The Culling: The War on Birds

Over the last three decades, a war against our birds has been waged, taking a heavy toll of our avian population. This has all been done under the guise of the threat of the avian flu, a form of influenza A that is supposedly highly contagious and deadly to birds. It is said to primarily affect chickens, turkeys and ducks and it comes in two distinct categories: low-pathogenic avian influenza (LPAI) and highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI). Those inflicted with the lowly pathogenic garden variety are said to show zero to mild symptoms while those unfortunate enough to be labelled with an “infection” of the highly pathogenic strain may have a lack of energy with a cough and nasal discharge.

“There are two types of avian influenza (AI) that are identified as H5N1. A difference exists in the virus classification; one is low pathogenic (LPAI) and the other is highly pathogenic (HPAI). Pathogenicity refers to the ability of the virus to produce disease. HPAI H5N1, often referred to as the “Asian” H5N1, is the type causing worldwide concern. LPAI H5N1, often referred to as the “North American” H5N1, is of less concern.”

“LPAI, or “low path” AI, commonly occurs in wild birds. In most cases, it causes minor sickness or no noticeable signs of disease.”

These “viruses” are monitored through routine molecular testing of samples from bird carcasses as well as samples taken from healthy birds in order to determine whether or not an LPAI or HPAI “virus” is spreading amongst the population.

“Between 2016 and 2021, the NWHC tested over 3,400 wild-bird carcasses and over 12,400 swab samples from healthy wild birds for the presence of avian influenza viruses. While HPAI was not detected in any of these samples, over 2,600 low pathogenicity avian influenza viruses were identified and characterized, providing critical information to wildlife and agricultural officials regarding the spatial distribution and strains of avian influenza viruses circulating in our nation’s wildlife.”

However, these “viruses” are regularly detected during this routine testing in birds that are not sick, as admitted by the US Department of Agriculture:

“The United States has the strongest avian influenza surveillance program in the world. Through our ongoing wild bird surveillance program, APHIS collects and tests large numbers of samples from wild birds in the North American flyways. It is not uncommon to detect avian influenza in wild birds, as avian influenza viruses circulate freely in those populations without the birds appearing sick. In addition to monitoring for avian influenza in wild bird populations, APHIS monitors for the virus in commercial and backyard birds.”

The above paragraph should be a major red flag to anyone who is intellectually honest. If molecular testing is regularly detecting “viruses” in birds that are not sick, this is a clear sign that what is being detected is, in fact, not a pathogenic “virus” at all and, if anything, is most likely normal genetic material. We can see how this is the most likely scenario by looking to the origins of these avian influenza “viruses.” Last year, I detailed the creation of the “avian flu” vaccine by Maurice Hilleman in 1957. This discovery process showed that no avian flu “virus” was ever purified and isolated nor proven pathogenic via adherence to the scientific method. The “viruses” were the result of a mixture of chicken, fowl, and human genetic material. That investigation alone should call into question the existence of an avian influenza “virus.”

However, it is stated that the first known highly pathogenic H5 ‘“virus” (H5N3); A/tern/South Africa/61 was “isolated” from tern in 1961. While I am not going to break down the entire study, you can see from the first two pages that the “virus” is once again an amalgamation of genetic materials. The fluids from terns were propagated in hen eggs and then added to monkey kidney cells, KB malignant human epithelial cells, and chick embryo cells which were all mixed together with the usual contaminants such as fetal bovine serum, phenol red, antibiotics, as well as, in this case, fowl serum. In other words, it’s a genetic soup:

war on birds

war on birds

Regarding this current scare with H5N1, this strain was said to be discovered in a goose in China in 1996. Sadly, I was unable to get the original study in an English translation. However, from the genomic characterization study performed in 1998, we can get an idea as to what was done:

Genetic Characterization of the Pathogenic Influenza A/Goose/Guangdong/1/96 (H5N1) Virus: Similarity of Its Hemagglutinin Gene to Those of H5N1 Viruses from the 1997 Outbreaks in Hong Kong

