The New Inquisition of Scientism

Through out history, religious groups have been known to formally weed out heretics; to censor and punish those of dissenting voices. Over time, this maladaptive group behavior has occasionally transmuted into secular governments with disastrous results. There is a name for this:

Religions are the beliefs that human hold, to which “they regard as holy, sacred, absolute, spiritual, divine, or worthy of special reverence.

Has scientism become a religion?




Among most scientists and public administrators, scientism has become the major philosophical point of view. At the heart of the definition of scientism, is the theory of materialism. Materialism is the

“theory that physical matter is the only reality and that everything, including thought, feeling, mind, and will, can be explained in terms of matter and physical phenomena.”

Scientism holds that there can be no supernatural, no religion, no God – everything must be grounded in physical matter. That which we can not see, does not exist. The problem with this being promulgated as a scientific theory is that it has not been repeatedly tested and validated. Basically, the thesis here is that if we do not have senses or technologies which can detect something, then it does not exist. This is sort of like scientific narcissism. Let me repeat, this is important because measurable physical matter as the only way to describe this entire planet, universe and our individual consciousness has absolutely NOT been repeatedly tested and validated. We can’t measure what we don’t know exists. Hence, by the very definition of a theory- materialism and its cousin scientism fail miserably based on first principles. If there are elements of our minds, the earth and the universe which we can not comprehend, detect or measure, how can we even begin to evaluate them scientifically?

If a scientific fact has been repeatedly tested, then it will withstand the winds of time. But scientism is now maintained and defended in a similar way as a religion once was by the US government, which is supposed to be secular in nature. This passage by Paul Feyerabend in his book, Against Method (1975) describes why democracies must not indulge in scientism, He explains:

Science can stand on its own feet and does not need any help from rationalists, secular humanists, Marxists and similar religious movements; and … non-scientific cultures, procedures and assumptions can also stand on their own feet and should be allowed to do so … Science must be protected from ideologies; and societies, especially democratic societies, must be protected from science … In a democracy, scientific institutions, research programmes, and suggestions must therefore be subjected to public control, there must be a separation of state and science just as there is a separation between state and religious institutions, and science should be taught as one view among many and not as the one and only road to truth and reality.

In science, “a fact” is an observation that’s been confirmed so many times that scientists can, for all intents and purposes, accept it as “true.” Scientism is different. It is the opinion that science and the scientific method are the best or only way to render truth about the world and reality. That the science is settled. From there, it follows that “the science” can be owned. That description neatly fits into the definition of religion as being the essence of what humans hold to be absolute or worthy of “special reverence.” So, for all intents and purposes, scientism is a religion.

Let us not forget this:

If scientism has become a religion and “fact checkers” (whether or not scientifically qualified) are the de facto keepers of all facts that science accepts as true, is anyone who has a different opinion than the fact checkers or even the United Nations, by definition a heretic? The definition of heresy is any belief or theory that is significantly different from the established orthodoxy. Particularly those beliefs held by religious organizations or law. A person who speaks heresy is known as a heretic. That means a person who does not believe that scientism or even science are the only ways to understand truth about the world could be labelled a scientific heretic. And we all know what happens to heretics…

In the United States, one could argue that scientism has become the official religion of the US government. In fact, the US government now considers itself the purveyor of what is “true” science versus “fake” science. As “fact checkers,” who are paid by the US government through contracts, now control what is mis, dis and mal information, doesn’t that make them (the fact checkers), the newly anointed (and government funded) priests of the religion called scientism? What about the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), which has deemed the “purveyors’ of mis dis and mal information as domestic terrorists? Has the DHS essentially become one of the new courts of the inquisition for this new religion?

