The Story Behind Sudden Death Syndromes

by | Aug 17, 2022

When you study the history of medicine, you will frequently observe that the nature of disease completely changes depending on the era, and these forgotten sides of medicine can be found within many different sources and medical systems. As far as I know, Chinese medicine provides the most detailed picture of how human health has changed over the centuries, due to it having medical texts that have been written over a span of thousands of years (while still remaining in use) and the Chinese being relatively consistent with the diagnostic framework they have used for understanding disease.

Unfortunately, the history of those changes is almost always forgotten and people in each era instead tend to assume disease has always been the way it is presently (with the exception of modern medicine loudly proclaiming its banishment of many infectious diseases).

The history of these changes is critical to understand because often if you can recognize when a problematic disease emerged, doing so makes it possible to obtain an otherwise unobtainable perspective that allows one to identify its root cause (which is often an environmental toxin), and develop an effective treatment protocol for addressing it.  Unfortunately, in most cases, this perspective does not enter the practice of medicine because the causes of a pervasive illness in society is often something in which people in power have a strong financial stake, or because so much money is made from treating the disease that there are strong financial pressures to have it remain “unsolvable.”

Typically, these changes are only recognized by physicians who were already in practice long before the changes happened so they had the context to fully appreciate the change that occurred and many fascinating lessons can be obtained by reading the writings of these early doctors who did not have many of the modern restrictions on what they could chronicle and publish.  One of the first articles published on this substack for example was a summary of the clinical changes observed within the human population following the introduction of the smallpox vaccine.

I conducted a detailed exploration of that rather niche topic because I believe it marked one of the fundamental turning points in the characteristic of disease (only a few other things such as the widespread adoption on mercury within medicine belong on that list), and because a potential monkeypox epidemic may require us to relearn many lessons from over a century ago.

When COVID first started in 2019, I contacted a close friend (who is a distinguished physician) and told him I was relatively certain this was going to turn into a catastrophe and that the media was deliberately covering it up.  He in turn told me he believed the virus was going to change the world in the same way HIV did and things would never be the same again. His interpretation at the time was exceedingly rare; I only know of one other doctor who felt the same, and she practiced far away in South Africa.

For some reason, events thrust me into the middle of this debacle from the start, and as I have watched everything transpire, I have begun to feel like I am one of the many doctors I read about in the past who will witness a cataclysmic change in the nature of disease and have the context to appreciate exactly what changed and what caused it to happen.  Conversely, I can only begin to imagine what the practice of medicine will be like for future doctors who had not yet begun their clinical rotations by the time the spike protein vaccines were on the market and hence will be led to believe the diseases they are seeing now represents how things always have been.

Diagnosing Disease

One of the immensely frustrating things about modern medicine is that it has established itself as an unfalsifiable system (the relationship between this foundational concept and “pseudoscience” was discussed here). Thus, regardless of what transpires, modern medicine is almost never at fault and remains the medical truth everything else must measure up to and prove itself under (this is also what many other institutional religions do).

In medicine, a wide range of diagnoses exist with impressive sounding names that falsely imply an understanding of the disease which in fact is not present as the “disease” is simply classified by its presenting symptoms.  In many cases, this is difficult to recognize because a significant portion of medical terminology is in Latin, and as a result a simple symptom-based diagnosis (such as some unknown factor causing inflammation of the skin) can instead sound very impressive when it is termed “dermatitis.”

This illusion of knowledge is easier to recognize in the area of “syndromes,” diseases whose symptoms are listed in English and then followed by “syndrome.”  Whenever you dig into syndromes, you will often discover there is a clearly identifiable cause for a syndrome, but since the cause is a politically touchy subject, rather than describing the disease as a consequence of that cause, it is simply labeled as a nebulous “syndrome” (sometimes this also occurs with other ambiguously named diseases such as a “disorder”).

The syndromes and disorders are particularly frustrating because they often suddenly emerge out of nowhere, have a clear cause they can be attributed to at the time, and despite this, the medical field is never able to determine or awknowledge what triggered the sudden emergence.

Instead, in each case, a lot of money will be spent to research the disorder, and a variety of factors identified that are suspected to be linked to the disease, without the actual cause ever being identified.  Managing the disease thus becomes an industry in itself, and before long, the disease was just treated as something that has always been.