“During the summer and early fall of 1996, an outbreak of disease with 40% morbidity occurred on a goose farm in Guangdong Province, China. At least two influenza A (H5N1) viruses from sick birds were isolated in the allantoic cavities of 9- to 11-day-old embryonated eggs. Viral hemagglutinin (HA) and neuraminidase (NA) subtypes were determined at the Chinese National Influenza Center in Beijing, China, with a panel of antisera to different subtypes of influenza A viruses (antisera were kindly provided by Dr. Robert Webster, at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Memphis, TN). The pathogenicity of one of these isolates, A/Goose/Guangdong/1/96, was evaluated in experimentally inoculated geese and the virus caused illness and death (Y. Guo, personal communication). This virus has also been reported to cause illness and death in chickens experimentally inoculated by the intravenous route (12).”

The “virus” was “isolated” in the allantoic cavities of 9 to 11-day-old embryonated eggs. In other words, they took some fluids from a goose, injected it into the embryonated eggs, and waited to see what would happen.

war on birds

If they noticed indirect evidence such as the formation of pocks, oedema of the developing membrane, or some form of serological result, a “virus” was assumed to be present within the culture. While the above study did not state what materials were used during the sequencing, judging by the methods from previous studies, these fluids were most likely combined with a monkey kidney cell culture along with the usual list of additives, and the genome was created from this unpurified genetic soup. Pathogenicity was “proven” via the trusty route of “personal communication” as well as injecting unpurified cell cultured goo into the veins of chickens. As the genome itself is a Frankensteined creation from genetic material derived from many sources, including birds, it should come as no surprise that this genetic material is regularly found in healthy birds.

Using fraudulent molecular testing to “find” a “virus” within a population of birds is very reminiscent of what we have witnessed with humans during the “Covid-19” era. However, this molecular trick has had even more dire consequences for the birds that are labelled with the “virus’“ as it has led to a brutal practice known as culling. This nightmarish policy has had damaging effects on our birds, our farmers and our economy. There are many ways in which this avian pandemic can be turned against us even more than what we are witnessing currently and it is an ominous sign of things to come. Let’s explore the impacts of what this war on birds has had and what it could potentially mean for humanity going forward if we do not broker a treaty and end this “viral” insanity immediately.

war on birds

Please do not hug your chickens. Sincerely, the CDC.

One would think that it would take quite a bit to sound the alarm that there is some highly contagious and deadly “virus” affecting our birds. One would think that there would be a mass grave of dead birds which would spawn an investigation. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case. On January 14th, 2022, the USDA announced via its routine testing to have found the H5N1 “virus” in a wild American widgeon in South Carolina. This marked the start of the current iteration of the war on birds in the US:

war on birds

“This is a picture of an American widgeon in flight. On January 14, 2022, USDA announced finding Asian HPAI (H5) bird flu in an American widgeon in South Carolina, marking the first detection of this virus in wild birds in the United States since 2016.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Animal and Plant Health Inspective Service (APHIS) recently announced the first detections of Asian highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) H5 viruses in wild birds in the United States since 2016external icon. Wild birds can carry HPAI A(H5N1) bird flu without showing symptoms, but these viruses can cause illness and death in domestic poultry.”

Upon finding this genetic material fraudulently claimed to be a “virus” (that is admitted to be found regularly in healthy birds), an alert was set out by the USDA, and farmers were put on notice to be on the lookout for signs of this “virus.” If they observed any of the usual symptoms and/or an increase in deaths of their birds, the farmers were to contact the local veterinarian for testing. If the test comes back positive, the entire flock must be culled, i.e. slaughtered, as per the guidelines:

What happens if there is an outbreak of avian Influenza on a chicken farm?

“In the event of an outbreak, the poultry industry has strict procedures in line with state and federal organizations to identify the problem and reduce the spread of the disease. When avian flu is detected, the following five-step response plan is carried out:

  1. Quarantine 
    First, the farmer ensures that the affected flock stays put in one area, along with any equipment that has been near the birds.
  2. Eradicate 
    The affected flock is then quickly and humanely euthanized.
  3. Monitor Region 
    At the same time, both wild and domestic birds in a broad surrounding “control” area are tested and monitored for avian influenza.
  4. Disinfect The farm where the flock was housed is then thoroughly disinfected to ensure any traces of the virus is killed.
  5. Test Last, the entire poultry farm is carefully tested for 21 days to confirm it is free of bird flu before allowing a new flock of birds to arrive.

