of human labor. Labor that could be put to better and more productive uses”.

Put to “more productive uses”? By whom and to whose advantage?

global-industrial agendaa

His words immediately made me think of Carroll Quigley’s description, which I cited a few days ago, of Mao’s “modernising” Great Leap Forward, the 1958 Chinese equivalent of The Great Reset which aimed at “the destruction of the family household and the peasant village”.

Quigley explains: “One purpose of this drastic change was to release large numbers of women from domestic activities so that they could labor in fields or factories.

“In the first year of the ‘Great Leap Forward’, 90 million peasant women were relieved of their domestic duties and became available to work for the state”. [1]

Malone’s remark also reminds me of the propaganda put out by the WEF’s “Global Shapers” organisation, which I investigated in 2021.

global-industrial agenda

Klaus Schwab’s local representatives in New Delhi, who had been “advising the World Bank”, and examining how to “bring women into workplaces”, actually wrote about their agenda under the title “Women’s Human Capital”!

One of these pseudo-feminists asked: “Why do Indian women do the most unpaid work in the world? What’s keeping us away from India’s workplaces?”

The same message regularly comes from The Commonwealth, not surprisingly given that the head of Britain’s rebranded global empire also launched The Great Reset on behalf of the WEF.

It favours “speeding up the transition from rural-based towards skilled, middle class-based, industrialised and diversified societies”. [2]

The Commonwealth doesn’t like the idea of people enjoying traditional lifestyles close to the land and its 2018 “Cyber Declaration” speaks of the need “to develop skills in the workforce, particularly for women and girls”. [3]

global-industrial agenda


Financial-industrial imperialists in the Commonwealth and the World Bank, who work closely together as I showed here, are always enthusing about the “human capital” that is ripe to be exploited in places like India and Africa.

The Commonwealth declared in 2013: “With over 60 per cent of its population aged under 30, the Commonwealth is well placed to reap a demographic dividend”. [4]

In 2009, Albert Zeufack, the World Bank’s Chief Economist for Africa, commented at a WEF event that “having a youthful continent is a huge opportunity”, if only he and his colleagues could “get that population to start really working”.

Malone’s call for African women’s labour to be “put to better and more productive uses” therefore does not challenge the WEF/World Bank agenda, but reinforces it.

He plays their game by accepting that their interest in Africa really is “green”, as they claim – thus allowing him to advance accelerated industrial development as a counter-measure!

In fact, of course, their supposed concern about “climate change” is mere greenwashing, a false flag under which the usual suspects aim to impose their nature-wrecking Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Likewise, Malone uses the same duplicitous language as the global industrialists in order to justify this profit-driven desecration of our precious planetary home.

He speaks of the need for “billions of people to escape poverty”, insisting that “nations burdened down with poverty” should be able to “lift their citizens out of poverty via the same smart energy solutions as wealthy nations”.

Compare that with The Commonwealth’s stated mission to “play a dynamic role in promoting trade and investment so as to enhance prosperity, accelerate economic growth and development and advance the eradication of poverty in the 21st century”. [5]

Or with the World Bank’s claim that its principal aim is “to accelerate economic growth and to reduce poverty”.

He’s definitely singing from the same hymn sheet, isn’t he?

Moreover, in a publication entitled Assault on World Poverty, the World Bank sets out its interest in “rural development” which would “increase production and raise productivity” by means of what it calls a “transition from traditional isolation”.

It would like to enable the “transfer of people out of low productivity agriculture into more rewarding pursuits”, [6] without specifying exactly for whom this would prove rewarding.

Worryingly, it seems that Robert Malone is advancing the same industrial-imperialist agenda as the World Bank!

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