Social Credit in Italy: World Economic Forum’s ‘Agile Nations’ in Action

by Tessa Lena

This story is a quick note about another sly thing happening under the leadership of the World Economic Forum—the agile nations program. I am writing a proper long article about it but for now, a few interesting bits.

You might have heard about a new digital municipal app being launched in Bologna, Italy—the one that includes a social credit score. Of course, currently this initiative is still in its “honey moon” phase, which means that as it launches, it is non-mandatory, and comes with no punitive measures (not yet) but with special incentives for “virtuous” deeds such as using public transportation or not using too much energy.

Some of the stories I’ve read about it say that this system is the first social credit system in Europe.

But according to the Italian news outlet above, it’s already in experimental use in Rome.

And here is a sweet announcement from last month from Salesforce:

Salesforce, the global leader in CRM, today announced that the Municipality of Rome has chosen Salesforce to create an Integrated Citizen Relationship Management platform …

Leveraging Salesforce Service Cloud and Marketing Cloud will deliver omni-channel self-service capabilities, seamless collaboration between local government departments, and empower citizens to receive the information they need faster through AI-powered chatbots.

The launch of the MyRhome platform is another step on the Municipality’s path to creating a “smart city” — an ecosystem of public and private stakeholders serving citizens wherever they are.

Oh and look, who is on the very important WEF Board of Trustees, is it Marc Benioff?

Another thing. In 2020, seven countries, in partnership with the WEF, signed an agreement to become “Agile Nations.” Italy is one of them. Other countries are Canada, Denmark, the UK, Japan, Singapore, and UAE.

agile nations


And of course, “agile governance” is an important part of the World Economic Forum’s governance framework, so it all connects.

Now, in theory, all this agile governance may sound innocent—but in practice, it most certainly stands for a world in which transparent citizens live in a proverbial panopticon, monitored by technology—and billionaires enjoy traditional private lives and their large oceanfront properties, and limit their kids’ access to technology so that they grow up sharp.

Anyway, that’s that. Another trick unfolding! They are just going ahead, like an army of bulldozers! Interesting times!

Realizing that I am just one person, and having thought about this a lot, I suspect that the Great Reset is here to remind us about what matters. Perhaps the most important thing we can do to stand up to the Great Reset is to remember how to think with our hearts, to allow our hearts to guide our choices, whatever it means for each person in each circumstance. It may sound simple but for a modern person it is one of the hardest things to do! But I do believe that right now is a very good time to put our brilliant minds at the service of our brilliant hearts.

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