No birds from HPAI-infected flocks are ever allowed to enter the food chain.”

This horrific mass slaughter will occur even if the “virus” is detected in only a single bird:

Avian flu and you: How you can help protect local bird populations

“The virus has a near 100% mortality rate in poultry and the only way to deal with infected poultry is to euthanize entire flocks. This is true even if the virus is detected in only one bird in the flock. The Colorado Department of Agriculture’s state veterinarian stated that across the United States, more than 52 million birds have been lost in the largest avian flu outbreak in U.S. history.”

The flocks within a 6-mile radius will be checked and regularly tested for 21 days. Again, if even one test comes back positive, the entire flock will be euthanized:

“Flocks within a 6-mile radius of a confirmed case will be tested for HPAI. These flocks will also be checked throughout the outbreak. Euthanasia will only occur on-premises with infected birds.”

When every single bird is slaughtered based upon the genetic test results of a single bird, it’s pretty easy to guarantee a “near 100% mortality rate” to attribute to a “virus.” This fear of an “infection” spreading amongst the birds has led to farmers willingly participating in the mass slaughter of their innocent flock. While it is claimed that the methods used to euthanize an entire flock is humane, the process is anything but. It is admitted by the American Veterinary Medical Association that the methods used for the mass culling can not be guaranteed to result in a painless and stress free death of the birds. Why is this the case? Lets briefly examine the 3 main methods utilized:

  1. Spraying firefighting foam over the birds in order to poison, drown and suffocate them.
  2. Sealing up barns and piping carbon dioxide inside to suffocate the birds while they flee in terror trying to escape.
  3. Shutting down the ventilation and stopping airflow into barns, raising the temperatures to levels where the birds suffocate and die.

As can be seen, the culling involves the poisoning, drowning, suffocating, and boiling of the birds. These methods can cause the birds to suffer convulsions and cardiac arrest. There is nothing humane about these practices and once this grotesque slaughter is complete, the bodies are either buried in a mass grave, incinerated, or they are left to decompose for weeks inside the barns. The decomposed remains are then ground up into compost and used to fertilize crops:

Bird flu’s grisly question: How to kill millions of poultry

Lethal foam

“Farms faced with the need to kill so many birds turn to recommendations by the American Veterinary Medical Association. Even as it has developed methods to kill the poultry quickly, the association acknowledges its techniques “may not guarantee that the deaths the animals face are painless and distress free.” Veterinarians and U.S. Department of Agriculture officials also typically oversee the process.


One of the preferred methods is to spray water-based firefighting foam over birds as they roam around the ground inside a barn. That foam kills the animals by cutting off their air supply.


When foam won’t work because birds are in cages above the ground or it’s too cold, the USDA recommends sealing up barns and piping carbon dioxide inside, first rendering the birds unconscious and ultimately killing them.


If one those methods won’t work because equipment or workers aren’t available, or when the size of a flock is too large, the association said a last resort is a technique called ventilation shutdown. In that scenario, farmers stop airflow into barns, which raises temperatures to levels at which the animals die. 


The USDA and the veterinary association recommend that farmers add additional heat or carbon dioxide to barns to speed up the process and limit suffering by the animals.”


“Animal welfare groups argue that all these methods for quickly killing birds are inhumane, though they are particularly opposed to ventilation shutdown, which they note can take hours and is akin to leaving a dog in a hot car. Animal rights groups delivered a petition last year signed by 3,577 people involved in caring for animals, including nearly 1,600 veterinarians, that urged the veterinary association to stop recommending ventilation shutdown as an option.


“We have to do better. None of these are acceptable in any way,” said Sara Shields, director of farm animal welfare science at Humane Society International.


Opponents of the standard techniques said firefighting foam uses harmful chemicals and it essentially drowns birds, causing chickens and turkeys to suffer convulsions and cardiac arrest as they die. They say carbon dioxide is painful to inhale and detectible by the birds, prompting them to try to flee the gas.”