I started to make a list of all of the modern diseases follow this pattern, before realizing that there are so many, there is no practical way to do so.  Instead, I will try to describe the general categories you run into.

•Cause is immediately obvious and aggressively covered up, allowing cause and disease to continually worsen over time. Prior to the COVID vaccines, the best example of this was vaccines causing autism.  Autism has gone from an exceedingly rare disorder to a very common one and in most cases directly follows vaccination.  Historical trends in increased vaccination also directly parallel the incidences of autism; the moment the autism epidemic took off immediately followed when Anthony Fauci brokered a 1986 deal to give vaccine manufacturers critical legal immunity from financially unsustainable vaccine injuries, which was, unsurprisingly, followed by a flood of unsafe vaccines entering the market.  Research in this area is prohibited and whenever a study emerges linking vaccines to autism it is either altered or the author is vilified and prosecuted (ie. for doctors Andrew Wakefield and Paul Thomas).

•Cause is less obvious and hence easier to obscure through countless studies that instead link an endless number of risk factors to the condition, creating a massive industry that gradually develops moderately effective treatments for the condition.  Heart disease and diabetes are probably the best example in this regard.  Other devastating conditions that somewhat fit within this paradigm (i.e. Alzheimer’s Disease) never advance to having a moderately effective treatments because no profitable treatment approaches exist. Hence, society is left with fully or partially disabling syndromes that nothing is ever done about.

•Cause is covertly addressed. The polio epidemics were largely due to lead arsenate and then DDT pesticides being sprayed on crops.  These were phased out at the same time the polio vaccines were rolled out, leading to a mythology being built around a problematic vaccine that removed all blame from the pesticide manufactures (it should be noted that the decline of polio was also due to a deliberate reclassification of the disease and at in present day the primary cause of the disease is polio vaccine induced polio).

•Cause is publicly addressed (this one is rare). Mothers dying from severe infections (sepsis) following childbirth due to physicians dissecting dead bodies and then failing to wash their hands before delivering babies.  This was solved by a hard-fought battle that over decades forced the medical field to disinfect their hands. No good deed goes unpunished and Dr. Semmelweis, the physician who advocated for the mothers was committed to an asylum where he was fatally beaten, for having the temerity to suggest his colleagues’ hands could be unclean and harming patients.

When reviewing the syndromes in the next section, it is extremely important to remember that diseases caused by exposure to a toxin tend to distribute along a bell curve with most patients’ symptoms regressing to the mean, which means that for each severe injury you see, there are often additional, more subtle injuries that are harder to link to the causative agent.  This principle explains my concern about the large number of fatal adverse responses to COVID vaccination I saw at the start of the roll out; I expected something akin to the 10% increase in disability within the population that followed the COVID vaccination campaign, and I suspect significantly more problems will emerge in the future.


The focus of this series will be on sudden death syndromes.  In this section I will share some thoughts on other common syndromes that provide helpful context for these fatal syndromes.  The point is not so much to know the specific details of each syndrome, but rather to observe the common patterns which often generalize to the sudden death syndromes. It is extremely important to recognize how often an environmental toxin or pharmaceutical product is often the underlying cause of each syndrome.

The syndrome you have most likely heard of is SARS, which stands for severe acute respiratory syndrome.  Recently, I also discussed a syndrome that appears to have an association with COVID-19 vaccination, Ramsay Hunt syndrome, a highly unusual complication of shingles that came into vogue following Justin Bieber’s recent experience. I covered this topic because this syndrome sheds light on a very common but rarely recognized consequence of vaccine injury.

One commonly recognized syndrome, premenstrual syndrome, arises from changes in circulating hormone levels and follow the menstrual cycle (the emotional changes that occur from PMS are thought to be due to withdrawals triggered by declining hormonal levels).  What is less appreciated is that a similar condition, irritable male syndrome, occurs in mammals with cyclical testosterone levels due to them only breeding in one part of the year, and some argue, IMS also occurs in susceptible human males.  The thing that never ceases to amaze me about these hormonal syndromes is that despite PMS being widely recognized within the culture, there is almost no appreciation for the extreme psychiatric effects that result from altering hormonal levels with approaches such as birth control pills (which are continually pushed on teenage girls) or hormone blocking pharmaceuticals (such as those used to prevent puberty in cases of gender dysphoria).

