Honest People Series: A Phenomenal “Perspectives on the Pandemic” Interview with Spiro Pantazatos

by Tessa Lena, Mar 31, 2022

This interview might be one of the best interviews I’ve seen in the past two years in terms of being able to discuss somber and depressing data (the “vaccine all cause mortality rate” while staying entirely non-sensationalist, classy, and true to the linguistic standards of mainstream science—amazingly—in a way that makes it hard to deflect.

Spiro Pantazotos, who is a Columbia researcher, was originally very scared of COVID and was going to stay in his house until the vaccines became available. And then he started looking at actual science—the kind of science coming from censored luminaries like John Ioannidis—and he realized that things were, well, a little different from what we were being told.

And then he saw data that demonstrated a consistent correlation between vaccination rates and all-cause mortality during the following month. He didn’t really want to believe that data because it sounded unpleasant and crazy, but he wanted to understand the facts, and so he looked, and to his astonishment, he had to come to the same conclusion. So, while his starting point was the opposite of controversial, after analyzing the data and accounting for different factors, he now believes that the COVID injections are actually killing some of the people who have received it.

Pantazatos has written a paper, and now of course his paper is getting rejected by all the magazines because, who would publish against their sponsor or business partner? But he believes that his findings are fact-based and alarming enough for him to speak up.

This really is a very good interview!!

Below is the description from the video:

Columbia Researcher Spiro Pantazatos may have a reliable way of determining the “Vaccine Fatality Rate” or VFR.

By relating all-cause mortality with vaccine administration across states, while controlling for prior year deaths and state-to-state variation in mortality due to other factors, Dr. Pantazatos determined that in a six month period in 2021, COVID injections killed between 150,000 to 180,000 Americans.

His findings are consistent with revelations from the insurance industry, which reported a 40 percent rise of mortality in people aged 18-64, relative to the pre-pandemic era.

With everyone from Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla to CDC chief Rochelle Walenksy discussing the need for more boosters, Professor Pantazatos’s warning could not be more timely.

The preprint can be found below.

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