“Once poultry are dead, farmers must quickly dispose of the birds. They usually don’t want to risk the chance of spreading the virus by transporting the carcasses to landfills, so crews typically pile the birds up into huge rows inside barns and combine them with other materials, such as ground up corn stalks and sawdust to create a compost pile.


After a couple weeks of decomposition, the carcasses are converted into a material that can be spread on cropland to help fertilize crops. In some cases, carcasses are buried in trenches on the farm or incinerated.”

The effects of this horrific practice has taken a gruesome toll on the birds that are inhumanely slaughtered for no reason. Currently, 58.4 million birds have been culled and it doesn’t look to be slowing down any time soon. This total has eclipsed the 50 million birds culled in 2015, previously considered the worst avian flu outbreak. As these slaughtered birds are not allowed into the nation’s food supply, the culling boils down to unjustified molecular-based mass murder.

While this situation has been devastating for the birds, the impact is felt by all of us in various ways as well. The US government alone has spent over $661 million in taxpayer money to control the “threat.” The dwindling numbers of chickens has led to an egg shortage which is driving up the prices for consumers. The shortages have also raised the price of chicken and turkey meat as well. While the farmers are compensated somewhat for mindlessly killing their flock, they have collectively lost at least $1 billion, which is damaging to our economy:

No end in sight for bird flu outbreak causing sky-high egg prices

“The ongoing bird flu outbreak has cost the government roughly $661 million and added to consumers’ pain at the grocery store after more than 58 million birds were slaughtered to limit the spread of the virus.


In addition to the cost of the government response that the USDA tallied up and rising prices for eggs, chicken and turkey, farmers who raise those animals have easily lost more than $1 billion, said an agricultural economist, though no one has calculated the total cost to the industry yet.”


“In the current outbreak, 58.4 million birds have been slaughtered on more than 300 commercial farms in 47 states. That is because any time the virus is detected, the entire flock on that farm — which can number in the millions — must be killed to limit the spread of the disease. Only Hawaii, Louisiana and West Virginia have yet to report a case of bird flu. Iowa — the nation’s biggest egg producer — leads the nation with nearly 16 million birds slaughtered.


In 2015, about 50 million chickens and turkeys were slaughtered on more than 200 farms in 15 states.”


Egg prices shot up to $4.82 a dozen in January from $1.93 a year earlier, according to the latest government figures. That spike prompted calls for a price-gouging investigation although the industry maintains that the combination of bird flu and significantly higher feed, fuel and labor costs is what’s driving prices so high.”


“Officials say bird flu doesn’t represent a significant threat to human health. Human cases are extremely rare and none of the infected birds are allowed into the nation’s food supply. And properly cooking poultry to 165 degrees Fahrenheit will kill any viruses.”

In Peru, organic farmers are being hit hard by the halt in guano harvesting. The excrement of the native birds are prized material for fertilizing organic farms as it is far cheaper to use than the inorganic fertilizers. However, farmers are seeing a sharp reduction in their guano supplies. This reduction is not due to any massive die-off of the native birds caused by a “virus.” Rather, it is due to the Peruvian government banning guano harvesting over the fear that the “virus” may spread to humans:

Avian flu hits Peru, killing thousands of sea birds and infecting some marine mammals

Farmers in trouble

“The outbreak affecting the pelicans, cormorants and boobies is also affecting a particular sector of the local economy: guano harvesting. The birds’ dried, compacted excrement is a prized fertilizer in agriculture. “These three species produce around 86,000 tons of guano per year, which is roughly worth $50 million,” says biologist Daniel Plazas-Jiménez, from the Unitrópico University in Colombia.


Plazas-Jiménez says the guano’s importance far exceeds its monetary value. “In Peru, most guano is sold to organic or traditional farmers, many from Indigenous communities, at a price that is low in comparison to that of inorganic fertilizers. In 2021, the Peruvian authorities planned to extract around 25,000 tons to provide for more than 40,000 families. Many people need guano to keep their organic certifications and often have few economic resources to buy other fertilizers. So this also affects their food security.”