For the rest of this article, I will discuss a few of the syndromes I believe are the most relevant to understanding the unfortunate mistakes we continually repeat.

Neurological Syndromes:

Note: Functional Neurological Disorder is one of the most common labels for COVID-19 vaccination injuries to the nervous system.  It will not be discussed since there is not space to cover all the pertinent neurological disorders linked to vaccination (for example Attention Deficit Disorder is a very common consequence of childhood vaccinations). FND is reviewed here, as it is one of the most common ways neurologists gaslight vaccine injured patients.

Asperger syndrome – This is an example of a less severe and harder to detect version of autism arising from the same toxicological exposure (which in line with the bell curve distribution of physiologic responses to toxins described above is much more common than autism).   Other easy to recognize neurological syndromes that begin in childhood, such as Tourette Syndrome can also be manifestations of vaccine induced brain injury.

Guillain-Barre syndrome is “very rare” neurological condition of paralysis that starts in the feet, moves upwards in the body until it reaches the lungs, and in 7.5% of cases results in death.  The cause is unknown, but it is thought to be autoimmune in nature and is known to be linked to certain infections and vaccinations.  Given that I have met numerous people who knew someone who developed Guillain-Barre from a COVID vaccine or an Influenza vaccine, including one COVID vaccine injury where I knew the individual directly (in contrast to zero cases of post infectious Guillain-Barre) I am somewhat skeptical of the mainstream position that a COVID-19 infection or an influenza infection is much more likely to cause Guillain-Barre than either vaccine.

Sadly, most health authorities hold a differing viewpoint and instead argue the pre-existing risk of Guillain-Barre means you actually should take either vaccine to protect yourself from this condition.  As you may remember, an identical argument was used regarding myocarditis and vaccination, even though it has now been shown the vaccine risk of myocarditis is much higher than the COVID-19 risk of myocarditis.

Musculoskeletal Syndromes:

Failed back syndrome – There are a variety of easy to correct causes of back pain that are almost never recognized within the conventional medical model, even though back pain is one of the most common reasons patients visit their doctors.  Back surgeries, particularly spinal fusions, are an immensely profitable way to treat low back pain and are heavily incentivized by health insurance programs, but frequently leave the patient much worse off, at which point very little can be done to help them since the effects of the surgery are for all practical purposes irreversible.  “Failed back syndrome” is the cute euphemism that has been coined for this sad situation.

Thoracic outlet syndrome – This is a common condition that creates a variety of debilitating complications. When diagnosed, it’s often treated surgically by removal of the top rib, an approach I do not believe to be appropriate in most cases as this syndrome can be addressed through non-surgical approaches and a variety problems can arise from removing the first rib.

Pronator teres syndrome – One of the interesting discoveries I have made over the years from working with carpal tunnel syndrome is that the cause is often either thoracic outlet syndrome or pronator teres syndrome.  Despite this, both of these causes are rarely recognized and I often encounter patients who previously had unsuccessful carpal tunnel surgeries immediately have their symptoms resolve once either of these syndromes were addressed.  Pronator teres syndrome is thought to be very rare compared to carpal tunnel syndrome, but my own experience does not match this consensus.

Circulatory Syndromes:

Postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome: This condition can significantly limit mobility due to difficultly bringing blood to the head on standing up, which in turn often triggers a very high heart rate (POTS also often creates an inability to exercise or exert oneself).  While the cause of this condition in “unknown” (and as my recently COVID vaccine injured friend in the military discovered, cardiologists rarely can help with POTS), and there are many conditions that can trigger it, and POTS commonly occurs after the HPV vaccine. It now appears to also be associated with the COVID vaccine; in both cases there is a proposed mechanism of injury that explains why POTS follows vaccinations.

Raynaud syndrome is another somewhat common disabling condition, resulting from contractions of peripheral arteries. In most cases the trigger for the syndrome is unknown and there are no good treatments.  There are however a few excellent integrative treatments I have come across for the condition and which are very helpful for understanding what causes it.  I have come across multiple reports of Reynaud syndrome onsetting after COVID-19 vaccination, which I believe results from the hematologic changes often associated with spike protein producing vaccines.

