They’re bringing COVID back…& this time its permanent

by Kit Knightly | Jul 22, 2022

C[/dropcpa]ovid is back in every headline. As the new normal crowd get desperate to scare people into accepting the Great Reset they’re going back to their old favourite to get us used to the forever pandemic.

The UK’s “Covid cases” are (apparently) up to 3.8 million, according to the Office of National Statistics. It’s reportedly just as bad in the EU, where “cases” (allegedly) tripled in six weeks.

Thing’s are looking pretty grim across the pond too, with “cases” “surging” all across the US.

It’s no better on the other side of the (supposed) ideological divide. Russia, China and India – despite being brave multipolar warriors locked in a 5D chess struggle against the machinations of the globalist elite – have all seen “cases” of the “new variant” as well.

No matter where you live “cases” are on the way up. But, as we all know, “cases” actually means “people who tested positive”, and is a fudged statistic used entirely for propaganda purposes.

The new “wave” is really just about selling one big idea: The pandemic will never end.

Marketwatch is leading the way as far as on-the-nose headlines go, with:

U.S. leads the world in new COVID cases as BA.5 continues to spread and illustrate that the pandemic is far from over

The pandemic is far from over – that’s the hardcoded message doing the rounds right now, and it’s not at all subtle. The WHO literally said it, pretty much word for word:

WHO warns covid ‘nowhere near over’ as variants spike in U.S., Europe

They’re switching up the symptoms too, with “sub-variant BA.5” producing new symptoms which include a “sore throat and hoarse voice”.

In a stroke of genius they even added night sweats and trouble getting to sleep to the list of Covid symptoms…in the middle of a heatwave. Brilliant stuff.

This “surge” is likely to continue to grow as WHO officials demand nations “boost monitoring”, which means more testing, which means more cases. It’s a game we’re all very familiar with, and it’s all meaningless.

Just as meaningless is talk of the new “centaurus” variant.

They had to go with “centaurus”, or something new, because the next Greek letter after omicron is pi, and nobody is going to be frightened of the Pie Variant.

How is the “centaurus variant” different? Apparently, it might be more infectious, and may be more severe. Most importantly, though, it:

has the potential to help the virus escape from antibodies elicited by current vaccines

This is, of course, vital if you’re gonna rake in those sweet sweet booster bucks.

To underline this point with the public they even had poor old Sleepy Joe test positive for Covid, despite being “vaccinated” up to his eyeballs.

What this means for his long-term future remains to be seen. Maybe Joe is about to get – ahem – retired, who knows.

Remember that the news is a construct – and if Joe had tested positive and it wasn’t convenient for the narrative, we would simply never hear about it.

Hell, we know they don’t wear masks when the cameras aren’t on them, there’s no reason at all to think they actually bother testing themselves. I mean, why would they?

They simply announce a “positive test” for any politician who needs to take some time off, generate sympathy or reinforce the verisimilitude of the story.

It’s always an interesting line they tread when they start having the “fully vaccinated” test positive. On the one hand, they need the “vaccines” to work to convince the unvaccinated to get the shot…but on the other, they need the “vaccines” to not work, to convince the vaccinated to get their boosters.

Clearly, right now, they see more money in re-vaccinating than new vaccinating. Which makes sense, any unvaccinated holdouts are probably a lost cause from their point of view.

Now, in terms of the big picture, what does this mean?

Well, potentially, it means going back to mask mandates, social distancing and adding 5th/6th/7th “boosters” to the already pretty crowded vaccine schedule. (Perhaps they’ll give you a deal if you get polio, monkeypox and 2 or 3 Covid shots at the same time.)

Maybe we’ll get a nice autumn lockdown, and schools will delay opening after the summer holidays. Perhaps there’s a bigger narrative in the offing. The “I” newspaper is already setting the stage for a “bad winter”.

More generally, the plan is simply to normalise the semi-permanent “pandemic”.

The Guardian is already saying this wave is “cresting” and we need to “prepare for the next one”. The New York Times is blunter:

Endemic Covid-19 Looks Pretty Brutal

The Atlantic went with a variant (heh) of the same headline:

The BA.5 Wave Is What COVID Normal Looks Like

While the San Francisco Chronicle actually unironically uses the phrase “new normal” in their headline.

Meanwhile both Bloomberg and the Washington Post put Biden’s positive test centre-stage, claiming it “shows the pandemic’s staying power” and “tests his return to normal strategy”.

The message is pretty clear – no going back to normal. Endemic Covid, an unwinnable forever war, that’s the endgame.

On a more hopeful note, the return of Covid likely means the Great Reset crowd are getting a little desperate.

Monkeypox is silly, polio was dead on arrival, the heatwave is already over and people are pretty much bored of Ukraine. They have to go back to Covid because they have nothing else.

It’s like an ageing rock band reluctantly returning to their classic hits late in the set, after the audience has snored through their experimental new album.

It’s almost sad, honestly.

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