“The guano industry in Peru is not industrial,” Zavalaga adds, “it’s very local. For example, last year only two islands in Peru were under guano harvesting. This year, I think they were planning [to harvest on] three or four [other islands].” He doubts whether the virus can survive in the harsh environment presented by the guano itself. “I’d be more afraid that live birds would pass the virus to humans, either on the islands or on the mainland beaches, where there are also dead animals. It’s summer now, so many people go there.”


In response to the outbreak, the Peruvian Ministry of Health has declared a 90-day state of emergency to prevent the virus from infecting people. According to Inga Díaz, measures include banning the collection of guano, advising against handling wild animals and using high-risk beaches, and training park rangers to monitor animal health.”

The detrimental effects of avian flu are a product of our own creation. The massive death rate is not due to an invisible pathogen. It is a direct result of the enforced culling of healthy birds which is then promulgated by the CDC and other health agencies as an effect of the “virus.” It is due to fraudulent molecular testing and the fear of the spread of this invisible entity that the flocks are being gruesomely murdered. This fear is halting the collection of guano in Peru, hurting organic farmers in the production of their crops due to a lack of fertilizer. This overreaction is affecting our pocket books through damaging our food supply which raises prices on produce. Farmers are needlessly losing livestock and resources. We are being hit with massive taxpayer spending to “control” this “threat,” a threat of our own making based upon unfounded fear.

All the while, we are told that this threat will not end anytime soon as the “virus” may be mutating, as the fictional narrative surrounding the amazing capabilities of the influenza “virus” allows it to do. This has been recently evidenced by “finding” the “virus” in not just birds but in mammals as well. In both Peru and Chile, sea lions are said to be affected by this “virus” as numerous corpses have been discovered on the shore line:

Bird Flu Kills Sea Lions and Thousands of Pelicans in Peru’s Protected Areas

“We have also recorded since mid-January the unusual death of many sea lions, so far we have about 716 dead sea lions in seven protected natural areas of the coast,” said Roberto Gutierrez, head of surveillance of the National Service of Natural Protected Areas.”


“Since the beginning of 2021, bird flu has ravaged the world, killing more than 200 million birds due to disease or mass culling, the World Organization for Animal Health has said.”


“In Chile, health authorities last week detected the first positive case in marine mammal, a sea lion on a beach in the north of the country.”


“In recent weeks, crews from Peru’s National Forestry and Wildlife Service, in protective plastic suits, gloves and masks, have collected and buried hundreds of sea lions from several beaches along Peru’s central coast.


“What we remember initially started with pelicans last year is now affecting these marine mammals,” Javier Jara, a veterinarian with the service, said.”

In the US, the avian flu has now been linked to the deaths of a black bear, a mountain lion, and a skunk. Granted, the bear was not killed by the “virus” per se as it was euthanized for experiencing flu-like symptoms and later tested positive for HPAI. In the case of the mountain lion, it was found dead and a necropsy revealed that the cat had necrosis in the liver and pneumonia, which is said to be typically found in domestic cats with avian flu. In other words, it was assumed to have the “virus.” Officials are also stating that foxes, bobcats, coyotes and raccoons have all tested positive for the “virus.” Thus, it appears that, according to the official narrative, this strain of the avian flu has successfully jumped the shark…er, species:

Avian flu linked to deaths of black bear, mountain lion in Colorado as officials warn of broader spread

“The avian flu has been linked to the deaths of a black bear and a mountain lion in Colorado in recent months, state officials announced Thursday, adding to a growing list of wildlife susceptible to the current strain of what is officially known as the highly pathogenic avian influenza.


In the case of the black bear in Huerfano County, Colorado Parks and Wildlife said a wildlife official euthanized it after it was found experiencing avian flu symptoms in October 2022. The bear suffered from seizures, lack of responsiveness to human presence and organ damage. The bear later tested positive for HPAI.


Last month, a mountain lion in Gunnison County was found dead outside of Gunnison city limits in an area is known for high mountain lion activity. A necropsy found that the cat had necrosis in the liver and pneumonia, typically found in domestic cats with avian flu.