Recognized Iatrogenic Syndromes:

Stevens–Johnson syndrome – A variety of medications on the market (such as certain antibiotics) can provoke a reaction that causes the skin to separate from the body (certain infections can occasionally do it as well).  This is a truly miserable disease encapsulated by the innocuous euphemism, SJS.

Oddly enough, the same investigative journalist, Brian Deer, who successfully smeared Andrew Wakefield for his seminal study on autism, also conducted a fascinating investigative report on Bactrim, one of the most common treatments for urinary tract infections. Although I strongly disagree with Deer’s journalistic conduct towards Wakefield, the value of his later report on Bactrim illustrates the importance of judging stories on the basis of their evidence rather than your personal feelings towards the author.

Bactrim is a combination of two antibiotics, sulfamethoxazole and trimethoprim that is sold on claim of these antibiotics working together synergistically. However, when I looked into the mechanisms for each, this argument did not make sense to me. When I was in medical school, none of the professors (including those in the pharmacology school) could explain why this combination was synergistic.

From Deer, I learned that trimethoprim is a far superior antibiotic to sulfamethoxazole, but it was developed by a much smaller US-based pharmaceutical company that did not have the influence the international giant that owned sulfamethoxazole, Roche, had. A deal was therefore brokered for the two antibiotics to be sold as a “synergistic” combination, with Roche able to sell the superior antibiotic in return for it pushing the antibiotic combination through its vast marketing and lobbying apparatus. Hence the “synergy” was commercial rather than medical in nature, which speaks to how many unquestioned beliefs within medicine actually emerged as a result of pharmaceutical marketing campaigns.

Unfortunately, there were a variety of harmful side effects associated with sulfamethoxazole, including many cases of SJS that Deer documented. However, very few know of this, and even though the patents have long since expired for both drugs, it is still very difficult to get trimethoprim that is not combined with sulfamethoxazole.

A parallel story exists for isotretinoin (Accutane), a highly lucrative but dangerous acne drug Roche criminally pushed onto the market. Although its patent expired long ago (Roche hence no longer markets it to doctors or fights for it in court) and decades of severe harms from Accutane have accumulated, this often completely unnecessary medication it still is widely used. From having spoken to a few activists that have been severely injured by accutante, I have also learned that many of the nonsensical marketing slogans Roche created decades ago to promote accutane still remain as unquestionable gospels within dermatology. In short, it is very difficult to correct the course with a well established pharmaceutical, and as far as I know, Roche for instance has only ever been forced to pull one drug from the market.

Serotonin syndrome – In a previous series, I illustrated some of the issues associated with antidepressants (which I showed should have never been allowed on the market).  Serotonin syndrome results from an overdose of those medications and once again follows the bell curve of physiologic responses to pharmaceutical toxicity.

To quote a review article on the condition:

“The actual incidence of serotonin syndrome is unknown. The number of actual cases is likely much greater than the actual reported cases. Serotonin syndrome is often not diagnosed secondary to mild symptoms that are attributed to being a general side effect of treatment, unawareness of the syndrome, varying diagnostic criteria, or misdiagnosis. The number of reported cases of serotonin syndrome has increased, probably secondary to the widespread use of these drugs and to the increasing awareness of this syndrome. Serotonin syndrome has been documented in all age groups.”

Common Syndromes:

Metabolic syndrome – Is the current term to describe the exponentially growing incidences of diabetes, obesity, and heart disease within the population (and is arguably the most widespread and impactful syndrome affecting modern society). However, despite the enormous need to address this issue, as described in the previous section nothing has really been done to address its root causes.

Fibromyalgia syndrome – Fibromyalgia is often used as a catchall label for a variety of disabling conditions caused by medical injuries and undiagnosed illnesses such as mold toxicity or Lyme disease.  Many conventional doctors will insist fibromyalgia is a made-up condition or just treat it with antidepressants (which often causes significantly more issues for the patient); these doctors will always have a certain number of fibromyalgia patients for which receive insurance payments, but wish they didn’t have to see because they cannot do much for them.  Integrative medicine providers have much more success treating fibromyalgia, but the results depend largely on the skill of the practitioner and the specific circumstances causing fibromyalgia for the individual patient.

