Supermarkets are allowed to lock out unvaccinated people

by | Oct 17, 2021

(Translated by google, for what it’s worth.)

Hesse, Germany October 15, 2021

The pressure on the unvaccinated grows and grows.

In Hesse, all retailers, including the supermarket, can now decide for themselves whether to implement the 3G rule (vaccinated, tested, recovered) or the 2G rule – so far there have been no access restrictions in supermarkets to give everyone the option of basic services grant.

The Hessian State Chancellery confirms to BILD that the “2G option model” also applies to the food retail sector.

Even supermarkets are now allowed to lock out those who have not been vaccinated and only allow those who have been vaccinated and recovered to buy food. In extreme cases, unvaccinated people would have to see how they can get food, send friends or relatives to go shopping – or get vaccinated at all.

Apparently, the state government itself knows how dramatic the effects of a 2G regime would be on supermarkets – and hopes that the stores will not implement this.

“We are assuming that this option will only be used on a daily basis and that everyday businesses will not make use of it,” said Prime Minister Volker Bouffier (69, CDU). “But that also means that without 2G the distance and mask requirements still apply.”

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1 month ago

Did you see the blog post about the from the guy in Lithuania who says they are now blocked from going to any stores other than really small shops. No large supermarkets

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