A skunk in Weld county also tested positive for the virus in November 2022.


CPW officials said that in all three cases tests were conducted at Colorado State University in Fort Collins and the National Veterinary Services Laboratory in Ames, Iowa.


Officials noted that a number of other wildlife have been infected with the current strain, including foxes, bobcats, coyotes and raccoons. However, despite the variety of mammals susceptible to the avian flu, the number of cases is currently low.


It is believed that the animals may have contracted the avian flu after eating birds carrying the virus. Though not every mammal that eats an infected bird will develop the virus. It is also rare for some HPAI strains to infect people.”

This species-hopping narrative of an invisible “virus is how they prime the populace for an eventual avian flu outbreak in humans, if it is ever so desired. Other potential causes of disease and death, such as a recent March 2022 oil spill in Peru affecting the matine wildlife, are never investigated as the potential cause:

Oil spill at sea: who will pay for Peru’s worst environmental disaster?

“More than a month after Peru’s worst ever environmental disaster on its coastline there are few signs of reckoning for Repsol, the Spanish energy company that manages the refinery where more than 10,000 barrels of crude oil spewed into the Pacific Ocean after a routine tanker discharge went awry.


The black slick, pushed north by wind and currents, tarred 25 beaches, polluted three protected marine reserves, and covers an area of about 106 sq km (40 sq miles) – the size of Paris.


It has wreaked destruction on one of the world’s richest marine ecosystems; killing fish and invertebrates, leaving more than 1,000 seabirds coated with oil, several hundred dead, and a toll on marine mammals such as endangered sea otters, according to Peru’s national service of state-protected natural areas (Sernanp).”

There was an oil spill in Chile in 2019 where 40,000 liters of oil was dumped into the ocean. What kind of lasting impact did this pollution have on the wildlife? Are we just now seeing some of the devastating effects as the marine wildlife are succumbing to a consistent pattern of environmental poisoning? Colorado has some of the worst air quality in the United States due to it’s topography trapping in the toxic air pollution supplied by industrial emissions, automobile and airplane exhaust, and wildfire smoke. What affect is the consistent exposure to high levels of air pollutants having on the wildlife there? In the case of chickens, harsh unnatrual living conditions with cramped quarters, lack of exercise and sunlight, pesticide-laden feed, and exposure to air pollution are all potential factors of disease. A “virus” based on fraudulent genomic testing is not required to explain potential flu-like symptoms and respiratory disease in any of these animals.

However, the “viral” narrative keeps the focus off of environmental contaminants and inhumane living conditions and propagates the myth that humans can catch disease from wildlife. While it is stated that human cases of the avian flu are infrequent and that the risk to humans is low, it is still raised as a possible threat. According to the CDC, sporadic cases of the “virus” have been found in mammals and humans and that those who deal with birds are most at risk. While they state that cases of avian flu in humans and instances of human-to-human transmission are rare, the CDC is keeping an eye on this situation in the case that the “virus” decides to mutate further and become a threat to humanity:

Current U.S. Bird Flu Situation in Humans

  • Sporadic highly pathogenic avian influenza A(H5N1) virus infections in mammals have been reported in the United States, Canada, and other countries, but the risk to the general public from these viruses remains low. More information is available at Ask the Expert: Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza A(H5N1) Viruses.
  • The first case of an avian influenza A(H5N1) virus in a person in the United States was reported on April 28, 2022. More information about this case is available.
  • Only four human infections with low pathogenic avian influenza (LPAI)*A(H7N2) viruses resulting in mild-to-moderate illness have ever been identified in the United States.