Mast cell activation syndrome – Like fibromyalgia, mass cell activation syndrome is a common cause of chronic complex illness that is rarely recognized or appropriately treated through conventional medicine.  One of the interesting things I have discovered from reading through large numbers of adverse reactions to the COVID-19 vaccinations is that a significant portion of the reported disability appears to be a consequence of the vaccines triggering mass cell activation syndrome.

Irritable bowel syndrome – Unlike the above diseases, the existence of irritable bowel syndrome is generally acknowledged within medicine, but in most cases the actual cause of this condition is not recognized, leading to IBS typically being treated with partially effective drugs and being viewed as an emotional condition.

Highly Politicized Syndromes:

Sick building syndrome – This condition was initially denied to exist, and then changed to sick building syndrome once it became difficult to deny that clusters of individuals were becoming quite sick by being in certain buildings (often their workplace).  At this point, no cause for SBS has been established, although psychological factors are often cited as an explanation.  In many cases, SBS is clearly a direct result of mold contamination in buildings that does not resolve until victims leave the building and a mold treatment protocol is initiated. However, from a conventional perspective, as the linked summary shows, there is “insufficient” evidence for the mold hypothesis, and this hypothesis is dismissed as invalid because dehumidifying a building will remove mold from it. Like many other claims debunkers use, is a false statement that hence does not disprove the mold hypothesis.

Many doctors I have spoken to who specialize in this area believe the health consequences of moldy buildings will never be permitted in mainstream discussion because of the financial liability would result if mold remediation were to be required. This issue is largely a consequence of commonly used cheaper building materials being an ideal growth medium for toxic molds).

A somewhat related parallel exists with the 9/11 disease, which has not advanced far enough politically to be labeled as a syndrome. Many first responders to 9/11 were told by the government the air was safe (and not provided respiratory protection) when in fact it was full of toxic debris from the collapsed towers, and which resulted in many there developing a wide range of chronically disabling conditions. The government (at both the federal and state level) of course has tried to cover up to avoid being liable for the resulting health care costs (documents proving this are still being unearthed twenty years later).

Gulf War syndrome – 250,000 of the 697,000 U.S. veterans who served in the 1991 Gulf War subsequently developed this permanently disabling condition.  For years, the military tried to paint it as a form of PTSD (despite the Gulf War being possibly the least stressful war in history), and still has not provided an explanation for the cause of GWS.  When you look at the potential causes and the available causes, GWS was almost certainly caused by a highly corrupt anthrax vaccination campaign for the war.  Because that vaccination program had so many eerie parallels to the COVID vaccination program, I concluded it was likely to have been a beta-test for what has happened now and compiled a detailed article on the subject (although I must note I have so far only been able to discuss one of the three hypotheses to explain why the anthrax vaccines were so dangerous).

Sudden Death Syndromes

As stated earlier in this article, vaccinations can cause sudden death, but typically, this side effect is rare, and the majority of injuries will be less overt.  For this reason, it is correct to say that sudden deaths are equivalent to the tip of an iceberg, and far more chronic issues can be found beneath the surface.

My first “exposure” to people suddenly dying was from reports of spontaneous human combustion, which for some reason after the 1990s stopped being something appearing in the rumor mills of our culture.  After entering medicine, and prior to COVID-19, I knew of a few cases of friends who had died in their sleep (one I attributed to a pharmaceutical, the rest to old age), and I knew of one instance where a patient noticed her husband died suddenly in his sleep while she lay next to him (this was shared with me as it was the cause of significant trauma that still persisted).

In late 2019 and January 2020, when COVID-19 was still only being reported in the corners of the Internet, video footage emerged first from China and then later from Iran of individuals suddenly collapsing on the ground where they appeared to be dead (although there was no definitive proof they had died).  Outside of cases where this followed exposure to a poisonous gas, I had never seen something like this occur, and like many others it made me very worried about COVID-19.  When COVID-19 subsequently arrived in the Western countries (first in Italy, and then later the United States), I and many others noticed these filmed instances of sudden death stopped occurring and those we had previously seen seemed to disappear from the internet.

This led many of us to wonder if these instances of sudden death from COVID-19 were real, or propaganda from the Chinese (and Iranian) government designed to create hysteria around the virus that could be used to push through global lockdowns against COVID-19.

In short, prior to COVID-19, the thought of seeing Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS) had never even crossed my mind, and the only context I had to it was a different word play I had come up with a while before.


