The Most Important Project of the Century: The End of Virology with Jamie Andrews + Jacob Diaz

Ladies and gentlemen, scientists and skeptics alike, today we are thrilled to announce a scientific project that will rock the very foundations of virology.

In an unprecedented effort led by Jamie Andrews and sponsored by The Way Forward, a team of independent biologists are conducting the most exhaustive virological control experiments ever. This brave team of scientists have completely dismantled virology’s so-called “evidence,” rendering the foundational aspects of virology totally pseudoscientific and fraudulent.

And the good news is, we’re just getting started… And we’re asking for your help to finish the job.

We’ve finished Phase 1 and 2, but we’ll need help funding Phases 3 and 4.

Phases 3 and 4 of the control experiments will focus on genetics — Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) and Full Genome Sequencing.
To fully understand the truth about PCR related to so-called “viral genetics,” we need to purchase a QPCR machine and a few other bits of equipment. We’ll need to send samples to CROs for Full Genome Sequencing, and we’d like to conduct a more comprehensive Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM).

In order to finish, we need your help to raise funds to continue these vital experiments. Any amount helps, and we are so grateful for your contributions.

To donate to the project, click here or visit

Key Discussion Points:
Bird Flu Dogma: Why the bird flu narrative doesn’t make sense and how non-specific symptoms are funneled under so-called viruses to justify vaccines.
Misinformation in Studies: Examination of studies that misrepresent and spread misinformation, turning them into perceived natural phenomena.
Narrative and Fear: How the bird flu narrative is used to generate fear and financial gain.
Case Studies: Analysis of cases involving bird flu symptoms and deaths, highlighting medical-establishment and pharmaceutical misinformation.
New Project: Introduction to a new project aimed at expanding and testing fraudulent and real claims on virology.
Extensive Control Experiments: Overview of experiments conducted so far around Stefan Lanka’s work.

Additional Resources:
Link to Kidney 360 EM Study mentioned by Jamie.

Link to Duck Study mentioned by Jacob

Jamie’s Thread on Forensics Frauds

Jamie’s Thread on Dr. Lanka’s control experiment

Mike Stone’s Avian Flu Article

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