The Current Risk to the General Public is Low

  • The detections of H5 viruses in wild birds, poultry, some mammals, and in one person in the United States do not change the risk to the general public’s health, which CDC considers to be low. However, outbreaks in domestic commercial and backyard poultry flocks, in addition to infections in wild birds and some mammals, might place some groups of people, who may have job-related or recreational exposures to birds, at higher risk of infection. People with job-related or recreational exposures to birds or infected mammals should take appropriate precautions to protect against bird flu.
  • Right now, the H5N1 bird flu situation remains primarily an animal health issue. However, CDC is watching this situation closely and taking routine preparedness and prevention measures in case this virus changes to pose a greater human health risk.
  • Signals that could raise the public health risk might include multiple reports of H5N1 virus infections in people from exposure to birds, or identification of spread from one infected person to a close contact.
  • No known human-to-human spread has occurred with the A(H5N1) virus that is currently circulating in birds in the United States and globally. Sporadic human cases of H5N1 reported with H5N1 viruses circulating in birds since 2021 have occurred following exposure to infected poultry. During past H5N1 bird flu virus outbreaks that have occurred in poultry globally, human infections were rare. Globally since 2003, countries have reported rare, sporadic human infections with H5N1 bird flu viruses to the World Health Organization (WHO). Monthly case counts are available on the WHO website.
  • The spread of bird flu viruses from one infected person to a close contact has occurred rarely in other countries in the past, and when it has happened, it has been limited and not sustained, and did not spread beyond close contacts.

Thus, we can see that it is only a matter of time before those who benefit from an avian flu outbreak in humans decide to push this narrative to the forefront. All it takes is mass testing by PCR and claiming that the same symptoms of disease that we see every year with “Covid,” the flu, RSV, etc. are now H5N1. It requires a rebranding and a well-orchestrated fear campaign by the mainstream media to get the frightened back in line for the next experimental injection, which is coming:

Moderna Announces Successful Bird Flu Vaccine Trial

“Moderna announced successful Phase 1 clinical trial results this week for this flu-fighting mRNA-1440. The vaccine is intended to combat Influenza Virus H10N8, a strain of bird flu which began commonly appearing in 2014. In this double blind study, Moderna reported that only three trial participants (of thirty-one) showed adverse side effects which were moderate and reversible. The company noted that this trial is showing positive outcomes in the use of mRNA vaccine technology which stimulates cell production and expression of viral antigenic proteins.”


These toxic injections are not only coming for humans, but for our animals as well, thus sickening the birds and contaminating the food supply:

U.S. to Test Vaccine in Poultry as Bird Flu Deaths Rise

“The Biden administration will test a vaccine that could be given to poultry to counter the current bird flu outbreak that has killed about 58 million birds, mostly in commercial poultry flocks.


These would be the first vaccine given to poultry to protect against avian influenza in years. Poultry are already vaccinated for diseases like infectious bronchitis, and shots have been licensed for past outbreaks.”

Bird flu alarm drives world towards once-shunned vaccines

“As part of the EU-wide strategy, France is carrying out tests on vaccines for ducks, which are very receptive to the virus and remain asymptomatic for many days, increasing the risk of transmission to other farms.


The Netherlands is testing vaccines on egg-laying hens, Italy is doing the same on turkeys and Hungary on Pekin ducks, with the results from the EU trials expected in the coming months.


France’s Ceva Animal Health, one of the main companies developing bird flu vaccines along with Germany’s Boehringher Ingelheim, said initial results were “very promising”, notably by sharply reducing the excretion of the virus by infected birds.


Ceva said it was using the mRNA technology used in some COVID shots for the first time in poultry vaccines.


The global market for bird flu vaccines would be about 800 million to 1 billion doses per year, excluding China, said Sylvain Comte, corporate marketing director for poultry at Ceva.


Although the risk to humans from bird flu remains low, and there have never been cases of human-to-human transmission, countries must prepare for any change in the status quo, the World Health Organization said last week.”

It should be alarming to everyone what is occurring during this war on birds, whether they believe in “viruses” or whether they understand that these fictional entities do not exist. Millions of chickens are inhumanely slaughtered based on fraudulent molecular testing. These tests were never calibrated nor validated to any purified and isolated H5N1 “virus” as this does not exist. We can confirm this fact by reading the original studies purporting to show the isolation of these “viruses” which fail to do so, as well as by turning to the brilliant work of Christine Massey. Through a masterful use of the Freedom of Information (FOI) requests, Christine has received confirmation from the CDC, the Public Health Agency of Canada, and Thomas Piggott (Medical Officer of Health at Peterborough Public Health) that there is no evidence of any purified and isolated avian influenza “virus” anywhere. It simply does not exist:

