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Perhaps The Most Important Work of Our Time: The Elusive “Virus” & Jamie Andrews Controls

by Conspiracy Sarah | Jun 15, 2024

I watched an interview on Thursday morning which I consider to be among one of the most compelling I’ve ever encountered. I was so excited to write it up. After fire-hosing my excitement to my best friend (who happens to also be in the business of obsessing over the psychological operation and how it got done), I realized that a clear explanation of why this work is so important was necessary. I realized that what is obvious to me, is so because I’m looking at this all the time.

I have spent the last couple of days reducing the sauce so to speak, trying to explain this in layman’s terms…which I have practiced in my studio for many months; years now…

I’m sure that many reading this stack have an understanding of the information I’m going to present. However understanding it, and being able to explain it, do not necessarily coexist. There are so many layers and so much foreign terminology that it is incredibly hard for someone to really understand how a broadly accepted principle could be false and yet foundational to our entire modern system. It is therefore even harder for that person to understand why the work of Jamie Andrews is so incredibly important.

It is my hope that you will take the time to read this (not skim it), understand it, and then explain it to others.

To Virus or Not To Virus

Recently there has been a lively debate around the topic of viruses. Well…lively might not be the best adjective. It’s complicated. Actually it’s not really. I am going to do my best to summarize this as simply as I can, which I hope will illuminate why Jamie Andrews’s work is so important.

An incredibly broad group of wildly disparate symptoms known as Covid-19, was declared a pandemic and used as a means to lock down the world and impose tyrannical restrictions on everything from bodily autonomy to social inclusion.

In 2021 I became aware that there were some people claiming that SARS COV2 had never been isolated. I dismissed this as preposterous. I continued to see arguments popping up here and there about whether viruses existed at all. I largely ignored these interactions because I could not fathom that the entire theory of germs and viruses could be faulty. Or just smoke in mirrors. For all these years.

Then I looked. And in a relentless attempt to find out what is real and true, I released my attachment to what I have learned as cold, hard fact. As it turns out, the foundational premises of what I had learned as “settled science” appears to be neither settled nor scientific. Let’s go through it.

When someone is ill and hacking up phlegm and said to have a “high viral load” and “shedding virus”, one might assume that the mucus of this person is teeming with virus particles. That’s what gets other people sick, right? And one could then assume that a sample of this mucus could render an isolated “virus”. One might assume even, that when a “virus” is isolated, it is extracted directly from a sample of fluid (mucus, spit, etc).

Nope. One would be incorrect. Even with a “high viral load”, apparently no amount of mucus or sputum can be gathered that will be enough to render an isolated “virus”. That’s just not how it works, according to the virology experts. This is NOT a welcomed line of questioning, by the way.

You see, according to virologists, a virus is an infectious agent that can only replicate within a host organism…however you can’t isolate it directly from the original host organism though. It is a package of genetic information protected by a protein shell (also known as a capsid) that is delivered into a host cell to be expressed and replicated. Supposedly coughing and sneezing and breathing can spread these particles, but if you try and catch them mid-action, you will fail every time (signed, virology).

According to virology, the ONLY purported way that you can get an isolated virus is by growing it in another organism (but not the original one). It’ll make sense if you just don’t think about it. Just kidding, it makes exactly zero sense.

Say hello to THE CELL CULTURE technique.

Any experiment you come across that has anything to do with a “virus” will reference a method of “isolation” involving a cell culture. I say this with confidence because I have quite earnestly tried to find one that doesn’t, to no avail. If you find one, by all means send it my way.

Cell culture is a laboratory technique that involves growing cells in a controlled, artificial environment, and it goes something like this:

  1. Start with a cell line. A cell line is a sample of purified cells purchased from a cell bank or commercial supplier and has been authenticated and verified. Here are some popular choices for viral studies: Vera (monkey kidney cells), 293T (Human Embryonic Kidney Cells-HEK), HeLa (cervical cancer cells from a woman named Henrietta Lacks)
  2. Add growth medium (nutrition) and grow the cells. This is purchase from a commercial supplier and has been sterilized and certified. This medium is often fetal bovine serum (FBS), which is developed from the blood of fetal calves.
  3. Grow the cells until they reach confluency, which just means they take up 70-90% of the dish in which they are growing. This can takes days or longer, depending on the type of cells being used.
  4. Add the sample (snot).
  5. Incubate.
  6. Add antibiotics or other agents to kill bacteria and fungus that might have grown in the “sterile” cells from the “sterile” growth medium.