This picture for reference both serves to illustrated the irony of conditions that make you sad being abbreviated as SAD, and the fact the each contributes to the others (in other words, SAD causes SAD causes SAD etc).

Sudden Adult Death Syndrome

Shortly after the vaccines entered the market, I had a patient who was a (pro-vaccine) nurse tell me that she suddenly noticed her husband had no pulse, and that she had to perform CPR on him until paramedics got there.  At the time I didn’t draw a connection to the vaccine and assumed her case was similar to the patient with trauma from the death of her husband in bed I had seen long before.  Not long after, people began to contact me to ask if the vaccine could cause heart attacks or strokes and once the magnitude of the problem dawned on me, I started logging them (approximately 50 people I directly knew of died following vaccination in the first year of the campaign).

Before long, reports began emerging of a number of semi-celebrities dying not long after vaccination, a large increase in reporting of individuals “dying suddenly,” and an unprecedented rate of heart attacks or deaths occurring in young athletes on the field.  Although there were multiple critical safety signals that were missed, the fact that these deaths were dismissed, and the vaccination program was allowed to proceed, indicated to me that governments around the world were fully aware of the dangers of vaccines and considered them to be acceptable collateral damage for the goal they were working towards.

Throughout my life, I have witnessed many different propaganda (public relations) campaigns conducted for the purpose of convincing the public to do something harmful so that people in power can benefit at the public’s expense.  This background allowed me to recognize that something completely different from a typical propaganda operation was happening with the entire COVID vaccine promotion and led me to suspect something very bad could happen with these untested vaccines.  Despite this, I am still shocked by the wave of deaths we began observing and the large increases in the death rate found throughout population level datasets.

At this point in time, I have come across cases of the following circumstances of sudden death occurring in vaccinated individuals:

•Individuals dying in their sleep.
This often happens to healthy young adults, who almost never die in their sleep, following vaccination (in many cases 1-2 days afterwards).  Some of these cases are likely due to pulmonary embolisms. I directly know of numerous cases where this occurred.

•Competitive athletes (who are almost always required to vaccinate) experiencing chest pain or having frequently fatal heart attacks on the field (Steve Kirsch compiled a startling list of these incidents here).
The only parallel of which I know to this is a congenital disease called hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, which causes sudden death in a small number of affected athletes (I have seen many cases where the COVID vaccines cause pathologic changes to the heart muscle). A major purpose of sports physicals is to identify athletes with signs suggestive of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. Recently, detailed heart assessments have started to become a standard part of some sports physicals for vaccinated athletes.
Although heart attacks are the most likely to show up in young athletes as they push their hearts the hardest, there was also an interesting recent case study. It makes a compelling case that something similar happens at a rate far exceeding chance to another group of completely vaccinated young adults who I believe also undergo significant cardiac stress. 24 hour+ internship call shifts are extremely stressful and require dangerous levels of sleep deprivation which are highly detrimental to each doctor’s cardiovascular health:


Similarly, this recently completed study of approximately 300 teenagers who received the Pfizer vaccine found:

Cardiovascular effects were found in 29.24% of patients, ranging from tachycardia, palpitation, and myopericarditis. Myopericarditis was confirmed in one patient after vaccination. Two patients had suspected pericarditis and four patients had suspected subclinical myocarditis.

•Individuals who are swimming suddenly passing out or entering cardiac arrest and then drowning unless saved by another person.
There has also been an increase in the rate of drownings.

•People who are awake suddenly passing out and collapsing on the floor in cardiac arrest.
This category has been particularly concerning to me because my only previous reference point was those videos from China and Iran of the early days of COVD-19.
In some cases a witness observes this happening. For example in a large survey of vaccines injuries I reviewed recently, one respondent noted his wife saw their middle aged vaccinated friend walk up the stairs to his bedroom, heard a thud immediately afterwards, came up, found him dead and was later told he suffered a fatal heart attack. In some cases, videos are available for these incidents (more can be found for athletes as sporting events are more likely to be filmed):

This fatal event happened to a Saudi businessman in the middle of a speech:

In other cases, these events are highly compelling even though they are not fatal: .

A frequently shared event occurred for Tanja Erichsen, the head of the agency that regulates medicines in Denmark when she passed out during a press conference announcing a pause on Astrazeneca’s COVID vaccine, although she has claimed the event was unrelated because she was not vaccinated.

