The bougiecrats descend into mass psychosis

by | Jan 5, 2023

This ritual that the bougiecrats* do is completely wild. They:

Get really excited about a new & novel pharmaceutical product that skipped even the most basic safety testing;

Inject it in the parking lot of a stadium, in their car, in a converted RV, or in a flimsy curtained-off “booth” at the pharmacy;

Get so sick (pain, cramps, bleeding) that they cannot return to work for days;

Wait a month;

Get injected with the thing again;

Get even sicker. Go to the doctor or hospital for help. The doctors scratch their heads, mutter a few words, and send them home;

Tell everyone else to follow their sterling example;

Watch celebrities, newscasters, athletes, friends, family, co-workers, and neighbors be maimed and killed by the thing;

Inject the thing again;

Get even sicker;

Catch Covid anyway;

Blame the people who did not get the thing;

Chant the mantra over and over, “It would have been worse, but for the thing.” Plaster the mantra all over social media to ward off evil spirits;

Inject the thing again;

Get even sicker. Now their hearts are beating strangely and there are troubling labs involving vital organs and essential human systems. Doc looks worried, says ‘this may take a while.’ Their lives are now filled with endless medical appointments;

Watch the bodies pile up. Have some rude former “friend” explain the mechanism of action by which this is happening. Block that person and vow never to speak to her again;

Inject the newest version of thing — that wasn’t even tested in humans;

Get the sickest they’ve ever felt in their life. Major body systems start to fail. Life is now in grave danger. Never question the thing that has been so beneficial over the last two years. Look forward to the next injection of the thing. Thank their lucky stars that they live in the best of all possible worlds.

We are witnessing mass psychosis. I don’t really want to get into a debate about mass formation vs. mass psychosis vs. “this is deliberate” vs. “people are just going what they have to do to survive” vs. “elites don’t get full strength shots.”

We have all witnessed the process I have described above thousands of times over the last two years. And I think we should call it what it is — madness. We are dealing with people who are completely mad.

I don’t know what we do about this but I think it’s important to be clear that:

This is not a misunderstanding.

It’s not a difference of opinion.

The injectors are experiencing mass psychosis.

We live in a society in which millions of people have developed state-sponsored psychosis over the last three years. It is very very very strange.

*bougiecrat, noun, bourgeois + technocrat. A middle class person who believes that bureaucratic, managerial, and/or technological approaches can solve everything. Most Democrats are bougiecrats and some Republicans are too (Paul Ryan, Kevin McCarthy, Newt Gingrich). Coined by Toby Rogers, Ph.D., in 2020 to express his dismay at the complete corporate takeover of the Democratic mind.

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