After these steps there are different ways to wash, shake, and spin the culture to “isolate” the ”virus”. Sometimes there’s heating and freezing involved too.

Let me sum this up for you. In order to “isolate” the genetic material (from the thing that ostensibly makes you sick when someone coughs in your direction), we must take the genetic material out of the host, add the original genetic material to some other genetic material and then feed it some additional genetic material. After that, the genetic casserole gets dosed with a cocktail of antibiotics to kill the bacteria and fungus that might be there from the addition of other “sterile” genetic material. Then it’s shaken, stirred, and/or spun, and…that’s called “ISOLATION”.

The next part of virology (that you’re not supposed to question) is that there are never proper controls. Try and find them. Go look at any paper involving viruses and read the MATERIALS and METHODS section. Try to locate the part where the do THE EXACT same thing to a control experiment that they do to the “viral sample” experiment.

Let’s talk about controls and why they are important.

A scientific control is essential to ensure that the results of an experiment are valid and reliable. Controls help identify the effect of the independent variable (“VIRUS”) on the dependent variable (CELL CULTURE, in this case) by providing a baseline or standard for comparison. Controls are used to demonstrate that the observed effects are actually due to the experimental treatment and not other factors.

To be clear, this means you have two experiments going. In one, you do all of the steps (1-6) listed above. In the other one you do THE EXACT SAME THING with the omission of step #4. This is never done when virology is proving a “virus” is real and causing an effect.

The proof of the “virus” that virologists are looking for in these cell cultures is called cytopathic effect (CPE), which just refers to the visible changes or damage to host cells due to “viral infection”. Observing and quantifying CPE is a common method used in virology to study “viral infection”, “replication”, and “pathogenesis”.

Virologists are very sure that there (a) is a virus and (b) that it’s causing the CPE that they show you with pictures, however there is conveniently never a valid control with which to make an observable comparison.

Jamie Andrews has done some rigorous control studies (and by rigorous I mean the kind of basic science you would expect to be done in every study). He builds on the seminal work of Stephan Lanka. I encourage you to watch Jamie Alexander’s interview from 6/12/24 on The Way Forward podcast, or he will be on Dr. Tom Cowan’s live weekly webinar next Wednesday, 6/19/24 at 2pm.

Jamie Andrews not only replicated the work of Stefan Lanka, but repeated it TWELVE TIMES.

Jamie Andrews diligently designed this experiment to be powerful. What I mean by this, is that he chose parameters which fostered an environment less likely to achieve the cytopathic effect (cell breakdown). For example, he used Human Embryonic Kidney(HEK) cells (a robust cell line), rather than Vera cells, known to be more delicate and more inclined to break down. He elected to use penicillin and streptomycin, weaker antibiotic choices (versus Amphotericin and Gentamicin), which also makes the cytopathic effect less likely to occur.

To objectively determine CPE, the experimenters used the Countess Automated Cell Counter, rather than visual observation.

elusive virus

Accurate and precise cell counts

When you let an automated device count cells for you, you have to trust that it’s as accurate and precise as you are—or better. Accuracy means that it will count the cells correctly, and precision means that it will produce the same result every time, no matter who operates it.

Now let’s take look at some of the findings.

During the growth phase (step #3) of the cell culture technique, the Fetal Bovine Solution is maintained at 10%. The experiment followed the standard cell culture procedure, which is to reduce the nutrition/FBS to either 2% or 1%. The images below were taken on day 4, during which the nutrition had been decreased to the indicated percentage. The visible dark areas indicate cell degradation (CPE).

Remember this was achieved by omitting step #4 in the cell culture steps we outlined above. This means the cytopathic effect was achieved WITHOUT THE ADDITION OF A “VIRAL” SAMPLE (no snot or spit from a sick person).

elusive virus
I took a still frame from the podcast slide presentation – apologies for the blurriness.