Let me illustrate, using myself as an example

In May, 2021 – I said that spike protein is a toxin. Oh, the outrage~ by the fact checkers! (BTW – these “fact-checks” are all still up on the front page of Google). Why the outrage? Because the jabs make our babies manufacture the spike protein. If they were to admit spike was a toxin, then they would have to admit…







Add my name into the mix (spike toxin Malone) and you get this on google:


This has all been bought and paid for by the US government. Whereby it has been putting pressure on Microsoft and Google to change search engine results (see the video above), paying media to write “hit” pieces on me or other heretics and/or skewing search engine results – so that negative articles are placed above positive ones, it has all been coordinated by the US government and its allies. So, what is next? Paying chaos agents to bad jacket me from within the movement?

Bottom line –

In the United States, scientism has become the official religion of the US government. This is evidenced by the huge expenditures in research programs and the censorship of scientific dissent. If scientism is a religion, does that mean that the US government is not only promoting one set of religious believes over another, but they are financially supporting the practitioners of scientism? That is to say that in essence the churches of scientism: universities, research institutions, schools and even government programs, such as many at NIH and the NSF are governmentally sanctioned religious institutions? Does this mean that the government is essentially supporting a religion? It seems that maybe the separation of church and state has gone by the wayside.

The importance of the separation of church (as traditionally defined) and state has become so strong within certain elements of the administrative state, that the government and its officials now behave as though religion isn’t just to be kept separate, but that it actually an enemy of the state. It is to be subsumed by scientism in our classrooms and teachings. Whereby the “big bang” theory, with almost no data to support it, is taught in elementary schools across this great country, the mention of a different theory about the creation of the universe, one that involves a supreme being, dare I write God, is banned. How is that right? Both ideas are based on belief and faith, not strong data. Yet one is promoted and one is banned. Why?

A recent example of how the US government is targeting churches are the revelations by Congress that the FBI is actively seeking informants (spies) from inside the Catholic church. The reason being that the FBI thinks traditional religions are growing domestic terrorists. To my knowledge, the Catholic church has not been a source of domestic terrorists over the years and yet here we are… The federal law enforcement agency also specifically targeted “mainline Catholic parishes” as part of its efforts. House Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan, R-Ohio of his committee’s investigations: “”If you’re a parent attending a school board meeting; if you’re a pro-lifer praying at a clinic, or you’re a Catholic simply going to Mass, you are a target of the government, a target of the FBI. ” Representative Jordan then said that officials were attempting to “inflate” their investigations, in order to treat them as domestic and violent extremism cases. There were over two dozen FBI whistleblowers who contributed to this report (from Fox News).

As scientism has become the religion of the US Government, bureaucrats and government officials act to suppress any other forms of religious beliefs as well as any scientists or medical health professionals who might question the official “scientism” narrative. This makes people who hold religious beliefs as well as dissident scientists/medical professionals heretics in the eyes of the law. Add to that, traditional religious groups have now also become the enemies of the state. Next we can expect the US government to go after professional organizations that do not support the scientism narrative.

Because scientism is a belief system; a religion.



One definition of a religion is that it is a belief system which follows a system of doctrine and practice, such a religion will often have cult like leaders (for example in scientism – Fauci, Darwin, and Pasteur are a some of the chosen ones).

One just has to look at the recent history of the Soviet Union, to understand why what is happening is so dangerous.

The anti-religious campaign In the Soviet Union was a campaign of anti-religious persecution against churches and religious faithful by the Soviet government following the initial anti-religious campaign during the Russian Civil War. From 1917 to 1991 the Communist Party destroyed synagogues, churches, and mosques, killing between 12 and 20 million. Religious leaders were harassed, imprisoned, tortured, and even executed in the push to instill “scientific atheism.” In the “Great Purge,” up to 100,000 clergy members were slaughtered over a two-year period from 1936 to 1938.

The fact checkers at the control of the US government are leading this country down a very evil path. Eventually, their desire for “justice” for the perceived infractions by heretics will become too great.

This is why the DHS, FBI, CIA, HHS, USAID, FDA and the CDC must stop using scientism to guide US policy. The persecution of those who do not follow the dogma of scientism must stop. It is clear that scientism is a form of religion, it is a belief system and it has no place in a secular government.

The question now is, if the US government continues down this path, when will the real inquisitions start?

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