May 5, 2022:

“U.S. CDC and Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry confirmed that a search of their records failed to find any that describe anyone on Earth finding an alleged “avian influenza virus” in the bodily fluids of any diseased diseased host (animal or human) and purifying “it”… which is necessary so that “it” could be sequenced, characterized and studied with controlled experiments:

May 20, 2022:

“Public Health Agency of Canada confirmed confirmed that they have no record of any alleged “avian influenza virus” having been found in and purified from the bodily fluid/tissue/excrement of any diseased “host” on the planet (in order for “it” to be sequenced, characterized and studied with controlled experiments) by anyone, anywhere, ever.


Insanely, they insist that 1) “viruses” are in hosts despite their utter inability to find them there, 2) it’s necessary to “grow them” in non-host cells (as if “they” would grow better there than they allegedly grew in the diseased host lol), and 3) they pretend that mixing complex substances together = purification.”

April 11, 2022:

“Thomas Piggott, the man who acts as Medical Officer of Health at Peterborough Public Health (Ontario, Canada) has no scientific studies to convince him that the alleged “avian flu virus” even exists…. and, has no record of “it” ever having been purified from any alleged host anywhere on Earth (which would be a necessary step in proving that an alleged virus does exist)… and doesn’t even have a copy of the testing protocol that has been implemented to “confirm cases”.

Thus, we must ask ourselves why we are targeting an imaginary “virus” and grotesquely destroying the lives of innocent birds when there are far more plausible explanations for any perceived illness. Why are we allowing fraudulent genetic tests to determine whether an animal is sick or not? Why must every single bird be assumed to be infected and therefore culled? This scorched earth approach to the avian flu utilized to stamp out an imaginary “virus” is similar to the “Covid-19” measures which ruined many human lives over the past three years.

While it may seem far-fetched that humans will be culled based upon the results of a molecular test, it is not too hard to see how we can have our lives upended and ruined due to the invisible “threat.” We have already seen forced lockdowns. quarantines, and masking. We saw involuntary testing and the unthinkable treatment of our elderly living in nursing homes who, in many cases, were helped to an early death by the measures enforced upon them. Those who were sent to the hospitals were poisoned to death with remdesivir and other toxic drugs and/or had their lungs blown out when placed on invasive ventilators. Many took their own lives due to the fear and economic hardships that they faced due to the restrictions that were placed upon them. While humans may not have been gassed in barns, in various ways during this “pandemic,” people were “culled” without the public ever realizing it.

We have also seen how easily people are swayed to perform unspeakable acts based upon the marching orders given to them by those in charge. Just as farmers are mindlessly killing millions of innocent birds and hurting themselves in the process due to the guidance from the USDA, police officers brutally attacked those who would not comply solely on the issuance of unlawful mandates. Just as the farmers have turned on their own flock, we have seen our own neighbors turn on those who resisted, all in the name of fear of an invisible enemy. We have been threatened with the loss of access to stores, entertainment, restaurants, jobs, etc. if we do not comply. How long before we are cut off from access to our finances if we choose to resist these draconian measures during a future outbreak What is keeping them from forcing mass testing as was done in China? What will stop those in power from requiring toxic drugs, invasive medical treatments, and forced vaccinations all under the guise of protecting the rest of the flock?

This war on birds affects us in many ways. It feeds the “viral” lie and allows for the justification of utterly insane countermeasures to be utilized to protect us from an unseen foe. These measures are ramping up at an alarming pace, and thus, we need to end this war and stop this madness from continuing to spiral even further out of control. If we allow this slaughter to continue unchallenged, we will end up losing even more than our rights. We will lose our humanity.

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In 2005, late researcher David Crowe and Virus Mania author Torsten Engelbrecht wrote a paper highlighting the flaws with the 2005 avian flu “pandemic.” I highly recommend giving it a read.

Dr Sam Bailey did an excellent video on this avian flu fiasco and broke down the findings by Crowe and Engelbrecht.

war on birds

Dawn’s Writings touched on the avian flu in an article about the recent attempts to incite hysteria.
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