In Part 6 of the Cell Culture Experiment, the culture was kept at 10% FBS through Day 4, while maintaining all other variables. As you can see, on Day 4 the cells are viable with the live cell count at 95%. Contrast that with the images directly below it, showing significant CPE on the same day with FBS at 2%. The only difference between the cultures was the concentration of FBS. This indicates that nutrient restriction alone is able to cause the cytopathic effect. This finding is compelling because nutrient reduction is a standard step in the cell culture method.

elusive virus

The next stop in this experiment was the electron microscope. The cell culture got sent to an independent lab that uses a Cathode Ray Oscilloscope (CRO) for imaging from the electron microscope. Electron microscopy is where pictures “proving” the “existence” of “viruses” come from. This is a pricey endeavor and Andrews and his team ended up with 9 images that were selected at the behest of the laboratory technician (he provides much more detail on this part in the podcast).

Before we look at his images, please review this image from the CDC of the supposed “Omicron variant” taken from an electron microscope:

elusive virus

Now here’s a photo from Alndrews’s culture, with no possibility of containing “virus”:

elusive virus

?Next, a picture from the CDC of the “measles virus”. It measures 250nm.

elusive virus

? Now a picture from Andrews’s cell culture. You’ll see incredibly similar artifacts to the CDC’s purported “measles virus”. It is almost identical in shape and measuring exactly the same size at 250nm.

? CDC’s photo of HIV, measuring 80-110nm in size.

?Andrews culture, showing a very similar structure that measures 100nm.

In my opinion, the importance of Jamie Andrews’s work cannot be overstated. The theory of germs and viral transmission is the very foundation of our medical system and much of our economical system as well. It has long provided the “rationale” for injecting babies and children with toxic cocktails in order to participate in the public health and educational system. Strong evidence suggests that these toxic injections cause, or at the very least contribute, to the decline in overall health of the population.

Most recently this theory was used to impose tyrannical restrictions across the world, resulting in billions of people being injected with a toxic product under the guise of public health.

Jamie Andrews’s research will be open sourced, meaning freely available to any and everyone. It will then be able to be used in further research as well as in a court of law, should these tyrannical impositions occur again. I encourage you to become acquainted with the laws that already exist in your country or state allowing restriction such as quarantine under a public health emergency declaration. If the foundational premise (germ theory and viral transmission) is false, many impositions such as mandated medicine and quarantine, can disputed in a court of law.

Andrews has additional research plans when funding permits. The next part of this project will involve an objective look at the PCR. As you may already know, I believe the PCR “test” to be the lynchpin of the “pandemic”, as the “covid pandemic” could have never occurred without the ability to tell people they were asymptomatically sick and transmitting a virus. I’ve written at length about this:

Andrews will also address genetics in the next phase. This is another aspect of The Science™ that allows algorithms, computer programs, and modeling to use sequences of unseen variables to create stories. These stories then “justify” the restriction of human rights. From DNA “evidence” used to justify the death penalty, to genetic sequencing used “prove” that a “virus” is dangerous and mutating, to “proof” that a “virus” was created in a lab using gain of function…genomic sequencing one of the ways mandated restriction is being imposed.

Around this time last year (as some of you may remember) I had hoped to fund my three boys’ dream to attend a summer skate camp with the money I received from Substack subscribers. It didn’t happen last summer, however this year it is. And entirely with funds from this stack.

I am truly humbled that anyone would chose to spend their time reading my thoughts…and honored that there are some that choose to support my work financially. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate you.

Because I believe that this is some of the most, if not THE most, important work of our time, I will be donating all paid subscription and ko-fi funds from my Substack this summer to Jamie Alexander’s project.

If you would like to donate directly, please follow this link.

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29 days ago

Thank you for this, Sarah! One thing you didn’t mention in your description of the “virus isolation” process was that the sample mixture is often incubated at 37 degrees celsius (logical; that’s body temp.) AND 5% CO2. Why 5% CO2? Have your investigations turned up any evidence about this very curious part of the “cell culture for virus isolation” game? 5% CO2 is more than ten times the % of CO2 in the earth’s atmosphere, so having that as part of the incubation environment has never made sense to me, yet it’s almost always there!

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