Confirmation Bias

One of the most challenging things to consider when evaluating complex subjects with incomplete information is not falling victim to confirmation bias. It is human nature that if we lack full information on a topic, we will tend to fill in the missing information with pre-existing biases or associations we have to the subject, which results in individuals taking home a completely different interpretation of the same event (for example, many who watched George Floyd’s death were convinced he was choked to death by Derek Chauvin’s knee, while many others were equally convinced he suffered a fatal drug induced heart attack unrelated to Chauvin’s knee).

Scott Adams for example has repeatedly described how people from opposite political orientations will see completely different movies on the same screen. This in turn provides one of the best explanations I have seen for how people during the Trump years could have such radically different perceptions of what was occurring during his presidency. Consider for a moment those you know who have had negative experiences in life and see everything through that filter; in many cases you will be able to identify instances where their biases create self-fulfilling prophecies of everyone being out to get them.

In analyzing these videos and reports, I have repeatedly questioned if my interpretation is a product of confirmation bias. For example, to cite a widely known case, one nurse in Tennessee, Tiffany Dover, on 12/17/20, shortly after receiving one of the first vaccines, which was televised as a promotion for vaccination was then followed by an interview where Dover stated how great she felt, suddenly apologized for feeling a little dizzy, and then passed out and fell on the ground.

The hospital immediately claimed she had a pre-existing benign condition (vasovagal syncope) that frequently caused her to faint following sharp pain from something like a needle piercing the skin—which makes her a very odd candidate to be chosen for promoting the vaccine. Further, this is not congruent with the syncope episode beginning long after the needle had left her skin or her requiring days at home to recuperate. In the hospital’s statement it was claimed that out of concern for harassment, Dover was not speaking to anyone, except for one interview that was conducted here.

Since that time, although many journalists have attempted to debunk rumors she died, as far as I know, she has completely disappeared and no other concrete proof has been released she is alive (even in this recent investigation by NBC that aimed to debunk the story), and various forms of circumstantial evidence have emerged suggesting she died and the family was paid off to conceal it. This creates a situation where you are stuck having to fill in the gaps of the story with your own biases and will thus end up with one of two entirely different explanations. One is that she either died (and someone else did the later interview) or developed a permanent seizure disorder she cannot show in public; the other is that she was trying to protect herself from an internet mob of angry conspiracy theorists.

Excluding cases of someone being deliberately choked in martial arts, I have witnessed a very small number of people faint in my lifetime (either on video or in person), and I recognize I lack the context to fully appreciate the subtleties of the events where one faints. Nonetheless, in each video I have reviewed that was suspected of being vaccine linked, it does appear that blood flow was suddenly disrupted to a region of the brain and that caused the (sometimes fatal) fainting episode to happen.

This in turn touches upon a broader issue of selection bias: are the cases I am hearing about of sudden death or fainting simply a product of confirmation bias on the internet (as videos showing these deaths are much more likely to be shared and arrive on my own feeds), or are they actually becoming more common?

Although many of these increases could be due to such biases, since the vaccine campaign started, I am relatively certain there has been an increased rate of death being observed by life insurance companies, increases in the overall mortality rates, and increasers in heart conditions or deaths in athletes, all of which appear to parallel the COVID-19 vaccination programs.

The only study I know of that assessed the baseline rate of suddenly passing out in the general population found that between 0.2% to 1.9% experienced sudden fainting each year (this figure increases with age and ranges from 0.2% to 0.6% within age range of those who I have seen faint following vaccination). Of those cases, the causes were broken down as follows:


The study also found an overall increase in the death rate of those who fainted (an average of a 31% increase), that varied depending on the type. Some like vasovagal (which I do not believe was what occurred in the incidents of individuals passing out that I have observed) had no effect on the death rate, while cardiac, one of the rarest, created a 100% increase in the death rate of males and a 161% increase for females over time. Given that many individuals have died immediately following these fainting episodes, this also suggests the fainting episodes we are observing are different than what has previously been observed in the general population (that said I am very open to considering a credible refutation of that hypothesis) and not simply a product of an increased focus on conditions like vasovagal syncope.

What has the response to SADS been?

