The king and the criminocrats

by Paul Cudenec | Oct 17, 2023

There is an interview with me in the October 2023 edition of La Décroissance, a French real-green real-life newspaper with a wide distribution. Here’s the English-language version.

LD: You criticise King Charles III. As his subject, shouldn’t you rather be rejoicing at having a new sovereign who is presented by the mass media as a longstanding environmentalist?

PC: Well, yes, of course, as a loyal subject I make a point of going outside my home every evening at 8pm, ‘taking the knee’ in the direction of Buckingham Palace and enthusiastically applauding my dear monarch for all he is doing to Save the Planet… I try to forget that he heads a network of organisations which collaborates closely with big businesses like Unilever, Pfizer, easyjet and Shell, that he supports the Fourth Industrial Revolution, officially launched The Great Reset in 2020, endorses the idea of “natural capital” and is UK president of the WWF, the fake-conservation group throwing indigenous peoples off their land in the pursuit of a phoney “New Deal for Nature”!

LD: You note that Greta Thunberg’s Friday school strikes, Extinction Rebellion and the climate justice movement, along with “15-minute cities”, are infiltrated by, and are even the creation of, capitalist businesses. Can you explain this? How can all the genuine activists be made aware of this without discouraging them?

the king

PC: What we have been seeing is a long-term PR campaign to sell to the public an agenda which otherwise they would never accept. The fabrication of a “climate emergency” is designed to allow a vast transfer of wealth from the public purse into private hands. Greta Thunberg, feted by the WEF, the European Parliament, Time magazine and Emmanuel Macron, has been a key character in that propaganda offensive and was working alongside international PR professionals from the very first day of her one-girl protests. As the Canadian researcher Cory Morningstar has revealed, Thunberg was promoted by a powerful corporate-fuelled network, the “Non Profit Industrial Complex”, including the likes of Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project,, Avaaz, the Climate Finance Partnership and the World Bank. Likewise, “15 minute cities” are presented as environmentally friendly initiatives, whereas they are really the first step towards a nightmare future of smart cities, essentially digital concentration camps, which are being heavily promoted by the UN and associated organisations. They will facilitate the roll-out of “impact” investment, a new form of venture capitalism which is basically the privatisation of social services previously provided by the state – at additional cost to the public, of course! In order to calculate the “outcome” and thus profitability, of this investment, people’s lives have to be monitored in real time and in every detail. The categories for this “investment”, which milks “human capital” by turning our existences into commodities for speculation and profit, are set out by the UN Sustainable Development Goals. This very term, “sustainable development”, is deliberately misleading, as it is industrial development and financial profit that are intended to be sustained, rather than the health of nature and humankind. I find it hard to understand how genuine environmentalists are not suspicious at the support their supposedly green cause receives from the multinational corporations, banks, governments and global institutions which form the industrial capitalist system! However, I know that most grassroots green activists really believe they are doing the right thing and are hurt when someone suggests that they are being manipulated for a corrupt corporate agenda. Consequently, I do my best to explain that I myself am an environmentalist, an anti-industrialist even, and I thus share their concerns and aspirations, which I refuse to see hijacked by the enemies of life.

LD: Another sensitive topic is the transgender movement. You show the extent to which this is also promoted and supported by big business. What is their interest in this? Are these criticisms still audible on the Left, where comments on this subject immediately lead to abuse and cancellation?

the king


PC: On an immediate level, there is a lot of money to be made from “transgenderism” – the American researcher Jennifer Bilek has said that the T in LGBT stands for “trillions” of dollars. Pharmaceutical and biotech business make huge profits from the surgery involved and also from the drugs which a “transitioned” person has to keep taking for the rest of their life. There are also knock-on benefits, such as the sterility of “transgender” people which means if they want children they are going to have to become clients of the same industry’s embryo-manufacturing wing, with its artificial wombs and eugenics-based selection processes. More broadly speaking, the “transgender” industry continues the separation of human beings from our natural physical reality that has long been part of the modern industrial experiment. This is not merely physical but also psychological, in that many people now seem to actually believe that individuals can “change sex”. But they can’t! They just think they have or say they have! I see this as the latest example of a long-term process of reality being hidden behind words which are accepted as somehow being real. This was one of the themes of George Orwell’s 1984 and is now very much part of the woke mindset. When a fool sees a finger pointing at the moon, he looks at the finger rather than at the moon, and today our society does not seem to be able to see beyond words and symbols, designed to deceive. Fortunately, cracks are beginning to appear in the “transgender” cult’s domination of left-wing thinking, in the shape of feminists reacting against the way that the very existence of women is denied by this surreally absurd extension of an already ridiculous woke dogma. There also now many “transitioned” individuals speaking out against what they have endured. Personally, I think that the “transgender” project is doomed to failure and will hopefully bring the rest of the associated agenda crashing down with it!

the king

King Charles III (left) and the late Sir Evelyn de Rothschild

LD: Fundamentally, is there a link, a common matrix, between Charles III and the infiltration of environmentalist movements and the transgender movement?

PC: Absolutely, yes. Over the last few years, my research has shown me how the British Empire was the basis for the phenomenon that today we know as “globalisation” or the global capitalist system. Right from the days of the East India Company, the British flag was merely a cover for private financial interests and that has never changed. While the core entity eventually transferred its centre of operations to the USA, and now, it seems, to a “multi-polar” BRICS base, it remained the same empire in essence if not in appearance. Charles III is one public face of this empire, still very much rooted in the City of London, and his Great Reset colleague Klaus Schwab of the WEF is another. The aim of this entity has always been to establish total global control and to achieve this it has to remove all sources of resistance. Rooted traditional cultures across the world are one such obstacle to its “progress”, as is the love of nature expressed by authentic environmentalists. And so everyone, everywhere, has to be modernised, globalised, standardised – with environmentalism defused by being turned into the marketing division of the “sustainable development” industry. Destroying our sense of our own biological reality is a necessary step towards the transhumanist destruction of what’s left of human freedom.

LD: You state that “one single worldwide criminal network, the criminocracy, is, behind the scenes, running everything from the WEF to the WHO, the UN to the EU, BlackRock to the World Bank”. Isn’t this to relieve of responsibility the large part of our society which accepts and takes advantage of the current system?

PC: I don’t feel that stressing the existence of that global criminocracy amounts to letting people off the hook for collaborating with it. Obviously, the way that so many do go along with its agenda does enable it to maintain and strengthen its power and I make no excuses for the kind of person who sees no further than their own immediate comfort and convenience. But this is more a question of ignorance than of ill-intent and even those who actually work for various branches of the criminocracy are not necessarily aware of what they are doing. While some are no doubt simply blindly following their own self-interest – advancing their careers or making money – many must think they are doing ‘the right thing’. People who work for the French government, for instance, might well believe that they are acting in the interests of France as a whole, without realising that the République has been taken over and turned into a tool for a global project which in no way has the interests of French people at heart. Because the criminocracy presents its agenda as benevolent and progressive, others will be happily working for its global machineries without ever seeing the dark reality behind the rainbow-coloured facade. I place the blame firmly at the feet of those behind all the deceit and manipulation, rather than of those fooled into participation.

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the king

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