Note: For many of the points raised in this section, I have also regularly questioned if I am falling victim to my own confirmation bias (ie. I just never noticed these topics being discussed by the medical community before because I had no specific interest in the topic).

I have also pondered if I am observing a biased picture of reality created by the tendency of individuals online to share cases of vaccine linked sudden deaths or medical explanations for sudden death, and the tendency of news organizations to share contentious explanations of sudden death in order to get views.

At this point in time, I believe that some of the things cited in this section could be a product of confirmation bias, but I am doubtful many others are and I know that regardless of the exact reason it has happened, an absolute increase in deaths amongst those at ages where death is highly unlikely has occurred since the COVID vaccine campaigns began.

Like many of the syndromes listed earlier in this article, I suspect we are gradually transitioning through the same steps they have followed with SADS:

1. Attempts to obscure the phenomenon.
2. Attempts to provide ridiculous alternative explanations of the phenomena.
3. Attempts to normalize the phenomenon into something not new, had no specific trigger or cause and instead arose from a composite of risk factors.
4. The previous are ultimately successful and almost no memory exists of the world before the phenomena.

Since SADS started, there has been a flood of reports in the news of individuals who “died suddenly” without any explanation given and in many cases this immediately followed a COVID vaccination (evidenced either by their obituary or social media postings).  Occasionally, this has happened to the child of a leader who has been fanatical in pushing the vaccine mandates (a few noteworthy cases were summarized by Steve Kirsch here).

Sadly, in each case where this happened, rather than admit culpability in their child’s death, the leader focuses on their personal hardships from the death, they deliberately conceal the potential vaccine link, and attempts are made to silence the “insensitive” claims linking the event to the vaccine.

At this point in time, when considering step 2, I have seen so many ridiculous attempts to provide explanations for SADS, I am stuck on which ones to share here (please feel free to suggest any you feel I need to include).  Some of these could very well be the product of the confirmation biases listed above (although the only similar example I can recall was being told by one cardiologist years ago that climate change might cause an increase in heart disease, which at the time no one took seriously).

However, other than the media wanting to promote these stories for increased traffic (many journalists have a remarkably poor aptitude for correctly interpreting scientific papers and produce clickbait headlines completely at odds with the content of the referenced scientific study), I am doubtful any explanation besides distraction from vaccine harm could account for all of these explanations suddenly emerging in the popular press.


(the above compilation was obtained from here)


As we review these headlines, I must note that periods of sustained stress or economic hardship have a very strong association with heart disease (arguably it is one of the biggest contributors; Dr. Malcom Kenrick provides an excellent summary in this series) and for that reason, I do believe some of the heart attacks we are seeing arose as a direct result of the completely inappropriate lockdowns. However, while that explanation has some plausibility, most of the other ones are absurd.

Now that we are moving into step 3, the term SADS (sudden adult death syndrome) is beginning to emerge in the press, and it appears that more and more warnings of highly unusual events like pediatric strokes are emerging (although it must be noted some of the warnings that have been popularized preceded COVID-19).


As we have not yet reached step 4, I am hopeful things can change in the public perception on this issue so that it does not come to pass.  To share one example of what can happen if this issue is not addressed, consider the phenomenon of crooked smiles that was discussed while reviewing Justin Bieber’s recent vaccine injury.  Prior to the age of mass vaccination, almost all faces were symmetrical.  Since the era of mass vaccination, crooked faces are the norm we see all around us.

In short, the new reality of SADS is extremely concerning and something I sincerely hope will not become the new normal. Recently, I discussed the evidence demonstrating that COVID-19 was a bioweapon that was the product of decades of illegal research by members of the NIH, and the best legal options for making sure nothing like it can ever happen again. A few readers then informed me that the article inspired political action on their part and they contacted their elected officials to encourage them to begin criminal proceedings against the perpetrators. Since that time I was informed by a reader that a much easier way to send out these correspondences has since been created. For those of you who are deeply concerned about these recent events and wish to encourage our public servants to pursue criminal indictments against those who gave us COVID-19, please visit this website:

In second half of this series, we will discuss potential explanations for how the COVID vaccines are causing sudden death to occur and review the critical history of the original death syndrome, sudden infant death syndrome.  If you have time to review the discussion on crooked faces within the previously mentioned article, this provides valuable information to understand the sudden death syndromes.

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